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6 moves to get in shape with your BFF

Working out with a bud totally ups the fun-factor!
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MOD MOD MOD How do i lose my thick muscely legs for stick thin swimsuit legs? I do a lot of sports too. m



Hey girly girl! I would try pilates. Pilates is known for sculpting long, lean muscles Smile


Becca G.

by maggiemay1703 on 2/13/2011 5:49:19 PM


MOD MOD MOD i was wondering if you had any ideas about this, I have really muscelly legs, how do i male them les muscel, and more skinny? btw I do swim team and run a lot thx-mm1703



Hey chica! I would try pilates. It's known to make long, lean bodies Smile


Becca G.

by maggiemay1703 on 2/13/2011 5:44:50 PM


Hey Chickas!
Need help with workouts? Well a good tip is to do 50 sit-ups every night before you crash in your bed. It's alot of work but it'll make your tummy nice and flat by summer so you can fit in that so-cute bikini!!!

(need other advice on just about anything? message me!!!!)

by ForverAndAlways<3 on 2/5/2011 5:49:01 PM


Well, as you know Spring Break and Summer are comming up shortly. I was wondering if there were any type of exercises or rountines to do to get a little bit of jiggle of my belly for when im at the beach. Smile
Thanks for the help.

Hey girlie, there are tons of exercises at this link try it out 
Paige T.

by neverfalloutbride on 2/5/2011 1:58:02 AM


Mod mod mod!!
My friend is always complaining about how fat she is. She only wears baggy clothes and doesn't wanna go to the big school dance with me because she's too fat to wear the cute top i helped her pick out. I am trying to help her lose weight but she always says she can't work out and at lunch I always catch her sneaking sweets. I want to help my friend but she won't let me. What can i do?


Hey girlie. Try sitting down with your friend and talking about her goals with losing weight. Then tell her that all of her goals can become realities if she trusts you and works out with you. Try inspiring her to being healthy rather than coming down on her for not listening to you. You can do it and so can she!

Elizabeth P.

by shyningstar on 2/5/2011 12:14:47 AM


k so i like this guy. i heard last yr that he was gonna ask me out, but he never did. Some1 then said he only wanted to go out with me bc he was lonely. he's on the track and cross-country team and so am i so i c him after school sometimes but we don't talk. Shud i tell some1 to spread the word that i like him, but i don't want to creep him out if he doesn't like me, or should i just drop subtle hints?


Hey girlie. I think you should take things slowly. Go up and talk to him first. How do you know if you like him if you two never talk? Get to know him first before declaring your love! Take things slow. Trust me--it will be better in the end.

Elizabeth P.

by bananoelle on 2/4/2011 11:50:44 PM


I just found out my account expired and thats why i havent gotten the hundreth issue. if i renew it right now can i still get the issue??? if not what stores is it sold in???


hey girlie. Just have your mom call and renew it and you will get the newest issue!

Elizabeth P.

by swim_chick101 on 2/4/2011 10:43:30 PM


Mod Mod Mod
Hello! I have a question. I had anorexia for 2 years, but have been cured for over a year now Smile I want to get in shape and rebuild the muscle that I lost. How do I convince my mom to let me go jogging and working out every once in a while?


Hey girlie. That's awesome! Good for you. I think you should ask your mom to take you to the doctor so you all can plan a workout routine that everyone feels comfortable with. 

Elizabeth P.

by Laceyn on 2/4/2011 9:54:24 PM


me and my friend just started this!

by jcjanexoxo on 2/4/2011 6:55:12 PM


Cool! If anyone needs advice on anything I would LOVE to help out!

by topchef88 on 2/4/2011 4:58:21 PM

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