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4 secrets to avoid makeout mishaps

Kissing is like dancing: you have to let the boy lead. But here are a few tips that’ll take your kissing to the next level...
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Awesome. I'm hoping to get my very first kiss this year. This is TOTALLY gonna help me.

by angelicjade on 10/17/2011 4:11:56 PM


Keep it in mind. Smile

by indesicive1 on 10/16/2011 11:58:34 AM


am i the only one who has dreams about kissing and is always searching for romance novels. plaese tell me i'm not cray for wanting to be kissed so much!!!!!!!

by Saphire124 on 10/5/2011 5:17:35 PM


That's good advice. I have a boyfriend i have been with for a year and 8 months. i kiss him all the time and I fell for him when I talked to him.

by johns1stgirl on 9/24/2011 10:58:42 AM


I really like this guy, and i think he likes me back. i used to text him a lot, but now once in a while he doesnt respond. should i be worried???


Hey girlie,

Nah, this isn't a cause for concern just yet. Guys are kinda bad at keeping their phones on them all the time (or recognizing when we want a response back), so if he doesn't text back once in a while, that doesn't mean he doesn't like ya. Try to text a lil less often and see if he initiates the convo once in a while. If not, it's still no big deal. Just make sure you aren't coming on too strong by texting too often/too quickly - because that could make a guy wanna end the convo before it's even started!

Lauren C.

by ponygirl134 on 9/22/2011 7:24:20 PM


So there is this guy I REALLLY! like. And he likes me to! We always talk and tell eachother how much we like eachother. Well my friend asked him when he was going to make it official with me and he said after we go on a date to make sure he really does like me. Well we went on our date and he still hasn't asked me out even though he tells me he likes me all the time! What should I do to hint to him that I'm waiting, or wanting him to ask me to e his girlfriend. Any ideas??? Smile

by Alexis_love on 9/19/2011 11:15:20 PM


A guy told me he liked me, and I know he actually did because he kept staring at me. He would wave to me and was really shy around me. I started liking him and then he asked out this other girl who he was friends with and I recently became friends with, now they're dating. Is he just dating her to make me jealous or what?!?!? I'm really confused :/

by SiErRa <3 on 9/14/2011 3:08:36 PM


put your hand over your mouth
make a wish
post this on 10 other polls
look at your hand

by NellieJ. on 9/10/2011 12:49:25 PM


I'm going out with this boy, and I'm falling for him hard, but I don't know if I want to kiss him yet. My best friends can be really annoying when it comes to relationships, and they never leave me alone about it. If and when I kiss him, I want it to be private, and just us, but they always end up finding out anyways. What can I do to make them shut up about it?

Don't tell them Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by mcnewsted27 on 9/10/2011 12:04:33 PM


How do I tell a guy I really like him, I know he likes me too.


Since you know he likes you too, tell him when the two of you are together Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by SwimmerGirl17 on 9/10/2011 11:01:53 AM

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