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I'd like to try modeling, but my mom won't consider it

I really want to give it a shot, but I don’t know how to bring it up…
15 Comments | Add Yours

Your right looks are a HUGE part of modeling but just because your fit the physical sandards doesn't mean you fit the menal. You need to have great selfesteem and confidence. You will constantly be critisized over the smallest things. Sometimes different people will tell you the exact oposit things! I was asked to come meet and agent in my city. I'm excited! If you guys have any questions about it I know quite abit about th fashion industry! I will be glad to answer anyone questions! Smile

Some of my favorite models are chanel iman, karlie kloss, lindsey wixson, arlenis sosa, candice swanepoel, and heirith paul! Smile any Q's just ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

by Dancing Diva on 8/22/2011 12:59:21 AM


MOD~ I really want to be a model but the thing is that I'm not sure how to even get started with it! And, even worse, how to ask my mom and talk about it with her! Can you help me with anything? Thanks so much! You guys rock!

Hey girlie. Just bring it up with her one day. Tell her that you are really interested in modeling and see what she says. To start out, you have to get approved with a company. Then, normally, they help you get modeling jobs.  
Marly Z.

by X-MasBabey97 on 3/14/2011 6:01:50 PM


My dad is a photographer (u can visit his site it's but don't tell him i told u!) anyway, ithink this girl should do it.... she needs to tell her mom "mom im gonna do this if u like it or not" end of story

by pinklol56 on 2/26/2011 11:12:48 AM


hey holliesuxx, i have no experience in the modeling world, but in any realistic book about a model it totally backs up what u said, good luck!!

by jewels96 on 2/26/2011 12:09:20 AM


My grandma and one of my mom's friends want me to model, but I'm not so sure about it. It seems like a slightly conceited job in my opinion; almost as if you only have your looks to carry you through life, but then again, the world needs the models, haha! And I've heard that they consistently put you down..... doesn't sound that great.....

by lilgirlkt on 2/25/2011 11:31:10 PM


Oh holliesuxx if you are really telling the truth PLEASE HELP ME OUT. I wanted to comment on your profile but it seems i can't for some reason. I've been trying to get into modeling forever now and i just need help on WHERE TO START. Please if you cant comment back. Maybe i can give you my email of something and see if i can get some helpful tips on where to even begin, and how did you begin. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HOLLIESUXX IF YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH PLEASE HELP! thank you Laughing

by Jeana G on 2/25/2011 10:17:09 PM


@holliesuxx i know what you mean i model too and everyone thinks that you just need a pretty face to model but it's so much more then that. I totally agree with you about winter and summer shoots but hey like u said at the end it's really fun

by ms.jadensmith on 2/25/2011 10:13:04 PM


mod mod
So i want to be a singer/acteress but i do not know how to tell my mom and her respecting that is what i would like to purso for a while.
and do you know any websites that let me creat music for free MOM PLEASE ANWESER


Hey girlie. I think you should just be honest with your mom. Sit down and explain to her why you want to pursue acting.

Elizabeth P.

by msawesome on 2/25/2011 9:15:13 PM


I always wanted to be a model, but BIG SHOCKER. YOU HAVE TO BE PRETTY TO MODEL. And skinny. Too bad for me XD

by CupCakers3 on 2/25/2011 7:10:29 PM


I want despratley to model.

by peacelovejesus on 2/25/2011 6:58:27 PM

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