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Tampon trouble

I got the tampon in, but now I can't get it out. Help!
59 Comments | Add Yours

MOD! MOD! MOD!mod mod mod
So I started wearing tampons yesterday, it is really hard for me to get it all the way in, like you can still see some of the white, do you need to not see any of it or what? thanks!


Hey girl! You don't want to be able to see the white. Check out these articles for extra help.  

Good luck! xo, Erin M. 

erin m.

by lnsworld3 on 3/15/2012 3:45:14 PM


I didn't really mean it like that... but it's okay. Problem solved, anyways.

by potterandthedoctor on 2/27/2012 12:40:39 PM


Do you have to sit up to insert a tampon? Haven't tried it yet, though! Just curious.


Hey girl! Try reading this article for some help! 

Colleen K.

by potterandthedoctor on 2/27/2012 10:15:32 AM


wow pretty bad lolz to that

by hello im awesome on 12/26/2011 6:42:23 PM


so I've had trouble with commenting. it never works. maybe this one will :?

by I am who I am on 12/2/2011 4:25:56 PM


MOD i was wondering if you have heard anything about u by kotex tampons. i have heard some bad things about them and i was wondering if you would reccomend then or not? thanks

Hey girlie,

I use Tampax Pearl, but I have lots of friends who use these new Kotex tampons and they love them! I've used them a couple times when I got caught off-guard by my period - didn't notice anything wrong Smile Give 'em a try or, if they make you too uncomfortable, try a different brand. It's totally up to you! 
Lauren C.

by gymgirl1998 on 9/30/2011 9:28:14 PM


I had my first cramp last november and it was really bad well after that 1st 1 I got cramps every now and then like every couple of weeks that were minor but since late june-early july and beyond i have been getting cramps alot more often and most of them are really painful its almost like i get them every day sometimes more than 1 time a day. I am 12 and weigh only 66lbs but since that first cramp ive only gained 2 lbs! wats happening? could i b getting my period soon??

Hey girl!

You should tell your mom what's been going on and ask her to make an appointment with your doctor to find out what's going on! 
Katelyn L.

by Jimena on 8/16/2011 11:36:30 AM


gross did your sis likestick her fingers up your vagina?????????? Gross

by shelbee is a star on 7/11/2011 9:22:47 AM


On Friday, I had a major mood swing and had to resist the urg to slap my teacher! Sydney litterly had to hold me back. Lol

by warriorcat4567 on 5/30/2011 8:21:32 AM


How big is the area where you're inserting the tampon?
I tried my first one earlier, but I wasn't sure what kind of an angle to put it in. So I was wondering if you have a lot of lead-way on the angling, or if it's pretty much small enough that when you get it, you'll know it.


Hey chica,

First, try a smaller tampon, such as a light tampon, which are smaller and you will have a easier time fitting it in. As for the angling, it's about a 45 degree angle and the area where the tampon goes is fairly large as the tampon is able to expand once it is in. Don't worry, tampons can be tricky and it can take some practice.


danielle D.

danielle D.

by cookiemonsterxox on 5/13/2011 1:14:27 AM

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