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100 style essentials

Gotta-grab-'em fashion and beauty must-haves to perfect your look...
83 Comments | Add Yours

I will get EVERYTHING!! I've been looking for advice like this forever. Actually, all the 100s lists are amazing. I LOVE YU GL!!!

by Cresent on 1/25/2011 11:01:02 AM


MODMODMODMOD I know this guy and his gf just broke up with him. I've liked him since the beginning of the year, but he had a gf, so I didn't want to make him feel torn or hurt her. She's not my friend though. I want to give him time, but he's an amazing guy, so I think some other girl will get him before I do. I'm unsure about what to do because he is kind of popular and I don't know if his gf just broke up with him to get attention. I didn't flirt with him when he had a gf, because that would be bad. How do I give him the idea that I like him, without him noticing the change in my behavior? Also, is there any way I can do this without getting hurt or hurting anyone?


Hey girl, I know you don't want to change your behavior in a drastic way, but you do want things to be different now.  Think of being your usual, friendly self, but just step it up a notch.  Talk to him at school, and maybe even consider inviting him to hang out one-on-one sometime.  You could also throw in a compliment or teasing a bit to be more flirtatious without seeming too much.  And don't worry about getting hurt right now.  You're just trying to get to know a guy you like, and give him the chance to get to know you.  Nothing wrong with that. Smile

Marie H.

by Ari or Ana? on 1/24/2011 9:53:48 PM


MOD!MOD!MOD! I really want a facebook but im not allowed to have 1. is there a way to covince my parents to let me have 1? Thanx!!!!!!!!


It really depends on why they don't want you to have one.  If they're worried about safety concerns, ask them to help you set it up.  Remind them that there are all kinds of privacy settings to make it safer.  If it's because they don't think it's worth the time, offer up a time limit for how much you'll use it, or suggest that you only do it after your homework and chores are done.  Figuring out their reasons against it and coming up with a compromise is your best chance for changing their minds. 

Marie H.

by Bee-beegirl98 on 1/24/2011 9:05:32 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! Help, ok, I am going to a party, or you could call it a girl hangout, this friday and I need something to wear. Graphic tees dont really work for me and I don't want to stand out, or be a total bore. I'm kindda new to this 'group' and I want to impress. What to wear what to wear.....

Hey girlie,

You wanna look cute but also like you didn't try too hard, right? Smile Go for a pair of cute dark jeans. A pair of brown boots would be perf over them! On top, grab a shirt that is totally you - something with a funky print, in your fave color, or a plain black tank. Accessorize with a chunky necklace and you'll be set Smile

Lauren C.

by muprob on 1/24/2011 8:03:43 PM


MODMODMODMODMOD!! I have what looks like little pimples on my arms and I HATE it!!! It looks like I have a rash or something. How do I get rid of it? My doctor says that its not acne. People think I have a rash when I take of my sweater. Please help me!!!

Hey chickie,

First off, good job asking your doc about it first! He said it wasn't acne... did he suggest what it could be? Chances are it's a totally normal condition that he can help ya cure Smile in the meantime, make sure you cleanse your skin each day in the shower and moisturize with a gentle lotion. You should also use an exfoliant and scrub with a loofah for at least 20 seconds in the shower - don't scrub too hard, but this helps clean deeper and clear off dead skin! Healthy skin =  Smile

Lauren C.

by twilightfan4ever0303 on 1/24/2011 7:16:15 PM


i love my bff because she is so sweet

by stellaluna123 on 1/24/2011 3:56:01 PM


Whoa, this is awesome. And that illuminator from Make up forever looks awesome. THANKS GL!

by writergirl12 on 1/24/2011 12:15:34 PM


Love the military jacket!!! If anyone here is sick of being judged then come to my profile! i give great advice on anything and LOVE to talk music. kk later!


by Life=Music on 1/23/2011 10:00:09 PM


EverythingBlog is currently searching for Health, Style, Guy Help, and Entertainment Bloggers. NO APPLICATIONS ARE REQUIRED! comment on the blog, and you'll be added to the blogger list! there will be up to three for each topic: health, guy, style, and entertainment.
~Can't wait to start the blog!

by The EverythingBlog on 1/23/2011 6:48:00 PM


hey does anyone know if military jackets are going to be going out of style soon? cause im looking to buy one but its a little exspensivve and i dont want to waste my money thanks if you know or have advice comment on my profile Smile

by liddywitty on 1/23/2011 5:27:59 PM

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