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I need medication, but Mom won't let me take it

I started getting depressed earlier this year, and I went on meds for a few months, but then my mom made me stop taking them...
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OMG! That would suck! I take meds, I deffinatley need them or I feel like crap and it really is chemical, I feel so bad for you, hope you get back on them soon. Good luck!

by linlybabygirl on 7/17/2011 7:04:14 PM


Recently, I have started having really awful lows. They can be triggered by even the smallest bad things, or even nothing. When they come, I get this feeling that I want to cut myself, and it's beginning to scare me. So far, during these lows, I haven't had anything to cut myself with, but have found myself desperately searching for something to do it and wanting very badly to cut myself. I'm kind of terrified that I'll get one of those lows when I have something around that I could possibly cut myself with. I don't really want to talk to my mom about it, because we're going through a kind of tough spot and she's been crying a lot. I don't want to put another load on her. What should I do to help myself? And also, does Teenline appear on the phone bill or not, like the Trevor Project?

Hey girl. This is a serious problem and even though your mom may be going through a rough patch, I think she'd want to help you through it. I'm not totally sure about the Teenline, but I think you should definitely call regardless. Here's a link with more info: 
Erin G.

by GoldenGirl113 on 5/9/2011 10:20:01 PM


Been there....I used to cut, now im on meds. I was never diagnosed as depressed, but the meds really help Smile

by fastbutterflyer on 3/17/2011 8:01:57 PM


This is sort of related. There is one girl who is my really good friend. We tell each other everything! She is always asking me if she is fat though! I hate it because she is pretty heavy but I don't want to tell her that! She brings it up almost everyday and its starting to seem like she just needs someone to tell her she isn't because she knows she is. I think I am hurting her more than helping her but she is putting me in an awkward position! I have tried changing the subject and she always needs to stay on that topic! HELP ASAP!
Thanks. Laughing

Bonjour chicky! Try some of these tips for your friend:

Jessica W.

by koolsoccergurl on 2/21/2011 9:48:58 AM



dont be afraid to write but remember the real world, maybe you can introduce your buds to your stories to balance it all


im alb90 and i give advice on
your bod
and other issues, and etc.

by alb90 on 1/23/2011 1:25:58 PM


so sorry,
everybody who heard about the arizona problem is touched, your right happydays its sad and i encourage everbody to stay away from behavior like that... xoxoxoxo

btw im alb90 and i give super advice on most stuff,tell others on gl please

by alb90 on 1/23/2011 1:23:21 PM


im really sorry to hear tat. i went through the same thing and my mom told me no but what i really found out is that i just needed somebody to talk to Smile maybe that will help

by chase826 on 1/15/2011 8:42:11 PM


my heart goes out to you. my friend is kind of in your place..

by ChickkNamedIsabellaa[: on 1/15/2011 8:51:18 AM


I know that this doesn't belong in this column, but I'm sad about it:
The shooting in Arizona has been really sad and still is. It was a real blow to the US and the citizens in it. A nine-year-old girl was shot (imagine if she was your little sis, or cousin!) and also an elderly woman (what us she was your grandmother?)and many others. Please think of those who are slowly recovering and honor those who will never. This has been really depressing and horrible for all of us. Just keep the in your thoughts.

by happydays!:-) on 1/10/2011 6:08:42 PM


MOD MOD Please help me! Just today I felt really angry, i mean REALLY angry! I was so angry that I talked to my friend about being mean to other girls!! I don't know exactly why i was angry, but i think it was because at school i found out that many people didn't like me and they started to talk behind my back. They aren't even peopli know, they are just so mean! One of them used to be my friend. She acts different around me now. She is still friends with EVERYONE else... except me and it makes feel awful because i have been nothing but nice to her. I have always been nice to everyone even if they are mean to me! But today i had planned revenge. Then two minutes later, I felt guilty! So i called the whole thing off because i wanted to be nice. And now i am really sad! I can't stop crying! I don't know what to do! Please help me! Please! I can't take this anymore! I hate this! Please I need help, I don't know what to do.

Hey girl, it sounds like being mean wasn't a good idea after all. I know it can be hard when there are not-so-nice words floating around about you. But understand that by being mean to other people, you're putting another girl through what you've been through and you're proving those people that are being mean to you that you're worth being mean to. I'd take some time out, wipe those tears, and stick to being the nicest person you can be. You'll attract real friends that way. Let the meanies hurt themselves by missing out on a fantastic friend like you (and won't you have the last laugh in that case?).

Alyssa B.

by dreamcatcher on 1/4/2011 9:27:50 PM

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