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Can I make my period come faster?

I know I should wait for Mother Nature to do her thing, but I'm curious…
99 Comments | Add Yours

um i have been getting clear discharge that dries yellow for about a year now...and my boobs have been getting bigger for 2 years now...i get really bad pains in my lower stomache for like 5 minutes then they go away then they come back...i get really tired in the day this my period? and when do you think it will start?
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't call it a period until there is an actual flow and no one can say when it will start, but it sounds like it's on it's way Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by tatolover54 on 8/5/2011 10:28:39 PM


hey i've had times when both me and my mom thought my period was here. i got all crampy i felt bloated i got major headaches i was always cold and extremely moody then i would go to bed and in the morning everything was fine. whats wrong with me please hepl!!

by cherice2733 on 7/19/2011 7:25:57 PM


Hey need advice gurlies? Then come to my advice queen page where your problems are solved!! So come for different types of advice!! I HEART YOU!!

by daniellestyle on 6/15/2011 2:28:08 PM


MOD- I feel stupid asking but what is bloating anyway? I'm so glad I can ask online instead of having to talk to somebody!

Hey girl,

      Of course, you can ask us anything! Smile Bloating occurs when pressure builds up in your abdomen and causes some discomfort.  It happens sometimes during menstruation, but drinking lots of water can help to prevent it. Hope that helps! x0x0

Casey L.

by emma23416 on 6/7/2011 3:58:30 PM


hey GL! I thought I was getting my period soon, but apparently, it hasn't come. Is there something wrong, because I got this thick clear stuff, nd it looked like spit, but I just went back to normal. When is the average age to get your period? Please answer! <3

by queenra on 6/5/2011 10:01:24 PM


I'm 12 and I think I'm getting signs that my period is going to come soon. I'm very moody, I have headaches a lot, I have stomach pains, I get this clear, sticky discharge-type stuff in my underwear, I've been growing hair everywhere, and my breasts are sore sometimes. Do these signs mean I'll be getting my period soon? Thanks Laughing <3

Hey Girl,

Those all sound like pretty good signs that it might be on it's way. Check out this article to learn more about what to look for and how to prepare:
Kelly H.

by Yuliya V. on 5/31/2011 9:48:26 AM


All girls are different. Some (like me) crave the moment when they find blood in their panties. Others wish want to stay a child forever so they can not have cramps, PMS, and headaches. Frankly I want my period.

by warriorcat4567 on 5/30/2011 7:28:44 PM


i feel ya girl, i want period to just come already


by maki lover on 5/15/2011 6:03:41 PM


Um, I have a question, It's a little awkward. I've been have discharge for around 2 years. And I started using panty liners, but panty liners are besides the point. But I had a bladder infection when I was 5 and had to get surgery, so I'm thinking that that has something to do with it. My mom is saying that if I have discharge, than I will get my period soon. I really don't think it's coming. She's a skin doctor and I know that she's probably right, but I really don't think it's coming. Do you think that when I had surgery, it did something?

Hey girlie. I'm going to agree with your mom. I'm sure it's coming since you have discharge. Sometimes it just takes awhile. You'll get your period, don't worry! 
Marly Z.

by sassygirlh20b on 4/18/2011 6:54:04 PM


I'm eleven, and I keep on getting sighns of my period. I'm getting cramps all the time and I've been moody. My chest sometimes hurts too. I just stopped getting the clear and white stuff. Does that mean my period is coming soon? Thx! Smile

Bonjour chicky! Yep, your period is on its way! Just make sure to carry a pad with you at all times so that you are prepared.

Jessica W.

by queenra on 4/5/2011 12:42:08 PM

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