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GL's top 100 must reads

Head out to the library, bookworm, and start marking these sizzling titles off your list.
99 Comments | Add Yours

I have read around 72 of the books on this list, I am a totalbookworm! But I read what happened to goodbye 2 weeks ago. Insurgent is whay I can't wait for, out May 1st.

by Lalainya on 3/2/2012 5:08:51 PM


i read 23 out of the 100 books on the list...i have to admit some of the books on the list r boring

by muenessa678 on 12/31/2011 8:54:37 PM


Here Are My Favorite
The Lying Game Series Sara Shepard
Harry Potter Series JK Rowling
Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall Wendy Mass
13 Little Blue Envelopes Maureen Johnson
Hunger Games Suzanne Collins
39 Clues Multiple Authors
Tuck Everlasting Natalie Babbit
Crispin Avi
Hatchet Gary Paulsen
Poppy Avi

by EddyKala on 11/13/2011 12:01:06 PM


I'm gonna read the Hunger Games. Starting....tonight Smile~JellybeanxD P.S-The Lovebirds of America is my club where anybody can join!!!! You can be any religion, any size, any shape, anyone! Even someone who lives in China can join! I give people advice and we can talk about random things!!!! Please join! I want 50 members by Christmas! Thanks!!!! First people get positions!! And, tell your friends about it!!!! Smile!

by jellybeanxD on 6/21/2011 5:40:23 PM


i want to read falling in love with english boys. haha it seems funny idk why.

by greekprincess98 on 5/31/2011 7:52:30 PM


i read " are you there God is me margret" it really good

by greekprincess98 on 5/31/2011 7:48:15 PM


I recomend "Shiver" By Maggie Stiefvaterz. I just finished it this morning and I can't wait to go buy the next book in the series, "Linger"

by Goobie on 5/28/2011 4:36:25 PM


I LOVE all of Sarah Dessen's books, especially The Truth About Forever, which you should read! Laughing

by pinkandlime on 3/22/2011 5:58:58 PM


Hey everyone! (:
My name is Samii and I want to help give advice on Girls Life! I check all the time basically. Ask questions or just get to know ME on my profile on topics of:
-Homework Help
-Being Green
-Makeup Tips
-Money Saving Ideas
-Games for Boredom [on all devices]
-Good Books
-Great Movies/TV Shows
-Personal Problems
-Shopping [Great Stores]
-AND MORE! Just ask it and I will try my best to help you. (:

by ifreakinloveeyou on 3/11/2011 7:21:52 PM


btw i am the ultimate prtty little liars fanatic ever any questions ask her!e!

by mileyysupport on 3/8/2011 6:01:42 PM


Amelia Bedila is that popular???

by choclatenut111 on 3/6/2011 4:13:51 PM


hey hey i thot it was going to be gay but now im totaly OBSESSED with "the ashleys" if u havn't read it, u havn't lived

by shloopa on 3/5/2011 6:02:25 PM


OMG i love love love Tyck Everlasting i recemend reading it

by bamagirl22 on 2/25/2011 7:24:03 PM


um where is..i child called it?

by katie4 on 2/24/2011 8:51:39 AM


i can't believe it- song of the sparrow is NOWHERE ON HERE!!! it has the most romantic confession of love and most heroic act ever commited by a man and woman respectively. honestly...what a shame.

by njrox09 on 2/21/2011 8:13:27 PM


hey! what's up with the no horror section!

by engineer2be on 2/21/2011 11:32:32 AM


what about the hunger games? its the best book ever and like NOONE has read it. lionsgate is even making a movie about it. its gonna be epic.
smiley face Smile

by sky:P on 2/16/2011 4:54:49 PM



by titanicfanaic on 2/13/2011 9:19:19 PM


um-where is the outsiders? it didn't even make the list. it should be number one. about one shock away from from a mental breakdown/heart attack. i'm sure its just a simple mistake. it will be noticed and added to the list i'm sure. i'll be back in ten minutes and if its not here i'll probably scream.

by titanicfanaic on 2/13/2011 9:08:33 PM


I've read thirty-five of those books! I'm not really into the guides though. There are some books on there that I'll definitely be checking out. "Gone With the Wind" is my most favorite book in the whole entire world. The Pippi Longstocking and Ramona series are my childhood. And of course, the Harry Potter books will be my favorite series forever.

by *~*Shattered_Lollipop*^~** on 2/10/2011 11:37:04 AM


hey girls!! i think the best books are Matched by Ally Condle. this book is very good!!! another great book/series is the Alpha series, 39 clues series and the Pretty Little Liars series. i think the best book known to man is Matched. you should look it up!! no joke!! anyone have anymore good lists???

by EmmyFeddor on 2/9/2011 11:03:53 PM


and fruits basket and v.b.rose they're manga series and they are beast!

by harpgirl on 2/7/2011 10:08:15 PM


ok I love Jaclyn Moriarty's books but you forgot percy Jackson and the mortal instruments and Howl's moving castle if you girls want good books please look these up!

by harpgirl on 2/7/2011 10:01:56 PM


I find that these books are too girly, and I don't have much interest in them. They're also quite easy-read. Do you have any other book suggestions that have different themes than these?


by caturn on 2/6/2011 6:08:21 PM


commenter 5 u have hhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee probles

by bess on 2/6/2011 1:01:22 PM


they forgot the guardians of ga'hool the ember series savvy AND WORST OF ALL ANY BOOK BY JACK LONDON black beauty Percy Jackson and Olympians a series of unfortunate events bud not buddy the phantom tollbooth the giver and others but they think twighlite is good?! gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

by bess on 2/6/2011 12:59:31 PM


Oh my gosh!
I read the Twilight Saga, and i absolutely ADORED it! i couldn't put the book down, legit.

thanks GL for the advice!

by LizzyGurl206 on 2/5/2011 6:22:47 PM



by kewlkai on 2/3/2011 8:32:17 PM


I love you guys for including a section on Sarah Dessen!!! She's my favorite author!

by mileychannahm on 2/3/2011 7:38:31 PM



by Cutie314 on 2/3/2011 5:27:48 PM


HARRY POTTER IS THE MOST EPIC book IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUNGER GAMES IS AWESOME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are u there god, its me margaret,? is really good (by judy blume)

and forever is all about 2 kids having sex 4 the first time(judy blume)

by lipsmackergal5 on 2/2/2011 11:45:55 PM


Twenty Boy Summer is one of my favoite books ever! I would totally recommend it. I also love the Summer I Turned Pretty and anything by Nicholas Sparks!

by wwnj13 on 2/2/2011 5:50:56 PM



by pianist11240 on 2/2/2011 5:09:35 PM



by 5828MTB on 2/2/2011 3:02:52 PM


Ok, i have read most of these! I loved "Are you there god, its me margaret" and "Falling in love with English boys" were FANTASTIC! I love the harry potters! trust me, Tuck everlasting is NOT as interesting as they make it sound.

by LAXchick174 on 2/2/2011 8:40:15 AM


Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass is AMAZING! My great friend Samantha suggested it to me!

by LoveCupcakes on 2/1/2011 6:24:51 PM


Oh MY GOSH i love "Are You There God its me Margaret?"!!!!!!

by noodlefaye23 on 2/1/2011 6:16:07 PM


OMG I'd tell u i luv u but then i have 2 kill u is number 54!!!! that's crazy defiantly deserves the number 2 spot pll tops the Gallagher girls (sorry Ally Carter) and Beautiful Creatures isn't even on here!

by Animal477 on 2/1/2011 4:21:12 PM


OMG u sooooo have 2 read Pretty Little Liars! I'm on the 4th book out of 8 and i was hooked on the fist word of the first book

by Animal477 on 2/1/2011 4:15:00 PM


If you just had a loved one die you will LOVE Radiance. Even if you did not its a really cool book. Its about a girl (riley) who died and is in her like... afterlife. She is given a job of being a soul catcher ( she has to guide dead spirits to the bridge and over it) I can't wait for the second book shimmer to come out on March 15!

If you like Harry Potter and wizards you will like Witch and wizard. The beginning starts out slow but you have to get through it to really enjoy it. Its kinda hard to describe but I like it so much Im reading the second one (the gift). I don't think it is listed though

by hedwig38463 on 2/1/2011 8:00:09 AM


I love Catcher In The Rye! Though it does deal with the occasional mature content, its not that controversial, and its a great book about a boy trying to find himself!

by phixxee3 on 1/31/2011 7:57:10 PM


OH MY GOSH! I just read Catcher in the Rye and I'm only 16 and I was shocked at its contents! DON'T read it! Preteens and teens probably wont understand it, and will be very confused by its mature content!!!

by balletstarheart on 1/31/2011 4:12:19 PM


Hi everybody please vist my profile i will give advice on how to get lots of friends and other stuff please leave i cooment if you like my profile! thank you ;D

by madelynb2000 on 1/31/2011 10:28:34 AM


OMG I can't believe that The Hunger Games is only #13!!! It SHOULD be #1, in my opinion. Well, it IS #1 in my opinion!!! Lolz. Smile

by Chrys98 on 1/30/2011 7:06:39 PM


I've actually read a lot of these books, including Prep. Don't read Prep, trust me. It's inappropriate, the plot isn't that good, and you'll get bored. When you read the description of it, it sounds great, but in reality it's pretty bad. And especially boring. But DEFINITELY read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It's better than the description says, I promise.
The I'd Tell You I'd Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You books are really good, I recommend those, also.
A few more I really liked:
13 Little Blue Envelopes.
Pretty Little Liars series
And (Not from this list):
The Mortal Instruments Series
And The Infernal Devices series. (Both by Casssandra Clare)
Also, Such A Pretty Girl
and 13 Reasons Why
Princess Academy
Teach Me
The Maze Runner
Old Magic
and there's more, hahaha. I'm a book dork.

by prettynplasterd on 1/30/2011 3:55:24 PM


Someone like you should not be on this list!! i liked the friendship in the book but extreemely disliked the boyfriend part!! Marly Z.

by kjm109 on 1/30/2011 12:29:58 AM


I completely love Harry Potter and To Kill a Mockingbird!♥

by shelldoodle1 on 1/29/2011 11:33:41 PM


Stargirl is such an amazing book!

by iluvjm on 1/29/2011 7:25:09 PM


im looking for a good new series to read... ive read twilight, nancy drew, harry poter, pretty little liars,narnia, the click, but i dont know which book series to read next!! what should i read?

by hamsterlvr on 1/29/2011 7:10:52 PM


btw i love how you devoted an entire section to meg cabot. she's one of my all-time fave authors Smile thanks!

by astrostar88 on 1/29/2011 1:52:20 PM


heyy MOD are must-reads in order from 'absolutely' to 'should' or randomly listed?

hey! I think they are randomly listed Smile 
Helen S.

by astrostar88 on 1/29/2011 1:49:39 PM


hey girls! check out my profile! i will place news, updates, and awesome places 2 visit (etc.) for hunger games fans, michigan girls, and so much more!

xoxo skyTong

by sky:P on 1/29/2011 11:50:04 AM


Vladimir Tod series by heather brewer<3
Secrets of my hollywood life by Jen Calonita
20 boy summer was one of the greatest books i have ever readSmile i heard about it over the summer in gl and fell in love!! thanks for giving us so many great suggestions for books!!!<3333

by KyRAZY4bieberx3 on 1/29/2011 10:48:40 AM


OMG whoever hasn't read the Harry Potter series please read it!!! They are the most amazing books ever Smile They are much better than the movies (though the movies are really good too!) Laughing

by dolphinlover916 on 1/29/2011 9:47:34 AM


i read are u there god its me margret and it is really good

by cheeseisawsome!!101 on 1/29/2011 9:44:14 AM


MOD MOD! Is it okay if you break up with your boyfriend for them to ask for everything they gave you back? Like if they gave you jewelery and stuff? Thanks!

Hey girlie, people do it all the time just do so politely  
Paige T.

by JAZSAYWHAT?! on 1/29/2011 9:38:31 AM


OMG thanks for this list! I am looking for some more books to read

by horsie9000 on 1/29/2011 9:36:29 AM


i have read #s 7 (all of them!), 16, 19, 20, 23, 25, 26, 27, 41, 44, 47, and 68 Smile i like to read, but a lot of these i read for skool and loved them!

by DanceFreak99 on 1/29/2011 12:03:06 AM


where would I go to ask for advice on books on GL? Not books on GL but but the place on the site. Haha thanks!


Hey girlie. What sort of advice do you need?

Elizabeth P. Elizabeth P.

by EgirlH.97 on 1/28/2011 11:56:34 PM


They should have Percy Jackson!!!

by nikkistarr10123 on 1/28/2011 11:55:24 PM


I have pretty much read all of the books on this list. But there is one book that I don't think u should read and I can't stand this book at all and that is A Wrinkle in Time. I had to read it last year in 8th grade for reading and hated it. So my suggestion is to not read it.


by musiclover95 on 1/28/2011 10:20:40 PM


• Read
• Hear about awesome books
• Talk to others about books
If you answered yes to any one of these questions…..COME JOIN BOOK CLUB!!!! Book Club Originated from my love of books. My club was the first one on GL so you KNOW my club reigns supreme!!! I need your guy’s help to fill the following heads: SERIES HEAD………………MYSTERY HEAD……………….CHICK LIT HEAD……………………….ROMANCE HEAD…………………..FANTASY HEAD…………………….HORROR HEAD…………………..and MANGA HEAD!!! I have applications for all heads. Our club will also be starting to read group books like a REGULAR book club. I hope to see ALL of you guys here!! 

Madam Gir
Book Club President  <3

by Book Club on 1/28/2011 8:15:29 PM


i think Twilight Saga should be #1 !!!! (: I love & have all the books<3 <3 <3 <3

by ikechick98 on 1/28/2011 8:08:33 PM


Some of these books I've read and some I would like to read but I have to many books at my house. I've read The Great Gasby,The Cather in the Rye, just finished The Perks of being a wallflower wicked good book.Keeping the moon by sarah dessen and now i'm reading someone like you by sarah dessen.
Kayla xoxo

by redsoxlover on 1/28/2011 8:07:47 PM


EVERYONE needs to read Jean Little books. They are sooo amazing!!

by dancerella7 on 1/28/2011 7:49:50 PM


OMGOSH!!!!! i can't belive i've only read like 50 of these books!! Frown Frown then again the books i read r the best!!! lol

check out my book club!! just search BOOK CLUB and Mine has somethin like welcome to gls first book club!!! lol Smile

by Madam Gir on 1/28/2011 7:49:43 PM


I absolutely LOVE too read, but the one book i cannot stand, is "Catcher in the Rye". I don't get why it's on this list or why it's considered a classicl book that you have to read in school!

by jojodramallama on 1/28/2011 7:15:23 PM


Princess Diaries series is great and so is any book by Sarah Dessen. I've read them all by S.D and my favourite is def. The Truth About Forever (a must read for any girl) though all her books are great (a) Smile

by GLover96 on 1/28/2011 6:28:19 PM


The Clique books and the Private novels are both great series'. I've read all of them for both and both the 'finales' i guess you could say, are coming out this year. So excited !!!

by GLover96 on 1/28/2011 6:20:52 PM



by kammiemay on 1/28/2011 6:11:14 PM


YES! I'm lovin these lists of 100 things lol AND I love books! Laughing

by pinkandlime on 1/28/2011 5:42:35 PM


So not! i <3 horror, mystery… anything that makes me want to sleep with the lights on and makes my skin crawl! THE HUNGER IS THE BEST SERIES EVER(WELL NEXT TO HARRY POTTER)!!!

by Art Crazy52 on 1/28/2011 5:18:15 PM


I've read most of these. One of my favs was The Year of Secret Assignments. It's hilarious, the best! Harry Potter, of course, is awesome too.

by amazing789 on 1/28/2011 5:00:04 PM


I have read:

1. Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard.

7. Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling.

8. The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.

13. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

23. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.

38. Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood.

57. Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison

73. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume.

And i loved them all except for twilight.

by wednesday1408 on 1/28/2011 1:44:41 AM


I read angus thongs and perfect snogging and i thought it was so funny! i loved it! i def reccomend it.

by pottergirl135 on 1/27/2011 8:39:45 PM


Guess I'm the only person who likes horror stories.....

by engineer2be on 1/27/2011 8:10:20 PM


ive read dork diaries, nancy drew, the giving tree, sarah plain and tall, where the wild things are, the last song,stargirl, aliie finkles rules for girls. i started ella enchanted wehen i was like 7 or 8 but never finished it. i have a a lot of these books, but havent read them yet. i want to. i just finished the second book in lisi harrison's series alphas( movers asnd fakers) like a half hour ago. love the 100 lists

by laxchik18 on 1/27/2011 6:49:20 PM


i hate where the red fern grows.. so sad. we had 2 read it in 5th grade.
but most of these iv read Smile

by janerbuy on 1/27/2011 6:47:27 PM


I love Prom, Sisterhood of the traveling pants, Confessions of a shopaholic, and Nicholas Sparks. I hate Jane Erye though. half of the book is her describing the change of seasons.

by beth_elbow123 on 1/27/2011 6:40:45 PM


Great list!! I'm reading the Clique books and the Private Novels and the final book for both are coming out this year, so i need some new books to start reading.

by tye-dyegirl105 on 1/27/2011 6:36:08 PM


I recommed The Lovely Bones! It's so deep in thought! But if you don't like creepy, don't read it. Once you get over the first chapter its awesome!

by jamieonarainyday on 1/27/2011 6:25:33 PM


I have to say the best of Meg Cabot is DEFINITELY the mediator series and 1 800 where r u series.....they are SO AMAZING!! Also...there is this series called the Homelander series....and the first book is called The Last Thing I Remember......AWESOME BOOKS!!! They are NEVER boring....I never want to put them down!! Haha! Thanks for these books though!! I have been looking for a new good one! Now I have some ides!!

by topchef88 on 1/27/2011 5:02:29 PM


seriously... Amelia Bedelia.... What's with all of the little kid books?

by hayleerose9 on 1/27/2011 4:55:30 PM


In the classics section, I was looking for Lord of the Flies, but I didn't see it. It's about a group of young british boys who end up stranded on an island and try to govern themselves. the book actually served as inspiration for the one and only television series 'Lost'. It's one of my favorites along with Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, etc. A lot of these books are wonderful reads, so if you can, try them out and take a peek in a bookstore!

by biskii on 1/27/2011 4:47:57 PM


I <3 The Hunger Games

by sarah4eva on 1/27/2011 4:42:14 PM


i LOVE the 100's list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by hawaiiancherry on 1/27/2011 4:39:36 PM


i read the Princess Diaries and it was pretty interesting....but in a okay way i guess. Not the most appropriate though lolz. They should have Diary of a Wimnpy Kid, Dear Dumb Diary and this book im reading now called The Boyfriend List.

by *forevercollab* <3 on 1/27/2011 4:29:05 PM


I love the gallagher girl series(i'd tell you i love you but then i'd have to kill you)
Check out my profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

by taylorswiftfan1236 on 1/27/2011 4:13:33 PM


im a like a freak when it comes to reading heres my recommendations.
1. The Clique Series-read all the books they are awesome
2. Twilight Series
3. Harry Potter Series-incredible, even better than the movies
4. EVERY BOOK WRITTEN BY SARAH DESSEN-they are all amazing.
5. The Shopaholic Series-super funny Smile
6. Pretty Little Liars
7. Nancy Drew-i honestly read every nancy drew book, they are really good
8. The sisterhood of the traveling pants---good but dont read unless your at least 13,
9. I'd Tell you I loved you, but then i'd have to kill you (and the next two in the series!)
10. 13 little blue envelopes - really good
11. the princess diares series!
12. Oh My Gods & Goddess Boot Camp, espcially if you like mythology Smile Those are some of my favorite books

by declaration on 1/27/2011 4:02:37 PM


ok, so the Georgia Nicolson Diary series is the BEST. the books are so funny, and i reread them all th time, and the humor NEVER gets old. but dont read it around other people, i actually broke out laughing in class, and everyone was staring at me Smile and the Clique Series was really good. i'm gonna start the Sarah Dessen books. i hope they're good!

by andrealicious on 1/27/2011 3:26:56 PM


I love the last song! it's such a good book

by matyprincess on 1/27/2011 2:15:26 PM


ok i deffinately think that Water For Elephants should be in here, its a really good book that is being made into a movie soon and i love it!!! oh yeah it's also the same case with the book I Am Number Four, that was amazinggg too

by mkroberts96 on 1/27/2011 1:53:09 PM


omg i love love love sarah dessen's books!! they are all amazing! she is like the best author ever! Smile

by dogluvrsoph on 1/27/2011 1:49:28 PM


Oh yeah and I am part of the "slim chance" that does not obsess over Harry Potter. It's not BAD. But I just don't like it. It does have good points, though, like Luna and Mrs Norris (though I want the kitty to be named Janeen!! ^_^). But I just don't like it.

by tomboy2010 on 1/27/2011 1:44:50 PM


I ♥ #8!!!!!!!!!

by tomboy2010 on 1/27/2011 1:40:23 PM


oh my gosh, I would so recommend any of you reading ALL of judy blumes books! she's an amazing and gifted author!

by ilovehearts13 on 1/27/2011 1:15:10 PM


yay! i love nancy drew!

by girlegurl333 on 1/27/2011 12:53:11 PM


Twilight doesn't not even deserve this list, it is HORRIBLE! I have read both Twilight AND Harry Potter and can say HP is SOOOOOOOO much Better! I loved the childhood wonders and the complete classics groups of books! Those are great pieces of writing! The last song was eh? ok.

by ashley19rose on 1/27/2011 12:44:38 PM


Why aren't the "Uglies" series by Scott Westerfield on here? Those books are reeeeally good and very thought prevoking. Oh my gosh I absolutely HATED Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth Bennet seemed kind of catty.

by so_she_told_me... on 1/27/2011 12:02:40 PM

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