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What's with the cold shoulder?

This guy said he liked me, but hasn’t said a word since.
33 Comments | Add Yours

Thats exactly what happened to me this past week ! But me and my guy have a history together and he told me he never stopped liking me and then when I said I kinda like him he started ignoring me !

by ForeverYours on 2/12/2012 2:45:17 AM


Thats exactly what happened to me this past week ! But me and my guy have a history together and he told me he never stopped liking me and then when I said I kinda like him he started ignoring me !

by ForeverYours on 2/12/2012 2:43:03 AM


wow! Thats like me too..except my guy is my gbf's friend who just recently started hanging out with us..cuz he likes me.But he told my gbf his feelings, and how he wants to askmeout hes just too shy, and i let my friend tell him ilike him back..but now hes ignoring me..

by <3skc<3 on 5/16/2011 11:02:37 PM


There's thus guy I used to like. He's sweet and rather cute, but he told my friend he thinks I'm annoying! We've hung out on multipul occations, including almost all day for 4 days at a tournament for my brother. After I found that out I kinda gave him the cold sholder by not tlkin to him on fb (he doesn't go to my skool) but he's the one who invited me to go swimming and to his sports game and what not! Also after he said I was annoying he started commenting on my status and invited me to another game! I don't get what he's doing plz help asap! Ps sty it's sooooooooooooo long!

by crazy_cuooty303 on 3/15/2011 2:45:13 PM


so, i texted my crush a week ago after i got his number after he gave it to me the day before. Whenever i'm around him in person (which isn't often now that the musical is over) he acts like he likes me a lot. He smiles at me and tells me random things i really don't care about but like because i know that means he wants to talk to me more. but he has yet to text me back. i thought that maybe he lost his phone or he got grounded or something, but doesn't it really take a week to find your phone? I want to find him and talk to him about it, but i either see him, but it's not a convenient time to talk, or he miagically disappears. I just called him and it went to voicemail which i'm not surpsised about if he really did lose his phone, but i'm just annoyed and confused.

Hey girlie. You just have to find a way to talk to him in person about it. That's the only way you'll know what the deal is. Good luck. 
Marly Z.

by rainydays720 on 3/14/2011 6:13:16 PM


so, i texted my crush a week ago after i got his number after he gave it to me the day before. Whenever i'm around him in person (which isn't often now that the musical is over) he acts like he likes me a lot. He smiles at me and tells me random things i really don't care about but like because i know that means he wants to talk to me more. but he has yet to text me back. i thought that maybe he lost his phone or he got grounded or something, but doesn't it really take a week to find your phone? is there any logical explanation aka am i overreacting over nothing?

by rainydays720 on 3/13/2011 4:13:16 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD I(used) to be real good friends with this guy who is 4 years older than me. I could talk to him about everything but in the last month or so, he hasnt texted me or anything! Im really hurt and i have no idea why he is ignoring me. He used to like me and i felt the same and when we both stopped liking each other we told each other and laughed about it. After that he always made me feel good about myself. Why the sudden change of heart?????


Hey girl, I'm not sure why he changed his mind, but I know that can hurt (a lot).  Still, 4 years age difference is quite a bit, so it's important to keep that in mind.  You guys are probably dealing with very different stuff.  If you still want to be friends, why not text him yourself?  xoxo

Marie H.

by cecily on 2/21/2011 11:35:42 PM


How come guys seem to make such a quick decisison to break up with a girl?

Hey girlie, guys definitely don't weigh their decision as long as us girls  
Paige T.

by JealousNinjaPanda on 2/5/2011 2:48:15 AM


MOD MOD!Okay i use to text my friend Shane and we and talked alot.He just stopped so i called him one day and said hey have u been getting any of my texts and he said his phone is messed up and no he hasn't and then said well i gotta go month later my friend thought it was a good idea to call him like 20 times and he called me back the next morning saying hey did you call and i said yeah sorry but can i call you back in a hour?and he said yes and i did he did not answer or call back so on i texted him hi like 1 month later and he said it was someone else then the next night he said it was a different person.So on Jan 10th i said hey i just wanted to make sure things were cool between us before i stop trying to get a hold of you and it does not matter if you text back.Then recently i sent a message saying i would love to be friends still cause i really enjoying hanging out with you and talking to you and he never texted back and i really want to be friends what should i say/do?


Hey girlie! He's being pretty mean by ignoring you, but take that as a hint that he wouldn't be a very good friend. If he's not gonna treat you right, don't even bother! Focus on people who actually make time for you. Good luck!

Clare W.

by nikkisixxlover1987 on 2/3/2011 4:04:00 AM


Ok I just got a facebook and I was askin all my friends from school to be my friend and I asked this guy tht I used to go out with to be my friend also!I thought he would say no cause we haven't really talked and I thought he hated me.Well he sent me a message and later in the convo he asked me if I liked him.I lied N said I didn't and asked why.He said cause I like u and I said want the truth?I do like u. Well after tht I asked him if he liked Any1 else and he said one othr girl and tht was all.When I told my best friend she said he doesn't like u he likes every1! Tht made me really mad cause I think she was just jealous cuz she had went out with him to! I don't knw what to do cause iim not really sure if he likes me or not :/

I think you should just talk to this boy and get to know him. If he truely likes you youll be able to tell. Good luck! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by Angelwings785 on 2/2/2011 11:58:16 PM


Ther is this guy and i always get confused with him. He says he likes a girl but it seems lik he likes me too. He always sends mixed signals and is dropping hints. He liked me once and I think he likes me again. He is also a year older. What should i do?


Hey girlie! If it really seems like he likes you, he may just be trying to find out if you like someone else, too, but he may like this other girl as well. Either way, he's fair game, so don't be afraid to make a move!

Clare W.

by tswiftlover23 on 1/27/2011 2:25:28 PM


Speaking of chatting online, I have a bf but I have been chatting with a cute guy I know and its just easier to say things chatting that I couldnt say to him in person. But I feel like I am cheating but I am not, we havent done any sexting or exchanging pictures but I am afraid it could lead to that. Should I just stop because that is what I may need to do? and How do I just stop without hurting his feelings?

I think you need to stop. Youre emotionally cheating on your bf a bit. You shouldnt flirt with other guys. As for stopping wihtout hurting his feelings just slowly fade away. Youll be fine and im sure he wont get upset. Good luck! xoxo kerra  

Kerra S.

by luckykel on 1/26/2011 10:15:16 PM


Ok so im getting pretty frustrated with my bf, he promises he will call then he says something "comes up" but this happens EVERYDAY! i still like him, i am just sick of his lying. help!

Hey girlie. I know it can be frustrating. But instead of getting upset, occupy your mind with something else like a hobby or sport. I promise, once you get your mind off of him not calling you and stop asking him about it, he will wonder why you are not available for him. Sometimes it's good to keep boys on their toes. : ) 
Elizabeth P.

by ilovemakeup on 1/25/2011 5:55:04 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD! Okay, well I've done afew things I'm not proud of these past few days. Okay, anyways, I like this guy(let's call him Bob). Okay well he is two years older then me. I'm a freshman and he's a junior. We don't go to the same school and we never see eachother but we text eachother alot. We are really close and we talk about anything and I'm really starting to like him. We even sexted afew times (No naked pics or anything). Today I told him I liked him and now he won't talk to me. I'm so bummed. Idk what to do. Help!



Hey girly! It sounds like this guy is a jerk, and that he was leading you on. If you told him that you liked him, and he hasn't said anything, then I would leave it at that for now. The ball is in his court, and it's his turn to say something. If he doesn't say anything by next week at this time, I would confront him and ask what his deal is!


Becca G.

by Lizzeh*Is*A*Camera*Freaakk(: on 1/23/2011 8:18:14 PM


ok, I really like thise guy. He's funny and popular. We talk on FB and whenever I look at him ,he smiles. But I don't know if he likes me or just being nice. I get super nervous when I talk to him. I want to ask him out, but whenever I try to talk to him, I feel like I'm about to get sick. How can I talk to him without getting nervous?

by pinkfan911 on 1/23/2011 1:44:07 PM


A few months ago, I got some texts and chats from a guy from camp that I had a huge crush on. He said he liked me too and we videochatted for a while. He lives in Canada and we used to text and chat a lot, but suddenly, it all stopped. Before it had been because he lost his phone (he eventually replied) but then on Facebook, he wont even chat me back? What happened?!


Hey girl, 

I'm not sure what happened, but it could have something to do that the two of you live in different countries (assuming you live in the U.S.). If he knows that it's unlikely you'll see each other again — or at least in the near future — he might not want to pursue the relationship because that would be really tough. I'm really not sure, but there's probably a chance that he is sort of crushing on a girl from his school, or someone who lives near him. It may be better to become friends with guys who live near you, and one of those friendships could develop into a crush. Here's a short article about long-distance relationships:


OR... there's a chance he didn't get your chats. If this only happened once, sometimes I will get chats on Facebook when I didn't even think I was online, and it will show up later. If it happens all the time, it might be more likely that he has moved on. Good luck!

Vanessa J.

by meggierose13 on 1/22/2011 11:31:23 AM


This guy that I have been friends with since 7th grade he is super nice and I talk to him all the time. I like him and then something happens that he does and I hate him and it goes back and forth like that. I like him again and he likes me. I am worried that he might hurt me again

by swimmergirl1496 on 1/20/2011 5:06:07 PM


I have really liked this guy since kinder. We've been in classes together, on the same soccer team, and friends since i can remember. ive never liked anyone else. i mite even love him. wen middle school came, we went to different schools but it was ok cuz we still had soccer. then i moved up leuages and im one of 2 girls on a team of 16. the guys r paverted and the coach (his DAD)is sexest. I hav no idea if he likes me, but my bff was chatting him on fb last week and she claims that he said he likes me. Heres the problem- were're growing steadily apart and with the new season coming up i need to decide between staying on the boys team, or switching to an all girls team and leave him. i dont know wat to do. i've been really upset about this. What should i do? stay or leave? how do i grow closer to him again, or tell him that i like him? Please help me. :\

I think you need to get closer to him and see if something will happen. If something does happen i believe you could move over to the girls team and still be with him. However whatever happens i strongly believe you should go to the girls team. I think its going to be much better for you. Good luck! xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by ekcarter on 1/19/2011 9:25:00 PM


MOD!!! OK so I really like this guy but one of my distant friends dated him recently and she broke up with him about a week ago, but SHE cried over it! I think he likes me too since he always invites me to work with his group!(: If he asks me out, I want to say yes but what if my distant friend gets mad? What do I do? Thanks!<3


Hey girlie,

Sometimes it's frustrating, but our friends should always come before a guy. Try talking to her about how you feel towards him. You never know, she may be totally cool with you guys hanging out, but you don't want to go behind her back and hurt her feelings. Make sure it's out in the open!

Clare W.

by SSD123 on 1/19/2011 4:10:49 PM


I have a crush on this guy who has a gf. I DON'T want to steal him because I would hate that if it was me. so sometimes I feel he might like me too. I'm not positive but sometimes i'll catch him looking at me and when i try to talk to him he looks up and then looks away.( I do that too so that's why i thought that was a clue)anyways if he likes me then why wouldn't he ask me out because he recently got a new gf ???? -thanks


Hey chica,

He could very well be attracted to you, but he's probably really into the girl he's dating. Don't cut off a friendship, but don't do anything that would make his girlfriend mad. Just be patient, and he might be available soon!

Clare W.

by dreamlove98 on 1/19/2011 3:51:00 PM


ok. so a couple of months ago, i was dating this really awesome guy. he was cute funny and so nice to everybody. well we broke up because he said we never got to see each other even we live in the same neighborhood. well the thing is i still like him! i think he might still like me too. on facebook, he tagged me in a photo as "his first crush" idk what to do. i like him alot. do i tell him? how do i know if he still likes me? whatt do i do?! HELP.


Hey girl,

Trying again is definitely worth a shot! Try hanging out with him more as a friend, so he can see that you do care about making time for him. When it feels right, talk to him about your feelings, and if he still feels the same way, start brainstorming different ways you can spend time with each other. Even if you're both busy, remind him that it's the quality of the time you spend together, not the amount, that really matters. Good luck!

Clare W.

by puppyluv820 on 1/19/2011 2:34:25 PM


I was texting this boy last night and he was answering so I asked if he was still there and then he said "sorry my phone wouldn't let me send texts" and I said "it's okay guess what?"
he said "what?" and I said something really random just 'cause I didn't have much else to say. It wasn't like creepy or anything it was just random. And he didn't text me back. It was 12:22 PM so maybe he got tired? Anyways I don't think it was what I said that caused him to stop texting me. I promise you it wasn't like I was telling him I like him or anything. It was about something that happened that morning. I don't think it was what I said. What do you think? Thanks

Hey girlie! Sometimes we tend to overthink these situations sometimes. It probably was due to him being tired last night, or his mom telling him he had to go to bed by 12:30p. Just keep talking to him like you normally do and don't worry about what was said the night before
Jessica W.

by kikidee12 on 1/19/2011 10:40:46 AM


Lately I have being feeling like a loser. I feel like an idiot when a boy insults me and I don't hve a good comeback. Then, today in science, I looked over atthe guy I like Bcuz he was talking and a boy that hates me caught a glimpse of me and told him I was staring at him. I feel like an idiot. The boy also happens to call me lady gaga Bcuz of my somewhat identical haircut to lady gaga I hate it, but I'll feel like a tattle tale if I tell a teacher or the principal Bcuz if I tell the principal the boy will get 3 days suspension help!!! What should I do
Xoxo katie

Hey girl, just ignore the boy. You'd be surprised how people who often tease stop when they don't get a reaction.

Alyssa B.

by Kt_catlover on 1/18/2011 10:49:56 PM


hey everyone!! check out my profile!!! i'll give advice on anything!!! leave a comment!!!<333

by KyRAZY4bieberx3 on 1/18/2011 10:25:12 PM


Mod~ I have this guy friend and we've been becoming fairly close. I haven't really had the best track record with guys, but I think he might like me, because he thought another friend of mine was my boyfriend, but when he found out we weren't dating he acted happy and he's been kind of flirty ever since. He's a really nice guy and I wouldn't mind dating him, but we haven't hung out outside of school or anything yet and I'm not really sure what to say.

Hey girl, why not ask him to hang out one-on-one with you outside of school sometime? Let it be your test run. You guys are friends right now and if that day goes well, you can hint you're interested in dating him too.

Alyssa B.

by kazthespaz on 1/18/2011 9:56:39 PM


at my school, there is this formal dance that the girl sophomores host. One sophomore invited me, but you have to have a guy date. There is this one guy who i had biology with last semester and we sat next to each other and talked alot. But this semester, he's not in my biology class, but he did get moved to my band class. The only problem is, he plays trombone and i play flute so he has to sit in the back and i have to sit in the front. we also have lunch together but he sits with his football guys and i sit with the band people. so we rarely talk anymore. i want to invite him to the dance, but i don't want it to be awkward and i don't know when i would ask him. also i don't really know any other guys in my new school. Help!

Hey girlie. Well you could muster up confidence and just ask him if you really want! You will never know unless you try. 
Elizabeth P.

by monopoly on 1/18/2011 8:50:41 PM


Maybe he is just shy in real life, guys will say almost anything online and we are bolder and say things we want to say but dont in real life when we are online to. Or it could be that he is just not being truthful. It could be anything.

Try talking to him online again and see if you can get him to admit his feelings, I think guys in general just arent very mature at times.

by luckykel on 1/18/2011 6:57:21 PM


1. Think of your crush
2. Make a heart with your hands
3. Kiss your hand heart
4. Put the heart where your real heart is
5. Your crush will ask you out tomorrow
6. This only works if you post this to your favorite article

by vballchik3 on 1/18/2011 5:48:13 PM


hey girlies
if you need advice bout anything im here im on the site almost everyday so ill answer you question as soon as possible Smile
<3 always

by peace_love_happiness on 1/18/2011 5:12:06 PM


i am so frustrated w/ myself!!! i really like this guy and he seems to like me (always smiles & exclaims some sort of hello when he sees me, that kinda stuff). problem: i never see him except for random occasions that are hard to plan for and i'm too chicken to get his email address! i'll see him more next year cos he's gonna be in my school, but i don't want to have to wait that long to have more contact with him. **sigh of exasperation/anger**

Hey girlie. Then I think it's best so hold your head up and when you see him next, walk over and give him a sheet of paper with your email address written on it. This takes confidence so you must be ready. But life is too short to just wait around for things out of your control to occur. Good luck girlie! 
Elizabeth P.

by the_last_ninja on 1/18/2011 5:00:15 PM


I really like this guy who is 3 years older than me.. hes 15 and im like 12. five months ago i told him that i like him. since than he totally ignored me. What should i do cuz' i can't forgett bout him!!!

by pandalover1000 on 1/18/2011 2:40:01 PM


Well their is this gy in 8th grade and I'm in 6th we both like each otherSmile but see he asked me out...i've told my mom and she was tottaly cool with it! But I said no an idk if he's mad at me cause we used to text each other everyday. Now it only like every fw days. and he never calls anymore. Well he's like my best friend. Iguess he feels let down and he wanted to get outta the friend zone..buti wan't ready. Is he mad? will he ever ask agian? Plus his friends make a bu=ig deal outta og liking a 6th grader.. Help?

by mejustice on 1/18/2011 1:01:45 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!! I reeeeally like this guy, and hes 18 and im 14 soon to be 15. In the distant future (not allowed to date yet) like when im 18 and hes like 21 would it be ok to have him as a bf? or is the age gap too much? Thanks!


Hey girl! For now, the age difference is too large! However, if in the future you still like him then there is nothing wrong with that! Three years isn't too much of a difference when you get older but when you are 18 and he is 21 it may seem like he is in a different place in his life! In my opinion, by then you will find plenty of other crushes so be open to guys your own age! XOXO

Blaine D.

by Luckycharmz on 1/18/2011 11:23:14 AM

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