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Spring break period probs

What should I do if I get my period during break? I’m going to the beach!
52 Comments | Add Yours

Hey Smile
i'v jus got my first period in the end of march gone buy Everything went well Laughing but i didnt get my period in april :/ its may now ? is tat normal to happen ? (i didnt do ''anything'' for my periods to stop either)
Also i'v another question- How many pads sould i go through a day ? im not really good at all dis stuff Tong Please Answer Laughing Thank youu Smile)

by breakmybones on 5/8/2011 4:07:27 PM


MOD!!!MOD!! I just got my period and its close to summertime and pools opening and i don't want to wear a tampon what else can you wear other than a tampon


Don't worry, wear a panty liner in your swimsuit (more discreet than pads) and
just so you know when you're fully submerged in water your flow often slows or
stops. But wear something anyway just to be safe Smile Good luck!
Helen S.

by 4everfanofJB on 4/23/2011 4:10:58 PM


MOD MOD MOD: I'm going on a field trip on the day I get my period. I have a SUPER heavy flow and I need to change my pad ever 3-4 hours but we are going to be gone for way longer then that on a wilderness trip with no bathrooms...what should I do? Overnight pads won't last me more than 8 hours and we are going to be gone for 13. Please help.



Hey girly girl! If you can, I'd bring some tampons along. But, you can only leave those on for 8 hours or less too. I'd make sure to load up on pads.... normally I wouldn't recommend this, but maybe double up on two overnight pads at once. And, wear layers of dark clothing, rather than something like light jeans. 


Becca G.

by Aquarius1998 on 4/17/2011 10:29:26 PM


my mom never used a tampon, she told me!

by temani on 4/12/2011 5:50:54 PM


OK, so can u get ur period when ur sleeping? Also can u get a yeast infection from the adhesive and recycled material on always pads? i read about it on google and want to no if it is true. If it is what should i do? Thank u so much for ur help. UR AWESOME!!Smile

Hey babe,

Yep, you can get your period at any time during the day! All sorts of things can trigger yeast infections, including certain panty materials and even some pads. But no worries, using pads doesn't mean you will definitely get yeast infections - just remember to change them at regular intervals and to keep yourself clean and dry "down there" whenever you can. That means regular showers and some "freshening up" when you think it's necessary. This way, you avoid any kind of yeast infection that might pop up Smile 
Lauren C.

by HorseluverHaley on 4/11/2011 9:52:12 PM


MOD MOD MOD: Okay i started my period dec. 2010 and summers coming up and when i asked my mom about tampons shes just like they will hurt but she doesnt know but i already put one in at a friends house but i dont know how to tell her that i put one in without her knowing and i dont think that she will let me use them, and also im afraid if i put them in to much i will get tss HELP!!

Hey girlie. I've worn tampons since I started and nothing bad has ever happened to me. I think you will be fine. Just tell her that you want to start using them, especially because summer is coming up- and they're perf for bathing suits. Then, you could just say that you've already practiced putting one in and it didn't hurt you. If it hurts, it's because the tampon isn't pushed far enough in.  
Marly Z.

by Kissible on 4/11/2011 5:42:54 PM


I am so afraid to use a tampon. People tell me that it hurts to put one in! I am going to the beach soon, and I am afraid my period will come, since it is so irregular these days. Does it really hurt?

Hey girlie. It only hurts when you don't push it in far enough. That usually is what happens the first couple times until you get used to using them. After the top of the applicator is inserted, push the up the bottom of the applicator to insert the tampon. If it feels uncomfortable, use your hands to actually push the tampon in further. Good luck!
Marly Z.

by xlovelovelove13 on 4/8/2011 4:38:46 PM


If you have a lot of hair just trim it, I wouldnt shave down there unless you want to but a lot of people wait until they are 12 or 13 to start shaving. Best thing is just to talk to your mom because she probably has good advice about what you should do.

by luckykel on 4/3/2011 12:25:40 AM


Hye Guys, Im in a toughie. Im 11. Im going on spring breakk and i havent gotten my period either but im scared i will at school or on spring break. I have a lot of hairr yaa know downss there Frown. I dont know what to do. HELPP!

by jaxson3 on 3/30/2011 3:27:55 PM


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