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Can I make my period come faster?

I know I should wait for Mother Nature to do her thing, but I'm curious…
99 Comments | Add Yours

mod mod mod i have had discharge for a long time now for the last month i have had more discharge and cramps and bloating and moodiness and cravings will my period come soon

Hey girlie,

I can’t tell you when
your period will come because it’s different for everyone, but if you want a
pro opinion I would talk to your doc!


Meghan D.

by dustyrose on 8/29/2013 10:59:19 PM



I'm 16 & I've had my period for about two years. But I'm going on vacation with my friend and her family next week, and I'm supposed to get my period then. We're going to the beach every day, and I don't wear tamponsFrown I got it last year when we went, I don't wanna get it again! Are there any ways to make my period come faster??


Hey girl! There's no way to make it come faster, but there are ways to still have fun at the beach. You can try to avoid the water a bit or give a tampon another go. Bring a good book, some good music, and a pair a shorts. You can still have a fun-filled and relaxing vacation! Good luck!


Taeler L.

by Kenziec97 on 8/17/2013 1:35:42 AM


Hi there.
I've been gaining 4 pounds in the last two weeks, my chest is hurting, I have lots of headaches, I'm grumpy and I've been havin lots of discharge. I don't use pads because I'm a bit afraid to tell my mum.
What shall I do?
And does this mean I'm getting my period soon.
Please help me!

by fashioncupcakegirl on 8/11/2013 6:54:45 PM


trust me u do not want your period i am 8 and just got it today

by pinkcat4305 on 8/7/2013 12:28:47 AM


MOD MOD MOD i am 8 and i think i just got my first period but i can not ask to use a pad so i used toilet paper and i am going camping tomorrow what do i do



Hey girl,

You gotta ask for pads! It's not as scary as it sounds- every girl's been there. Ask your mom or older sister to pick up a package at the store for you.


Caroline C.

by pinkcat4305 on 8/7/2013 12:27:15 AM


i have gotten signs of my period like cramps and discharge headaches bloating do u think i will get my period soon



Hey girl,

Be prepared with pads and tampons in your purse and locker at school- that way you're set just in case. It'll prob be some time soon!


Caroline C.

by pinkcat4305 on 8/7/2013 12:15:11 AM


MOD MOD MOD i got a really bad stomach ache in my upper hip is it a sign of my period



Hey girl,

You might have cramps, period or non-period related. Be prepared with pads in your purse/backpack just in case.

Caroline C.

by pinkcat4305 on 8/7/2013 12:02:10 AM


Hey I have a question for you! I've had my period for awhile now but I've skipped two months. My mom was concerned and took me to the doctors but they said its normal and can be caused by stress, which I have been lately. But can you explain better? And why does this happen?


Hey girl! Your doc knows best in this situation, so I would take that suggestion over anything. But, our minds and bodies are pretty connected so if you're stressed out it could throw off your hormones a bit. No need to worry! Just take care of yourself until you're not feeling so stressed anymore! Take a walk, read a book, or drink some tea! Everything will go back to normal soon!


Taeler L.

by nats13 on 7/27/2013 2:48:19 AM


Before getting my period I had friends telling me how the everything will change, how I would not be able to resist guys, how my body would control everything, how I would need to eat and crave food at certain times. They tried to scare me and while some of it is kind of true some of it isnt. There are good things on not getting it too early too, so I wouldnt rush it. We do have certain cravings for foods and sort of for guys or we look at them differently then before our period. I guess its part of growing up. Best thing is that you cant get pregnant if you slip up and make a mistake with a guy but things do kind of change after getting it.

by fashionqn on 7/15/2013 3:54:05 PM



I'm 14 years old im about 5'1 i way around 90 pounds. I've only gotten my period twice but it was irregular. It was first in December (so i was still 13) and then in April (two days before i turned 14). My doctor thinks i need to gain weight and thats why my period is irregular, but i thought all periods were irregular at first. I'm trying to gain weight but its hard because i have a high metabolism and i do around 16-18 hours of dance a week. Is it normal that my period is irregular? Do you think it has to do with me weight?



Hey! I think if that's what your doctor recommended, then gaining weight is the right thing to do. maybe ask your doctor for tips on how to gain even with your active schedule. Good luck! 

Helen S.

by livelovedancesjda on 7/12/2013 11:51:55 PM

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