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Will waxing wreak havoc on my arms?

I've got a lot of dark hair on my arms. I'd like to get them waxed…
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I want to wax my arms but, would it look weird or really stupid to not have hair on your arms??

Hey girl,

Some people do wax their arms, but it may look really unnatural if you do it.  You could ask your parents if you can bleach them with a hair bleaching cream (have mom and dad help) because that will lighten the hairs and make them less noticeable. x0x0 
Casey L.

by krazykotabug on 6/23/2011 11:30:10 AM


I want to curl my hair for a dance coming up at my school. Even though it's only one night, I don't want to ruin my hair for that one night. Do you have any methods of curling that wouldn't damage my hair?

Hey girlie. One night won't damage your hair! I promise! 
Elizabeth P.

by Emilicious on 2/19/2011 12:17:38 AM


MOD!!! How can I get noticed by boys? I don't have a problem with flirting, but I can't get a guy to actualy speak to me, or look at me. I'm homeschooled, but I do sport at the local highshool. I'm constanly surrounded by guys, but none of them even look at me!!! I dont have bad breath, or body odour, and my friends say that I'm pretty, and I beleve them, but the boys just dont speak to me! Help!!

Hey chica! There's definitely nothing wrong with you- guys are shy! Try going up to them to initiate conversation! 
Marly Z.

by hipieflowergirl on 2/10/2011 9:23:15 AM


Mod mod mod okaySo I wanted to know, does hair removal cream remove hair from the root? And how long does you skin stay hair free? Okay thanks!!!!


Hey girlie! Most products only remove what's above the skin, so it will grow back in a few weeks. Each product is different, though, so make sure you read up on them and find what works best for you!

Clare W.

by ankitsa124 on 2/8/2011 1:26:34 AM


Hey guys I have a question but I don't know how to post it on here. So can u post the answer on my account profile?
My question is:
Hair tips!! Anyone got tips to doing hair? My hair doesn't
like ot coooperate w/ me!

by checkitout on 2/4/2011 5:28:16 PM


My mom won't let me wax...or use hair removal creams/lotions/sprays...only shave, which ends up hurting me cause I'm clumsy...

by Kalikat on 2/4/2011 2:08:53 AM


there is this boy (dont you love when it starts like that? haha) and he has been madly in love with me for 2 years... he is a great friend. but it seems like every time he "stops" liking me i fall for him a little more, he just acts so much different and he is way more comfortable around me when he doesnt like me. Then it ends, like it always does, and he goes back to his liking. It doesn't bug me that much but he gets all clammed up and is super awkward now... i feel like I'm trapped in a horrid teen romance book. How can I make him less awkward?!

by ellers167 on 2/4/2011 1:04:53 AM


Wouldn't it just be easier to use one of those hair removal creams rater than waxing, in this case?

by acpowers on 2/3/2011 10:35:51 PM


Hey, girls! Do you need advice? Well, I give advice on everything:
Dealing with mean girls
Money making ideas
Gift ideas
Serious issues
Body issues
Eating right
Tough stuff
And anything else you can think of! And if I can't answer your question, I'll try to point you to someone who can. So if you need help now, leave a comment on my profile. I promise to get back to you ASAP. And I come on GL usually at least once a day, so I'll get back to you pretty soon.

by dogloverjc222 on 2/3/2011 8:10:24 PM


cool ima do this... i kno it will hurt but oh well beauty is pain! Laughing

by zany94 on 2/3/2011 11:04:10 AM

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