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Well, hello!

I was walking across my school’s courtyard when I saw my ex. I thought he was going to hug me, so I tried to duck under...
36 Comments | Add Yours

thanks it just seems like im the only one. But thats something to think about so thank you!!!

by cowbellkell on 1/16/2011 2:37:39 PM


I'm going to the dance with my guy friend and my friend. I've liked my guy friend for 2 years, but I told him last year and he didn't do anything about it. I still really like him and then I found out my friend who's going has a huge crush on him too. should I tell her I really like him? I keep trying to get over him but It's almost impossible.

Hey girlie! Since you really like this guy, you might want to tell your friend, although it might cause her to get a little upset. Honesty is always the best though! 
Marly Z.

by colorCute4 on 1/15/2011 10:01:19 PM


Mod it seams like all my friends have a bf but me... any advice?

Absolutely! As much as you might not want to hear it, don't rush getting a bf! He will come along, and it will be great! For now, concentrate on yourself and making yourself happy! 
Marly Z.

by cowbellkell on 1/15/2011 9:40:15 PM


yea i could, but i dont have the confidence :s , and i meant im now in grade 7 , typoo . Frown

 Hey girlie. What do you mean you don't have the confidence! Guess what? Confidence is the one thing you can fake and eventually you end up believing it! So put your head up, shoulders back and smile. Just try one time, walking up to someone and saying something that you have always wanted to say (in a nice way of course).  I think you may surprise yourself. : ) Do it for you. 
Elizabeth P.

by **chocolate** on 1/14/2011 10:10:50 PM


thanks for the advice. oh and i have one more question.
okay, so this guy from my old school, i met him on facebook after looking through my friends contacts on facebook. before i moved i would talk to him, and we were friends but that was back when i was in grade5. suddenly in the middle of the year, i stopped talking to him, i forget why yea, i started talking to him a few weeks ago (btw im in grade 2 now)one day i comented on his photo saying, "cuutttiiiee <3 , miss you hun ): " ever since then, hes started to call me "hunn". i hate it. like, i know i called him hun, but i dont feel comfortable getting called hun by him. now i realized why i stopped talking to him in the first place. he was too clingy and weird. now i feel terrible because i brought up our friendship. how do i stop talking to him? i dont know what to doooo. ):

Hey girlie. I think if you slowly stop talking to him and distancing yourself, he will get the point. Or you can aways just tell him that you don't like being called hun by guys. It's good to be honest with people and it's not like you have to be rude about it either. Just calmly take him aside and say, hey, would you mind not calling me hun anymore? 
Elizabeth P.

by **chocolate** on 1/14/2011 9:46:03 PM


That's not too bad just laugh it off next time. You are just gonna do it one day why not do it now.

by star53 on 1/13/2011 8:07:47 PM


MODMODMODMODMOD/ okay so, i think i have a crush on one of my guy friends. i think he likes me too, but sometimes i dont. like, he flirts, and i feel like he likes me, but then he does the same to one of my other friends! i think he likes her. i got so upset. he obviously likes her over me. she's prettier, skinnier , so i couldnt help but to get angry at hime. i know, stupid, bit i couldnt take it. i want him to like me. i want his arms around me, but he never will feel the same. i dont want to confess to him that i like him, becasue it may ruin our friend ship. what should i do ):



Hey chica! I totally know how you feel. However, I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet. You don't know who he likes, so I wouldn't assume that he likes her. I would try to hang with him as much as you possibly can, just the two of you. Then, he'll be thinking about you more than her Smile


Becca G.

by **chocolate** on 1/13/2011 5:42:41 PM


Hey chicas! This is Happy, your personal go-to person for advice. Ask me anything- I’ll give you advice on boys, clothes, style, makeup, hair, beauty, family, friends, school, parties and other hangouts, gifts, jobs, workouts, eating, health, accessories, your body, entertainment, hobbies, after-school, depression, drama of any kind, difficult situations, bullies, and anything else you want help figuring out! Ask your question on my profile, and I’ll post your question with well-thought out advice underneath on your wall ASAP!

by Ask Happy on 1/11/2011 9:39:54 PM


MOD.!MOD.!MOD.!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!HELP ME.!! okay so ii just broke up with my boyfriend over something that was on facebook. i overreacted over his relationship status because iit said that he was married to some other girl so i broke up with him over iht and now i feel stupid because he told me that it was a joke and that she has a boyfriend and everything. and now i feel really dumb and stupid because i love him so so so so much. what should i do to make this right.? MOD!MOD!MOD!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!HELP!

Hey girlie! All you can do is talk to him and be straight forward about your actions. Sometime during the next two days, take him aside and say you need to talk to him personally. Then just explain that you are sorry about overreacting about the Facebook status, but it was only because you really care about him. Tell him that it won't happen again, and that you will make sure to talk to him about any concerns you may have about your relationship before doing anything drastic like before. Good luck!
Jessica W.

by xXLuv4NicolexX on 1/10/2011 1:42:11 AM


WIll SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?!?!?!?!??! I want to break up with my BF, and we've been 2gether 7 months, but we never even talk, and its so awkward, its like he's not even my BF, and i'm not feeling it and i miss my freedom, but i still want to be his friend, I don't know if i can bear hurting him... I don't know how to do it, and chances r imma break down crying when i do, so I need help, knowing what to say and do :'( It's just gotten me into more trouble and i get nothing out of it pkease help

by mackenzie.dineen.xox on 1/9/2011 8:46:46 PM

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