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7 HOURS AGO Hey, West Coast! @rowblanchard + @parisberelc's #InvisibleSister on @DisneyChannel debuts in just 30mins! Who's watching? 👯👤✨💞

9 HOURS AGO Sip this! GL's tasty tea guide to get you through fall:

11 HOURS AGO Will you read the new gender-flipped #Twilight? Still can't get over it:


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Should I share my pain?

A new medication knocked out the chronic pain in my hips, but now its back, and I’m afraid to tell my 'rents…
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MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!! I asked this boy out, he's like a really really good friend. but I find it too weird that I'm dating first I tried to ignore it but noe I have a crush on a differnet boy in the class, how do I tell my friend that I'm not all that into him anymore? that LAST thing I wanna do is hurt him!

Hey girlie! We have the perfect article for your situation right here:

Jessica W.

by polkadotzrool on 2/2/2011 11:04:29 AM

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