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Will asking out my BGF ruin our friendship?

I really like one of my guy friends, but I’m scared to ‘fess up my feelings…
48 Comments | Add Yours

MOD!MOD! MOD! I cant tell if i like my bgf as a bf or as a brother! im confused on my feelings. how can i sort them out?

hey girl,

Only you can really know...if you feel like you want to share with him about other boys or crushes you have, and you don't mind him talking about other girls, then he's probably more of a friend.  But if you feel like you don't want him to be dating other people, and you don't even want to talk about other boys when you're with him...and he kind of gives you butterflies sometimes...then you may be starting to like him as more than just a friend Smile  
Ruth S.

by runforever on 4/23/2011 9:05:54 PM


OMG! I really liked my BGF and one day I found out that he found out! I was so depressed that was friday... and when we talked about it on the way out to the bus he said it wouldn't change our realtionship but he still wanted to talk to me... more in depth so monday after school we talked... and HE ASKED ME OUT! Now he's my bf who I love.

by DrummerChick513 on 3/27/2011 4:04:36 PM


A few months ago I found out this guy who rides my bus has a crush on me. We are really good friends and over the past few weeks I have started to like him back. I don't know if he knows that I like him and by now I don't even know if he still likes me like that.He is a year younger than me and is in 6th grade while i'm in the 7th. I really want him to ask me out but i'm starting to think that maybe I should make the first move. Please help!

by lilmbram on 3/23/2011 9:22:34 PM


I have a boyfriend and we've been dating for like 5 months and we're both really silly we goof off all the time but sometimes I'm afraid I do something too goofy. What should I do?

I think you should  be yourself and if hes a good boyfriend he wont mind Smile trust me. youre ok Smile xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by quesadillia47 on 3/20/2011 2:38:24 PM


I'm totally head over heels for the guy I sit beside from in class, and get this- he likes me too! His best friend said he wanted to ask me out! And we always act really goofy, but in a flirty way, around each other, and when we see each other we always smile! But he's too shy to ask me out and I can't stop thinking about him. I need help! What should I do?

Hey girlie. If he's too shy, you should try to make the first move. Ask him out! Good luck girl. 
Marly Z.

by Lil' Devil on 3/16/2011 2:07:24 PM


Hey people i got something to say

Well one time i was on the bus talking to my friends when i hear a kid from my homeroom shout " Yo Kailee want 2 go out with ______( insert BGF name) ?" At first i was a little stunned i didnt really think of us as more than friends but he was kinda sweet so i said( more like shouted across the bus) yes then i found out later he only asked me out cuz he lost oreo that made me REALLY sad ( and mad ) so then i went and yelled at him for only asking me out cuz he lost oreo then i found out he actually did like me i wuz just misinformed so then he was mad at me 4 yelling at him and that is how my BGF became my ex-BGF

Sad right? i know ( sigh ) - Kailee Frown

by loveTC247 on 3/15/2011 11:19:38 PM



Im like in luv with my bgf and ive been wanting to ask him out, but im not sure he likes me like that. I have no clue what to do! please help!!!

by mookie98 on 3/15/2011 6:13:57 PM


Mod! I had a best guy friend and I really liked him and we talked all the time, so I asked him to our winter formal, but he said no. Then he didn't talk to me for about a month, and after a month he started talking to me again and we were ok. Now he's doing stuff that he used to do when we were best friends, like taking time out of class to talk to me, and following me around when we I'm looking for a book in the library, and asking me to be in groups for science with him and his guy friends. Does he feel guilty about blowing me off or what's going on? What's he thinking? Thanks in advance.



Hey girly! It's tough to say what  he's thinking. He could feel guilty, or he could just miss you as a pal!


Becca G.

by Aranel on 3/12/2011 7:47:02 PM


MOD!!!! I think I have a crush on my BGF everytime I think about him i get a "tingly" and everyone at my skool keep asking if we're going out wat should i do?

Hey girlie. If you feel strongly about it, tell him. See where that leads! 
Marly Z.

by wolfy2149 on 3/9/2011 8:05:21 PM


kay, sooooo, I like this guy, but my friend also likes him and she's convinced he likes her back. She's always bragging about how they always text and how he almost texted her to ask her out. They've gone out before, and he dumped her. I talk to him everyday and we've gotten to be kinda close, I don't know if he likes me as a friend, or something more though. I have his number, but I'm afraid he'll think I'm weird if I text him. He's really good friends with my best friend. He is the sweetest guy I've ever met. Thoughts?


Hey girlie. Unfortunately, because your friend likes him and they have a history, it might be best to not pursue him right now. I know it's hard, but you don't want to cause more drama than necessary. Give yourself some time to be with yourself and get to know you better.

Elizabeth P.

by bexthespy007 on 2/25/2011 11:37:40 PM

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