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6 moves to get you toned by spring break

This butt-kicking workout will get you in tip-top shape in a flash...
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ballet4ever its really not as much of a problem as u think!! its natural 2 gain weight (especially if ur so skinny) if u do dance everyday then ur most likely getting more of a workout than u think!!! just practice a lot at dance and do the excersizes they suggested!!!

by pink and purple girl on 2/25/2011 10:11:11 PM


i've always been naturally way skinny- im 5'5 and 100 pounds. im a junior in high school (16 years old) but since i started high school i've noticed that i've gained fat around my thighs, especially in the inner upper thigh area. i've been doing squats lunges etc for two weeks and it hasn't changed (i measure every day) and i've been eating less food and low-fat foods. im a dancer too, so i get a workout everyday. how can i get rid of this fat before swim suit season?!

by ballet4evr on 2/24/2011 10:45:43 PM


LANSINGROCKS u said u cant say on the same workout routine so this is what i would do:
first, when is a time u have nothing 2 do (maybe a time when u usuall watch tv or get on the computer cuz if u wanna get really fit that stuff will have 2 wait) then set a timer EVERY morning 4 that time. try not 2 change the time 2 much cuz if u stay with one time ull get used 2 it. do a normal workout routine but try not 2 work urself 2 hard. id do it 4 like 30 minutes or somewhere around that. if pushups dont seem 2 be doin anything stop doin em. i would do like sit ups or bows and toes (u get on ur 4arm and toes and hold it 4 bout a minute) or u could try a yoga or pillaties tape. trust me they are really good 4 u!!! they r also really relaxing so u dont have 2 dread workin out!! idk if u do or not but i kno i do!! follow this and drink lots of water!!!!

by pink and purple girl on 2/24/2011 5:25:59 PM


MOD!!!MOD!!!MOD!!!Ok so at the end of the year my school has a semi-formal and you have to wear a dress. I have my dress already and it hugs my tummy a little bit. I work out and i eat ok but i want to do more to lose my tummy. This week im starting a new workout plan and im not going to eat chocolate but only for special occasions. On monday, wednesday, and friday im going to do cardio and weights and on tuesday and thursday im going to do workouts off of gl and weights. Any others tips for me? Sorry so long but i need to get fit for june!!

I think thats the perfect plan! youll def lose your tummy if you keep up with it Smile my only advice is to drink lots of water! Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by polkadot2312 on 2/23/2011 10:25:20 PM


So next year Im off to high school, and i have never been in sports because of my parents. Now this year i talked to them about the dance class that they have ( its kinda like chearleading but no its dancing) and i actually convinced them!! The only problem is that I ain't like prepared for it.. In that class you have to do the splits but i cant! Ive been practicing and stretching to do them, but i really don't know how much it will take to accomplish them! Can you please help me on what work out I should do to get ready for a dance class...and what do I have to do to accomplish the splits..?
p.s I aint that flexible :\
and thanx!!!!Smile


Hey girlie. I think Yoga and Pilates would be great! It helps you become very flexible! 

Elizabeth P.

by *Adore*Me* on 2/21/2011 3:03:16 PM


hehe first wat exactly does MOD stand for?... also I'm super short and kinda chubby I try working out but it doesn't help and the people at my school are very judgemental.... Everyone's tall and skinny help!!!

Bonjour chicky! MOD is just basically means "Moderator" which is what we are. So every time you say "MOD" at the beginning of your comment, your asking one of us for advice.

As for your other situation, it's a good step to workout for it promotes a healthy body, but you also must understand the limitations of our genetics. We all wish we could be the models in the magazines and on T.V. but we must realize that our bodies are just as beautiful. Corny, I know but imagine growing up with wide hips while your mom is skinny and petite. I got my dad's side of genetics (all my aunts have wide hips) but I've learned to love them by looking at celebrities such as Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson. They are beautiful women even if they have curves. You need to do the same thing by looking at beautiful women who also have your body type such as Hilary Duff (she's only 5'1"). If you start believing you're beautiful, others around you will believe it too.

Jessica W.

by lolliblob_awrootbeer on 2/16/2011 6:24:12 AM


Modmodmodmod pls help me!
In May the 7th grade is having an outdoor Ed trip rafting on the Colorado. I'd like to get my body in shape for a tankini or bikini in time. I have a chubby belly and thighs that chafe. Any excersises that you would recommend? I swim two hours a week and do ballet for 90. I've got a food plan going on my iPod touch, I just need some excersises to get a flat tummyand thighs. Much appreciated! Xoxo

Hey girl, it sounds like you're doing a great job keeping yourself active. For specific exercises, you can check out our workout page (, but no matter what you do, it's important you build your confidence. Chances are you'd look great now too!

Alyssa B.

by Jujubug3 on 2/8/2011 9:57:34 PM


Ur face getting red means you have a strong heart. Blood pumps easily up to ur head. It's a good thing even though it's uncomfortable. I hate it!

by Jujubug3 on 2/8/2011 9:49:06 PM


hey rainbowgal14... ur face doesnt get red because ur unfit, so relax... im not exactly sure y it gets red becuase i just forgot it, but it happens to me to, so dont worry. i just go to the shade when im done running and try to cool off as fast as i can. when we go in to change back into our street clothes, my face is still pink, but the redness goes down a lot when i get cooled off. try that, and see how it goes!

by crazychicaincali on 2/2/2011 11:08:00 PM


okay so this seems good for me because i would like to get toned for track. would this workout help? my diet isn't bad. i have a few questions though...can u please answer all of them? thanks
1. if i add 30 minutes of cardio to this, is this good? 3 times a week?
2. how many times do we repeat the circuit? like the whole thing? just go though this once?
please answer soon! im running tonight!

Hey chickie,

That definitely sounds like a good plan, to use this and some cardio to prepare. To make sure, check with your track coach and ask him/her for workout tips to get you ready! Also, I would go through this workout only once. But make sure you repeat each step as many times as we indicate!

Lauren C.

by fashionista37 on 1/31/2011 4:51:21 PM

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