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BFF trauma: How can I help her?

MY BFF was raped and kicked out of her house. I feel like nothing I can do will help her...
120 Comments | Add Yours

I agree with your Danerka. She didn't have to kill the baby. The girl didn't asked to get raped and the baby didn't ask to be created. It didn't have a choice. Getting an abortion doesn't make you un-pregnant, it only makes you the mother of a dead baby.

by mschultz8 on 3/31/2012 5:24:17 PM


Yes, it is horrible that she was raped-disgusting. The father should be charged so that she won't be scarred. As for the parents, they need to realize that she was the victim of something horrible and that she was innocent. About abortion: It is wrong, no matter what some people think. She didn't have to keep the baby, but she didn't have to kill it. She can give it up for adoption so that it will live a happy life and the family it lives with will have the great time of being with it.
Here are some questions:
Do you think murdering a bay is right?
Some people say it isn't alive, but it has a heartbeat within a month. What do you think about that?
What if you were adopted, but your parents had the choice to abort? What if your best friend was adopted? You you want them dead instead?
I feel VERY sorry for that girl. And, where did it say she was twelve?

by Danerka on 3/2/2012 4:53:36 PM


I dont care what you guys think about, but she made the right choice getting an abortion, bcuz she is only 12. As for her parents kicking her out of the house, what total idiots!!! It wasnt her fault she got raped theres not much you can do when your only 12! As for you, i really think you made the right choice letting her stay at your house. oh and btw, i am christian and i think abortion is wrong but when your 12 its okay cuz u could die from giving birth 2 a child. best of luck!

by shellyjelly on 1/31/2012 8:45:56 PM


WOW! that's so sad! i respect her choice but it's till very sad. i mean after what she has gone threw then kicked out?

by izzygirl13 on 1/27/2012 5:45:58 PM


oh my gosh!!!! this is so terrible. if i were her i would get the abortion, because being a teen mother is just awful-sounding. i feel really bad for her.

i mean-



that is horrible! if i had superpowers i would kill the guy who raped her and then . . . . um, i don't know what else i would do. oh- i got it.

give your friend a big hug and tell her that everything will be OK!

by 7200wolfgirl7200 on 11/6/2011 11:34:44 AM


OMG!!! Please don't let her get an abortion!! I go to a Catholic school, and I have to do a pro-life essay this year. After reading about the horrible things that abortion can do and may cause, you realy shouldn't let her!! It can cause trauma for the mother, because you see the baby die on an xray, and then have to give birth to it. She will SEE THE BABy DEAD before it's THROWN IN THE TRASH-- litterally, I'm not kidding. The aborted baby is thrown in a trash bin for the garbage man to pick up. And if she does, she has six times the chance of commiting suicide than if she has the baby and gives it up for adoption. And, she can still keep in touch with the kid and his/her new mom/dad. PLEASE DON'T LET HER ABORT THE BABY!!!!!

by emathmind98 on 10/15/2011 3:15:47 PM


I need helpppp any advice from any1? My friend already goes to counseling and she has considered suicide and I tolls the Conde our and now she's going out with my ex bf I knew they were good friends but I'm still not over him u kno?? And so we got In a fight and she threatened and I told her not to talk to me because she was scarring me help!!!! What do I do

by tigerlily12 on 10/8/2011 12:35:07 AM


Hey Girls need advice??? Come on over to my club It's a Girl's Thing!!!! We answer questions that have to do with...
~The tough things (bullying, pregnant, addictions, abuse, dealing with changes, sexuality)
~Puberty (periods, hormones, experimentation)
~Self Esteem
I hope to hear from you soon!!!!
<3 Jamie

by proarchergal42 on 10/7/2011 8:14:49 PM


mod mod mod
Well me and my twin are good athletes... And my best friend who I have had for a long time let's call her c... Our other best friend who we've had "close" for about a year let's call her r... And we had volleyball tryouts and we were definately sure that me and my twin would make the "a" team... And we were thinking that c would make it too but we were worried about r... And actually it turns out that r and my twin and I made it and not c!!! So how will we talk abot the volleyball team when she is on the "b" team... I mean sure c is with our other friends but what will we absolutely do??? And of course we are soooo happy for r but so sad for c!!!Frown help!!!

Hey girlie,

At least she's playing! When you talk about volleyball, try not to make it all about the A team. Ask HER how her practices and games have been going. Ask her if she's worried about her next game against your rival team, if she's gotten to know anyone cool on her team, and how she likes the coach. Just make sure you're totally interested in her experiences on the B team and, over time, this will smooth over! Smile
Lauren C.

by Danielle:)3 on 8/26/2011 8:52:00 PM


I keep on trying to "break-up" with my friend, because I know it's best, but she'll walk up to me and just start talking like nothings wrong!! I keep on gettig drawn into talking to her! But I don't want to!! She called me a brat, said i don't listen to her, told me I should leave school, and is a complete jerk! HELP!!

Hi Sweetie,

It seems like your friend isn't taking you seriously -- that said, it seems like she still wants to be friends and might be willing to change her bratty behavior. A simple, "we should talk" could set a a tone for discussion, and you two can work things out.

Sarah G.

by celtina9 on 8/15/2011 1:16:53 PM

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