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Pick better-for-ya V-Day desserts

Whether you're single or coupled up, Valentine's Day is bound to make you seriously crave some sweets...
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This article made me get up and eat a piece of dark chocolate Tong I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE

by kayla9 on 2/12/2012 3:16:03 PM


I love chocolate with strawberries and whip cream!

by SkYen11 on 2/9/2012 10:01:06 PM


i love chocolate with fruit and pretzels!!

by divasa on 2/20/2011 5:15:24 PM


I like eating chocolate with fruit! I wouder how beets in a cake tastes? I have tried avocado sorbet before, and it actually was good. Tong

by Catlover4723 on 2/14/2011 11:14:31 PM


MOD MOD I have muffin top except it's around my sides. Any tips on how to get rid of it?


Hey girl, Well, before you try any kind of weight loss plan, it's crucial you talk to your doc.  But know this:  a "muffin top" usually just means your clothes aren't doin' ya justice - it might be time for a shopping trip!  Smile

Marie H.

by SummerButterflies on 2/14/2011 10:22:14 PM


We can eat some chocolate every once in a while, can't we??

by lilgirlkt on 2/14/2011 4:39:04 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD! Please help! Smile
So my cousin has a baby, and he is almost one. I have been dying to babysit him. I am old enough and responsible. I just don't know how to ask her. I don't want her to think that I am just looking for money/business. I want to do it just for fun, for free. How could I ask about it?

Hey girlie, just say you were looking to spend some more time with your cousin and the baby  
Paige T.

by makeupx3 on 2/14/2011 12:07:04 AM


Hey, girls! Do you need advice? Well, I give advice on everything:
Dealing with mean girls
Money making ideas
Gift ideas
Serious issues
Body issues
Eating right
Tough stuff
And anything else you can think of! And if I can't answer your question, I'll try to point you to someone who can. So if you need help now, leave a comment on my profile. I promise to get back to you ASAP. And I come on GL usually at least once a day, so I'll get back to you pretty soon.

by supersingershannon on 2/13/2011 8:25:55 PM


i loooove chocolate, especially dark chocolate! but every piece of chocolate i eat, i get bumps or a pimple on my face :/

by DanceFreak99 on 2/13/2011 6:55:57 PM


Mod mod mod please answer!! Ok so I have this little red bump.... down there. I don't know what it is. It's def not a STD cuz I'm a virgin. I did a little research and I think it's an ingrown hair or just irratation from wearing pads. What should I do? I don't really want to tell my mom cuz it's really awkward. Thanks in advance and sorry if this is weird



Hey girly! It sounds like it's most likely an ingrown hair, which is super common, and not weird at all! Check out these tips for getting rid of it Smile




Becca G.

by Declaration on 2/13/2011 6:26:59 PM

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