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My parents punish me instead of helping me

I’m having some serious issues with my parents. I feel like they just don’t understand me when I do something wrong or forget something. ...
49 Comments | Add Yours

Hey girlies if you need advice on
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and anything else you can think of! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE giving advice!
PS. I'm on GL a lot so I'll get back to ya the day you post your comment!
xoxo kikidee12

by kikidee12 on 12/27/2010 5:32:30 PM


so my mother has depression and doesnt really show it, and my dad has the gout and its really hard for him to use his left foot. My parents were both yelling at eachother and getting really angry last night. My mom and dad have been fighting on and off like this for the past idk, 6 months. My brother and sister who are 5 and 7 really get scared and start to cry because they are little and dont know better and so i get stuck trying to get them to calm down and get them happy again, plus it is like i am babysitting them. Please tell me how to deal with this.
Love Aurora
PS( sorry this was so long) Smile

Hey Aurora,

No prob - that's what we're here for, so you write as much as you need! All families go through ups and downs - things can get pretty tense and it's the toughest for us and our sibs, since it's our parents' prob and we have no way to make it better. Even though it sounds cliche, you need to remind yourself and your sibs that they're not fighting because of you - they love you TONS and are arguing with each other. It might be hard to see how that's a good thing, but it's a personal issue between them that isn't any of your faults. So, while it may be stressful, at least you can try to separate yourself from it <3 When your bro and sis cry and get upset, try to take their minds completely off of the situation. Play a game with them, or tell them a story (rather loudly) and act it out with animated movements and silly faces. If it's during the day, bundle up and take a walk outside. Or ask them random questions - like what their fave scene from a movie is, where they would go on vacation if they could go anywhere in the world, etc. Get their imaginations going and you'll be able to make it through <3 Lots of love chickie.

Lauren C.

by AuroraThompson on 12/27/2010 4:45:14 PM


MODMODMOD (mostly my dad) always yells at me when i do something wrong that is not even important, and when he helps me on a school project and lets say i glue something like one centimeter away from where he wanted it, he just yells at me. In other words he wants me to do everything perfectly and wants me to be perfect. What should i do to end this?

Hey chica,

It sounds like dad has a hard time expressing his frustration - he wants to control things and, when they don't go "perfect" as you said, his only response is to shout so he can release that anger. The next time it happens, give him a little bit of time to calm down and walk away from the project. Then go to him in a little while and calmly talk about it. Don't dwell on the specific situation, but just tell him that you are you and that you aren't always going to do things perfectly, or do things the way he wants them to be done. But tell him you're trying hard and you want to learn from his experience in any way you can. Tell him you'd be really happy making him happy if you could, so if he has suggestions on how to do something better, he should calmly explain them to you. That's what you would respond to best, so it'll probably be helpful to share this with him. Try to be patient with him and see how it goes <3

Lauren C.

by sammy4457 on 12/27/2010 4:28:22 PM


Mod mod kod most girls legs stay shaved atleast 2 days mine don't is there a way to lengthn the shave? thanx


Hey girlie. NOt that I know of...some hair just grows faster!

Elizabeth P.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 12/27/2010 2:28:31 PM


Mod mod mod do u think fake nails are better for school or like chrch skate park etc

Hey girlie,

Fake nails are best for special occasions I think... since they can damage your natural nails, you shouldn't use them too often! But remember that depending on the quality of the nails, they could break off if you're doing something intense like skating or other sports. You'll get your money's worth if you're able to take it easy at school/church while you have them Smile

Lauren C.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 12/27/2010 2:26:28 PM


My dad is always yelling and calling me names And when I try to talk to him about it he tells me to shutup and he always yells at me and sometimes I feel like it's all my fault , what should I do?

Hey darling. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. If you have a chance, talk to your dad when he is calm and not in a bad mood, and tell him how his yelling is effecting you emotionally. If that doesn't help, then reach out to a trusted teacher or guidance counselor. Sometimes these situations are out of our control, it the help of a third party is needed. 
Jessica W.

by jollyrancher111 on 12/27/2010 11:56:10 AM


Ik Frown Its like you get punished for messing up sometimes! I mean I am forgetful and lose things and then my mom gets mad at me.. i mean I didn't TRY to.

by frostybunny9 on 12/27/2010 11:51:41 AM


Lately, my parents and I have been fighting a lot. I can't stand it at all! THey are always mad at me or I am mad at them or we are all mad at each other. I try to talk to them in a calm voice but it never works because they get mad if i try to ell them that I want them to stop yelling at me if I do something wrong. How do I tell them that I want them to stop yelling at me??

Hey girlie. Sorry to hear about that, but don't worry. GL has a great article which can give you some helpful advice in this situation: 
Jessica W.

by kitkatt23 on 12/27/2010 11:19:34 AM


well, my mom just found out i have been doing my brows cause there is a little scratch under them (i scratched myself with the tweezers i guess)and now she is all like why did u do this and your too young and why didnt you ask, my mom lets me do my eyebrows in the middle but not under and now i really feel sad and angry about it and i dont wanna let them grow out cause they will get thick! what can i do to let her understand me (sorry this is long Smile

Hey girlie! It seems you need to have a talk with your mom since you both have different understandings about tweezing. Ask her if you can speak to her privately and then tell her that as a young adult you wish she will respect your decision and feelings. Also mention that you respect her wishes as your mother. Then explain to her why you feel you must tweeze under your eyebrows, why letting them grow out would make you feel uncomfortable. Also tell her how long you've been doing it and how you have been able to keep it under control for so long. Once she understands your feelings, maybe you both can reach a compromise so that both your wishes can be fulfilled without either having to feel uncomfortable.  
Jessica W.

by rolapa on 12/27/2010 9:25:13 AM

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