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Top 100 tunes of all time

From the coolest newbies to the greatest blasts from the past, these jams will never leave our playlist.
69 Comments | Add Yours

hero by enrique iglesias- tear jerker!! Marly Z.

by cd987654321 on 2/5/2011 10:42:34 PM


Hey I'm a country music freak and all my friends sort of make fun of me when I listen to my music and they get really mad at me when I listen. I hate it and wish that they could see why I like it so much. I like my music so much I don't like any other kind of music. Help! What should I do? And don't suggest trying other kinds of music, because I don't think that kind of music is appropriate and I just don't like it.

Hey chica. I'm also a big country music fan. You will just have to accept that they don't appreciate the same music as you. Lots of friends listen to different music than their other friends, so don't worry about it so much. You can talk to them about coming to some type of compromise about what to listen to when you guys are together. Maybe you guys can listen to a country song, then their fav genre, and continue to go back and forth.  
Marly Z.

by countrymusiclovermdg on 2/5/2011 9:29:06 PM


love songs by 3oh!3

by BabyGirl132457 on 2/4/2011 9:37:49 PM


I have never even heard of these guys before. :/

by 789koolme1 on 1/30/2011 9:26:31 PM


let go by frou frou is one of my faves
fallin' and beautiful are classics to me
&& this eliza doolittle chick sounds awesome Smile

muy gracias gL

by flutestar on 1/27/2011 10:38:25 PM


rockafeller skank is on just dance 2 and is a awesome song I sing it all the time! Smile

by madelynb2000 on 1/26/2011 11:36:24 AM


You should have put Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts) by Sir Mix-A-Lot in a "Self-Esteem Boosters" category.

And where is Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) by Bob Sinclar? THAT IS SO EPIC!!!

And White and Nerdy by Weird Al (parody of Ridin' Dirty).

Watch the music videos along with the songs for Baby Got Back and White and Nerdy. They rock!

by Freakout911 on 1/26/2011 6:30:09 AM


Hey, I kinda actually like some of the songs you guys chose.

by NJessicaN on 1/25/2011 11:13:35 PM


Lady Gaga Rocks!
Why did justin bieber make this list??????
My Heart Will Go On is like the best!!!!! Can play it on Piano and trumpet(sounds better on the piano=])Girl's Just Wanna have Fun deserved number 1-but at least it made the list

by titanicfanaic on 1/25/2011 10:19:16 PM


OMG is so love that Sweet Home Alabama made the list!!! such an amazing state. 2010 BCS national champs anyone?

by whunter on 1/25/2011 10:04:25 PM

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