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12 brilliant birthday gifts under $12

We’ve got a dozen fabulous gifts you can find in stores and online, and all for $12 and under...
35 Comments | Add Yours

ok so next week is my bffs birthdaay and i dont know what to geet her! all theses ideas are small and tiny and rlly something not special for a birthday so it kindaa doesnt help much so anny other ideas? please no scrapbooks etc. i rlly waant to buy her something cheap-y and cute/nice. pleeease heelp! (: thaanks!.

Hey! how about a book or cd she likes? 
Helen S.

by ashton062698 on 5/14/2011 9:41:04 PM


I just saw this article and remembered that I forgot to get one of my bffs a birthday gift. She gave me a great gift and I feel bad. Her birthday was like 3 weeks ago and I told her the week of her birthday that id get her a gift. Should I still get her one?

hey! sure if you want to Smile 
Helen S.

by bff61 on 4/8/2011 7:17:43 PM


forget about prezzies for other people...these are some for meSmile

by kata8888 on 3/4/2011 5:10:24 PM


help i have ...well puffy hair, well i got a new hair cut and now it looks horribie my mom won't let me use a straithening iron any body know another way to make it straight?

by littlemissemo on 2/28/2011 3:55:11 PM


Hey, girlies! Do you need advice on:
- boys
- breakups
- rejection
- guys
- friends
- making friends
- bullies
- popularity
- parties/party ideas
- dealing with parents
- family
- fights
- sadness
- depression
- feelings
- health
- sports/fitness
- healthy meal ideas
- crafts
- gift ideas
- boredom busters
- skin
- nails
- makeup
- hair
- style
- puberty
- school
- stress
- drama
- room decoration
- oraganizing
and anything else you can think of! I LOVE to give advice so just tell me what you need advice on! No question is weird (promise!)
I'm on GL very often so check my profile I will post an answer ASAP

by pinkypi26 on 2/25/2011 12:14:40 PM


We have to wear polos to school and I'm trying to find ways to spice up what I wear to school. Any ideas?

Bonjour chicky! How trying to wear a nice hair accessory such as these: You can also dress up that polo with a cute skirt, some knee high socks and a pair of fabulous shoes.

Jessica W.

by yah12 on 2/21/2011 1:39:36 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD! Or anybody! Just go to my page and answer!
Okay, and don't tell me it comes natural! Please! I really like this guy, and Hes already made out, or french kissed (whatever you want to call it) before. So, tell me what to do and how to move my lips and tounge! Please be delatilish! and if you can answer this right on myt page or something!! HELP!

by clairee.* on 2/20/2011 11:52:22 PM


MODMODMOD k so ppl said this guy was gonna ask me out last yr, but he never did. someone said he only wanted to go out with me bcus he was lonely.I didnt like him at the time, but now i think hes really cute...he runs crosscountry and track and i am a runner too, so i c him quite a bit, but i dont kno how to talk to him. lik i dont kno him at all, never talked to him. also, whenever we pass in the hallway, he stiffens and puts his shoulders back. do u think he ever did like me? and if he did, does he, still?



Hey girly girl! It's tough to say if he likes you, but I'd start talking to him! That would definately give you a better idea Smile


Becca G.

by bananoelle on 2/20/2011 8:34:24 PM


**MOD** Well my question was: How do you tell if you like a guy?? Cuz I feel like I might like multiple guys at different times. What do I do?? Thanks! ♥ XOXO~Courtney <333333



Hey girly! You'll know if you like a guy because you'll feel different about him, in a good way, than other guys. You'll find yourself thinking about him when he's not around. And, you might even get nervous, or feel weird when he's around. And, it's totally ok to like multiple guys. After all, that's the only way you'll find the one guy who's worth it Smile


Becca G.

by cmn5297 on 2/20/2011 7:00:25 PM


I'm not really a girly girl, but I am looking to step up my wardrobe. Any ideas of stores where I could shop to look nicer. I'm not the skinniest girl around, but I would still like to. Please help!

hey! you should check out delia's and h&m 
Helen S.

by Scooby239 on 2/20/2011 4:20:25 PM

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