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Double date without a date

My friend just got a boyfriend and will be going with him to a "girls ask guys" dance. She wants me to double date with...
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MOD MOD!!!!!!
Where I live you only need to be 11yrs old to get a job but most places hire at 14years old. While this years I'm turning 14years old. I want to get a job this summer but I'm not sure if my mom will let me. I really want to get a job and work form my money. And I am still a minor so I would need permission from my school. But's it's a summer job so would I be able to work 48 hours science I won't be in school? I would probably work at an ice cream store. What do you think I should do?

Hey girlie. You probably won't be able to work full time, nor would you want to! I think working for your money is great, but also find time to enjoy your summer. I think an ice cream store sounds like fun. Try working part time there and see how you like it! 
Marly Z.

by pugglegirl1008 on 1/22/2011 8:30:37 PM




by kmn21 on 1/17/2011 6:27:08 PM


Listen to ur heart and if he says no it is his los.

by marvenmelvin1999 on 1/14/2011 5:02:33 PM


if you need any advice on anything at all im here
im on this site every day and i'll try and answer any questions you have
i love helping people with there problems
comment on my profile and ill either answer that day or within the next day

even if you dont need advice i would love just to be your friend Smile
<3 always

by peace_love_happiness on 1/11/2011 4:15:42 PM


MOD MOD MOD! ok so idk if im asking for advice or not but i just need to vent and hopefully get your opinion on things. so i started talking to this really nice guy last monday and he said that he really liked me and i really liked him too. so he asked me out on friday night and i said yes. well we were dating for a total of a little over 2 days cause he then broke up with me on sunday night. he called me and said hes really sorry and he really likes me but he thinks he loves this other girl and that i deserve better. plus that was my first boyfriend and i feel really stupid for trusting him. please help... thanks Smile


Hey girl, I am so, so sorry that happened to you.  I understand needing to vent!  It sounds like this guy is pretty confused about his feelings right now.  You're definitely not stupid for trusting - that's the only way you can start a healthy relationship!  In a way, he might be right - you deserve to have a boyfriend that isn't also tied up with his feelings for another girl.  That's not to say things won't change between you two in the future, but for now, just try to keep your cool.  Hang out with your buds, do things you love... and keep your eyes out and heart open for a guy who's ready to be your bf.  xoxo

Marie H.

by sportsgirlcookie on 1/10/2011 8:59:37 PM


1, 2, 3, 4,
Who’s that girl they all adore?
5, 6, 7, 8
It’s a Winter Wonder, babe!

*Who are the Winter Wonders?*
Six flawless girls. The girls that everyone wants to be.
The Winter Wonders is a new club with (believe it or not) available spots.
This season only, the Winter Wonders are taking over GL with their superior ways (:

Get access to: Amazing tips, boy advice, gossip, plus much more! Oh, did I mention the online parties?

So why not apply?
Maybe you’ll get lucky (:


by ♥The Winter Wonders♥ on 1/10/2011 6:31:49 PM


MOD in gym my bestie had to be running partners with her crush, and so they were talking and then she said"why did you pick me to be in your spanish skit group?"and he said"because your smartest in class"and she gave him a look and then she was like"oh, well, you know, i didn't know if you'd only picked me so i'd do all the work" and then he said "no that's not true." (think he likes her? he flirts with other girls too and she really wants to know).

Hey girlie,

It's definitely possible. If we enjoy someone's company or want to get to know them better, that's a great reason to pick them to be in the same group! But it could be because he isn't the best at Spanish and wanted someone with strong Spanish skills to help him get better. Since he flirts with other girls though, you kinda need more info before you figure this one out. Keep watching their interaction and see how it goes! Smile

Lauren C.

by pumpkinerin on 1/10/2011 5:01:43 PM


My friend was in gym class,and since the boy she likes was her pacer partner, he went and sat really close to her (eep!) and they were just talking like 2 normal people and then she said "why did you pick me to be in your spanish skit group?"(because he really wanted her to be in his group) and then he said "because your the smartest in class" and then she gave him one of her "puh-lease" looks and then he was like "no, that's why i didn't want that otherperson in our group-because he can't mermorize lines" and then she was like "but john did memorize his lines!" and then he was like "that's just because we helped him" and then he said with a small smile "why?" and she was like "oh, well, you know, i didn't know if you were taking if you'd only picked me because you know i'd do all the work" and then he said "no that's not true." do you think that he likes her? he also flirts with other girls.

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re
psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to
answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now
so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have
questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas
answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks!
, Your Blog Patrol Babes 

Lauren C.

by pumpkinerin on 1/10/2011 4:21:50 PM


WIll SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?!?!?!?!??! I want to break up with my BF, and we've been 2gether 7 months, but we never even talk, and its so awkward, its like he's not even my BF, and i'm not feeling it and i miss my freedom, but i still want to be his friend, I don't know if i can bear hurting him... I don't know how to do it, and chances r imma break down crying when i do, so I need help, knowing what to say and do :'( It's just gotten me into more trouble and i get nothing out of it please help

by mackenzie.dineen.xox on 1/9/2011 8:42:19 PM


Ok so last year my best friend ditched me so i started hanging out with another group. In that group was the guy i like now, and we hung out ALL THE TIME! Now we're in middle school and he talks to me on facebook and stuff like that, but in school when i say hi he either ignores me or looks at me like i'm a freak! Plus I've liked him since fifth grade... HELP PLEASE!!!!

Hey! well if he ignores you that's rude. don't let him bully you like that. you don't have to talk to him if he's going to be mean about it   
Helen S.

by BlackBlood on 1/8/2011 3:43:21 PM


Mod Mod Plz I really need some guy advice Okay I just turned 18 And I like this gut I work with who is 22 he knows who I am and everything cause he sees me at work but I'm having trouble getting past just friends he's so cute but I don't know really how to flirt with him I am a little but on the shy side and I don't think he prob has a GF last time I saw hi
A bunch of us went out together he gives me and other girls hugs and says hi to me most of the time when we first met he used to come up to me and put his hand on my shoulder he put his hands on my shoulders last night but he hugs other girls he is so confusing I really want to be with him how do I get to know him and flirt with him? Thanks Mod!!

Hey girlie! You can try a few of these phrases out to get this guy to really dig ya!
Jessica W.

by Colorful1 on 1/7/2011 11:23:52 AM


I like a guy, and tomorrow on a field trip i'll be in the same group as him. But he's wayyy different and a lot more popular thn me and we do talk, but we would go out or hang out togeteher EVER. he is a popular skater and i'm not popular. but what things can i say to him tomorrow on the field trip to start a conversation

Talk about things on your field trip! You can ask him about skateboarding too. Just get to know him Smile its easy Smile find things you have in common and just make small talk. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by sarahbeelove on 1/5/2011 9:31:34 PM



1. Say your name 10 times.
2. Say your mom's name 5 times.
3. Say your crush's name 3 times.
4. Paste this to 4 other quizzes. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday, but if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck! SEND THIS TO 5 QUIZZES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU'RE DONE PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS ON THE SCREEN. THIS IS SO FREAKY BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS

by layla398 on 1/5/2011 5:10:37 PM


Dear Elizabeth P.

Thank you so so sooo much!! That was like the best advice I have ever gotten from someone and I won't let you down I promise.

<3 <3

by sn101262 on 1/4/2011 10:05:00 PM


i have a bf and this thursday it will be our 1 month anaversary but im starting to like someone else!!!! what should i do??? my bf told me he loves me and then when i told my friend about this she said that if i break up with my bf that SHE is going to ask him out after i break up with him!!!! what do i do?????

Hey girl, I think you should make a pro/con list. I know, it may sound silly, but you should compare these two guys. Think why you want out of your relationship (or if you really do). It sounds like you have a good thing going on. I'd be careful before ending it because once you do, if what your friend says is any evidence, there's no going back.


Alyssa B. Jessica W.

by sashastar123 on 1/4/2011 9:37:10 PM


Hey girls!
If you need any advice on boys im your gal. For some reason though, I am really good at helping other people with their guy problems, but whenever it comes to me, I cannot figure things out.
So if i help you out, please help me out.
♥ ya's!

by ell08 on 1/4/2011 6:38:07 PM


Dear MOD,
I never feel like I'm good enough to have a bf. Frown I'm a little over weight and I'm not as pretty as all the other girls that I see. I don't think any of the guys that I like will like me because of these things and I feel like I dont have a good personality to talk to guys either. HELP!


Hey pretty girl. First of all, never talk down about yourself. If you don't like you then why should someone else? It's all in the presentation--remember this always. When you walk into a room, do you slouch and hope that no one notices you or hold your head up and smile because you are worth noticing? If it is the first one, that let's change the way you view yourself because this is your life and you should be the leading lady. If there is something that you dislike about yourself not because everyone else dislikes it but because you truly wish it were different then make a plan of action. For instance, if you wish you were more toned and healthier, make a workout schedule. Write it down! As soon as you read this take a pen and paper and write down your goals. Then write ways to accomplish these goals. AND STICK TO IT! NO excuses. If you truly want to feel better about yourself then you cannot allow anything to get in your way. Having trouble believing in yourself? Well guess what? I believe in you and I refuse to be let down! Do you hear that? Once you write your goals down and ways to make them become realities, stick it on your mirror or wall--any place where you will see it everyday. This way you will never forget all the dreams you have in life and if you don't put forth the effort, they will stare at you every day, unnaccomplished. My dad always says to think about dreams this way: Once we die, we will lay on our death bed and all of our dreams will be beside us, dying along with us. Is that something that we want? NO! We want to look at our lives and see all of the accomplishments we have made--this is the key to happiness: self accomplishment. You are destined for greatness, miss! I'm going to help you. How does that sound?

Elizabeth P.

by sn101262 on 1/4/2011 1:08:14 AM


Help! I have a BF, but I think im starting to like my BGF!!

Hey girlie! Just give it some time. It may just be a fluk. But after giving it some time, if you can really see yourself with your BGF and he feels the same, then you have to be honest with your BF and break up with him before starting to go out with the BGF. The last thing you want to be is a cheater!
Jessica W.

by ilovemakeup on 1/3/2011 11:01:10 AM


MOD!MOD!MOD!MOD!MOD! There's this guy and I like him and my BFF likes him too and he likes her! and they went out for a day but then she broke up with him. Then a few months later, she spent the night at my house and said I think me and "D" are going to get back together tonight. Then she asked me who liked and I told her I liked another guy but I didn't say "D"(the guy who she likes. I really want to ask him out but, I hate having to be rejected over and over again! PLEASE HELP!

Hey darling! It looks like it's time to find another guy to crush on, for do you really want to go out with a guy that your friend already went out with? It's like wanting a hairbrush that's she's already used! All you can do at this point is be happy for her happiness, even if she gets back with "D," and find a guy that can appreciate what a cool girl you are! 
Jessica W.

by kittykat1998 on 1/3/2011 10:49:40 AM


Ok... so the guy i like doesnt go to my school, hes in my youth group, and today he was telling me about his new years, and he said "can you give me advice on what i should do about this girl i dont even know who put her number in my phone? im not sure if i should text her or not..." to which i said "oh, does she like you" then he said " well i guess.. i dont think ill text her though" What is the meaning of this? was he trying to make me jealous? should i be happy he asked me for advice?

Hey girlie, guys are very strange creatures and I'm not sure why he asked you, but I think part of it was definitely to make you jealous  
Paige T.

by LissieLou on 1/2/2011 10:20:23 PM


MOD MOD MOD I'm planning to ask this guy to the dance and I'm trying to plan what I'll reply to anything he might say. What should I say if I ask him and he asks something like, "You mean as friends?" I was thinking it would be more like a date. What should I say?



Hey chica! If you ask him to the dance, he should assume that it means as a date. So, if he responds asking if it's like a friend, I would maybe say, "We could go as whatever you want us to go as," or something like that Smile


Becca G.

by lip_gloss12 on 1/2/2011 7:58:11 PM


MOD MOD MOD! me and some friends went today to meet some of our guy friends from another town. we all go to the same youth group, so were all pretty close. the thing is tht i dont feel like im really in. i mean i no i am, but sometimes feel out of it. i nvr no wat 2 talk about, and wen its time 2 leave i dont hug any of them cuz i feel like theyll think its odd cuz im kinda quite. i nvr really thought about it till today, wen 1 of them said hey arent u gonna hug me? i said im not really into hugs cuz i thought it would be odd, cuz like i said no1 has asked me about it b4. now im starting to feel like im "antisocial" and i dont really want 2 b around them. how do i turn this around?



Hey chica! If you want to keep hanging with them, then I would relax a bit about it, and remember that they must like you as a friend if they want to hang with you! And, if they ask you for a hug, then give them one, if you want. A hug it no big deal. Include yourself with them as much as possible, and just enjoy yourself and have fun! Smile


Becca G.

by iheartu? on 1/2/2011 6:03:35 PM


Hey girls! Need advice on boys? I'm your gal! I'll help you on any and all boy probs. That includes
-how to talk to guys
-how to know if he likes you back
-ex giving you grief
- bf trobles
- bgf probs
-even family probs
and anything else you can think of! Post your probs on my profile and I'll help you as soon as posible!

by skatetime on 1/2/2011 5:24:47 PM


Mod!!!!!! Mod- Helen S.
Thanks so much! and btw.... HE IS REALLY CREEPY!!! i kinda have a crush on his best friend.... Smile i shall start de-crushing him now!!!!
Anyways... just wanted to say thanks! i was trying to find that article but i couldnt! Smile

hey, no problem Smile 
Helen S.

by mypuggl3 on 1/2/2011 3:02:12 PM


Okay so theres this guy that somehow has my cell phone number (lets call him ted). and pretty much everyday ted texts me in the morning saying "hey Smile" and im really confused. Sometimes when i talk to him and we run out of things to talk about, i say "what do you wanna talk about?" n then he says something like, "you, ur beautiful". This confuzzles me so much cuz he HAS A GF! and he does the same thing to one of my bffs. Any advice? im so confused.
P.s. i DONT like him and neither does my bff.
P.p.s. He has asked me out 3 times before this started and everytime i say no because i dont like him that way.
p.p.p.s. he is one of those guys that has a new gf every couple of weeks even though this has been going on for awhile....
Please help! its so annoying and it makes me wayyyyyyy uncomfortable!
Thanks! (i hope this makes sense.....)

hey! he sounds kind of creepy girl, hope this helps: 

Helen S.

by mypuggl3 on 1/2/2011 2:41:02 PM


I seriously like my bgf even if i dont fully want to admit it... My friend told me that he really liked me but then he feels like that would "ruin her reputation" (whatever thats supposed to mean) and he "snaps back to reality and i realize that we couldnt ever be something more" (his words not mine) Why would he think this way? And how do i get him to realize that its all good?

Haha! he sounds a lil dramatic. just ask him to hang out some time. no labels, no pressure, just an unofficial date. he'll loosen up an have fun when he sees you're not worried Smile 
Helen S.

by Chrissy207 on 1/2/2011 1:10:51 PM


MOD! I need advice please!
My best friend and I have shared that we both havent had our first kiss yet. While it seems every other girl in our grade has. We're 15/16 yrs. She just told me she made out with this guy at a party. And while Im not mad at her for doing it, I kinda feel selfishly sad now that Im just about the only one now that hasnt had her first kiss. Its immature and selfish to feel this way but I'm upset for some reason.

Hey girlie. These feelings are completely normal. Unfortunately, you're going to have to try and deal with it. You never know when your first kiss will be, so instead of being upset that you haven't had, be happy that it will probably mean a lot. It seems like you're waiting on the right guy to kiss you, so good for you! You should be proud. 
Marly Z.

by fieldhockeystar on 1/2/2011 12:18:15 AM


okay, one of my friends got a boyfriend last month, and me and the rest of my friends are kind of worried about her. The guy isn't horrible or anything, he's a nice guy, but he was kind of protective with his last girlfriend and we are all worried that that will happen to her. We don't want her to get a broken heart. I'm not that close to her, so I can't exactly talk to her and tell her what's going on, so what should I do? Thanks for the help in advance

Hey girlie, have someone who is closer to her talk to her about why you're all worried. She needs to see it from someone else's perspective. 

Lauren T.

by dancergirl001 on 1/1/2011 8:17:56 PM


okay so i just got a boyfriend a little over a month ago. everyone always makes fun of us cause we never really hang out. but i would feel totally akward just the two of us. and i cant think of anything for us to do if we did go on a date. help!

hey! go see a movie. not a lot of talking and you'll be guaranteed to be able to discuss it afterwards Smile 
Helen S.

by dancingcutie128 on 1/1/2011 3:49:02 PM


there is only one way to do this.have your friend set u up with someone.

by maddieson on 1/1/2011 12:30:12 PM


my mom won't let me go on individual dates and stuff, but my bf just invited me to one of his indoor soccer games!! how do i ask my mom, or what do i tell him?


Hey Girlie, write your mom a note and just say you and a friend would like to go to a soccer game. Take a friend and be honest with your boyfriend tell him you have to ask your mom first. Don't be pressured by the title of a date he will be happy to see you either way.

Paige T.

by pandagirl21 on 1/1/2011 11:05:09 AM


I'm seriously shy towards people i'm not really familiar with, and I cant loosen up. I always feel like a cold statue. What's up with that? Help!
Thankss <3


Hey girlie, that is normal but you can work to change that by making the first move to get to know ppl by talking and sharing some information about yourself 

Paige T.

by lemonslovelimes on 1/1/2011 10:49:59 AM


To ask a guy to go to a dance with you isnt like asking will you be my boyfriend. Just ask someone, dance and have a good time.

by bff61 on 1/1/2011 12:50:00 AM


looking for ADVICE or a cute short story that happened!
Room decor
Parent trouble

by lovemag7 on 12/31/2010 8:00:52 PM


Happy New Year's GL gals!
I give advice on all kinds of makeup/hair/fashion so if you have a question, ask me on my profile!!


by forever12 on 12/31/2010 7:46:37 PM


Calling all girls on GL!!!!!! Come join the Fashion For All Club!!!! There are weekly fashion surveys, outfits put together for your help,makeup and hair tips, and I will gladly answer any fashion questions that you have!! I also give great fashion advice so come now!!!!!!!!!!! Smile Smile

Katie aka. the Fashion Guru (lol!)

by Fashion For All Club!!!! on 12/31/2010 7:37:34 PM

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