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Why do my nails break whenever I try to grow them?

We've got tonsa suggestions to help ya out!
26 Comments | Add Yours

I think I'm the ugliest person on the planet!I have a lot of bumps on my forehead i have an insane overbite and my teeth are not straight!What's wrong with me!?!?!?!?

Hey girl!

    I'm sure you're beautiful, but you have to know that too! Are the bumps acne? If they are, try using salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to get rid of them, or see a dermatologist. For your teeth, if you can't get braces, just love the teeth you have! Everyone has their own special attributes, which is what makes us all different. x0x0 
Casey L.

by iloveart213 on 6/9/2011 2:50:38 PM


um i know this is off subject but i just got braces and they are rilly poaking me in the cheek and ive tried to put wax on but it dose not work because its to wet and im sory for my spelling i type kina fast please comment back thanks

by madi323 on 2/8/2011 11:56:07 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD ok so I finally grew my nails out and i want to paint them but whenever I paint them, I peel the polish off, any suggestions?... HELP!!


Hey girlie! Try nail polishes that are really hard to peel off. I do the same thing and I at least have to work way harder to peel off the ones loaded with sparkles and chunks of glitter.

Brittany T.

by cowbellkell on 2/2/2011 12:14:12 PM


how much is the Sally Hansen nail hardener?

by Areogirl155 on 1/26/2011 5:17:13 PM


my nails used to be like that so i talked to my friends about it.they said that sally hansen nail strengthener
really does work .and it does

by rocki9947 on 1/25/2011 1:02:44 PM


i have this amazing nail polish remover that is all natural and it has none of those harmful chemicals. The brand name is wilaverde it smells so good and did i mention its enviornmentally safe? i have it in the scent papaya mango and it is to die for it strenthins ur nail and is actually goo for u nd the enviornment...wht else do u want?

by ebillade on 1/22/2011 7:41:05 AM


If you need advice on anything check out my profile and leave a comment i will get back to you!! I always try to see the problem from your view and i would love to help!
i can help with
-people who are bringing you down

by hypershrimp on 1/21/2011 8:25:04 PM


MODMODMOD I have bigger eyes than other people and it has been really bugging me, because almost everyday at school at least three people will come up to me and ask "why are your eyes so big?" and some people have been making fun of me about it and calling me "big eyes". And i'm scared if i grow up and have bug-eyes. What should i do? Plus, i have really bad vision and im scared if i grow up and become blind Frown

Hey gal! First off, you are beautiful, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. People are mean and try to find things to pick on other people about. Don't let that get you down though. They are just doing it to feel better about themselves because they have low self esteem. Plus, I'm not sure why people would be saying that because big eyes are beautiful. Girls are always trying to put on makeup to accentuate their eyes, but -lucky for you- you don't have to! You will appreciate your eyes when you get a little older! For now though, ignore those people who are mean, and concentrate on your real friends. Remember, you are BEAUTIFUL, and don't you forget it! 
Marly Z.

by sammy4457 on 1/20/2011 9:32:51 AM


so I rly need help. I'm starting to get worried because april vaca is not in too log and I need a bikini body because we go away where you'll always be on the beach. I weigh like 115 pounds and I'm 5"3 and I rly just need to get rid of a few ponds in my stomach legs and arms but I'm literally always busy with school hw friends music studying and family time and ughh I don't know how to fit excercise into my busy schedule! And it's winter and we just had a storm so I can't take my dog for a walk or run or anything! I just really want a nice looking bikini body. Thx so much! U guys rock!

Hey girl, sounds like you might already have one! I know it's hard but understand that we all think we have our imperfections. In reality, you're your biggest critic. My suggestion is to continue what you're doing: just be sure to take care of yourself and give yourself some 'me time' in the meantime so you don't burn out. When the weather gets warmer, you can start jogging or walking, but not to lose pounds -- do it for you and to help destress.

Alyssa B.

by rowergurlxoxo on 1/18/2011 9:58:41 PM


Awesome! Smile

by pillowpuff on 1/18/2011 4:58:35 PM

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