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Dear Carol: I can't stop eating!

When I’m bored, I eat, and if someone tells me to stop, I feel fat and start crying. My mom called me chubby the other...
28 Comments | Add Yours

I am always eating! Potato chips, pretzles, cheesburgers anything! But I stay skinny. How?

by mamabear162 on 10/13/2012 11:54:14 AM


I dont think its the fact that we cant stop eating but the fact that when we eat we always want more.

by hopie1215 on 8/16/2012 5:22:01 PM


That is so me. What i do is try to do stuff that makes me busy. For me, i do crafts, read, and doodle. I try to stay away from unhealthy foods and stick to healthy foods that taste good too. And trust me girl, you're not alone, Smile.

by Brittanyy. <3 on 3/17/2012 9:09:28 PM


That was a bit rude of your mom- talk to her and say how it made you feel. And then talk to her about how you want to change your eating habits. With help and support from your family and friends, changing your eating habits is easier than it seems.

Please visit my Advice Queen page! I really like to give advice to peeps Smile just post a question and i will answer it on your profile as soon as i see it.

by basketballcutie11 on 12/23/2011 5:58:25 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! I'm 12, 5'6 and I'm ....-ish lbs! I really need to lose weight! I wanna lose weight fast! I go swimming over the summer and I DON'T look good in bathing suits! What can I do?? I over-eat and I hate to work-out in front of others! Please help!

Hey girlie,

This is great because you already know the areas where you need a little work. Instead of eating A LOT in one sitting, cut down on your portion sizes and the junk food. Instead, eat smaller healthy meals throughout the day and snack on smart choices, like carrots and ranch dressing or yogurt and granola. That takes care of the "food" portion - next is exercise. So you don't like working out in front of others. No worries! You could try yoga/kickboxing/pilates in your home, play a game of soccer or basketball with a friend, bike around your town for 45 minutes, go ice skating, etc. Do something FUN that doesn't feel like work - and you'll see/feel results! Smile
Lauren C.

by Jaime98766 on 12/3/2011 10:28:52 PM


how come my comment won't show up? I've written like 5 comments and they never pop up on the screen. What do I do?

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 5/23/2011 11:48:08 AM


I tend to eat a lot also. I have camp this summer and I really wanna get in shape for it. I see a lot of girls that wear cute bathing suits, and I wish I had the confidence to wear one. Every time I try to work out a work out routine, I always bail. I've become depressed lately because of my weight. I really need helpful tips to feel good about myself. Any one have any tips?

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 5/23/2011 11:44:01 AM


Ioften have that same problem. I tend to eat alot when im bored. just join sports or go for a walk to beat that bordom! If you ABSOLUTLY HAVE to eat something grab a carrot or some trail mix! chewing gum helps too! good luck!Smile

by waggner on 5/1/2011 4:21:05 PM


i've been trying to lose weight , but it just doesn't work ! i joined a whole bunch of stuff at school like skiing and basketball to loose weight , but i'm 12 , 5'3 , and 130-ish pounds ! i tried a test , and i was overweight !
i need help ! especially since a guy likes me , and i like him too ! Cry I CAN'T STOP EATING ! how can i stop !?
i need to loose weight . all the girls in my school are fit , and my class has a swim trip at the end of the year !
AHHH ! how can i loose pounds so i can have a flat stomach and thinner thighs !?

Hey girlie! The only way to be fit and healthy is to drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits and veggies and exercise regularly. Do not go on any diets unless you speak first to a health professional.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by crazygirl88 on 3/18/2011 10:00:31 PM


i wanna lose weight, i just don't know what kind of workout i can do that will make me lose weight FAST! help meh!


Hey girl. We totally get that you wanna drop pounds, pronto, but losing weight quickly is bad for your health and studies show that it's a heck of a lot easier to gain back weight lost quickly than weight lost slowly. Losing 1 to 2 pounds, depending on your age and current weight, is the most that is advised. For workout ideas, check out


- Brittany T.

Brittany T.

by livver on 2/7/2011 12:10:52 PM

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