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Freaked about flying for the first time? Here's how to deal

My fam is going to Orlando for spring break and I don't know what to expect or what to pack. Help!
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MOD MOD MOD!! PLEASE HELP ME! i have a huge dilemma! okay so i really wanna start gymnastics! one problem: im tall(5'2") and im 11. i also am not flexible and i cant do anything but a cartwheel, a roundoff, and i can do a front walkover(a little messy and i cant stand up from it). i told my parents but my mom said im too tall to start. im really sad because ive always wanted to be a gymnast!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Hey girlie,

Let your mom know that it's something you are really passionate about and see if she can get more information for you on how you can get started.  If it's right for your body and your age to get started, I'm sure it can work out!

Ruth S.

by laughlots on 3/19/2011 9:52:25 PM


I am going to Germany in a week! I am soo excited!!! How can I make it easier to wait? Also, its going to be a 12 hour flight, and we have to wait in San Fransisco for 3 hours! What should I do on the plane to pass time? (Im VERY impatient Laughing)

Hey girlie. That's so awesome that you're going to Germany. Try to pass your time with other things- reading, hanging out with friends, listening to music etc. On the plane, bring an issue of GL to pass the time! Also, they will probably have movies playing on the plane since it's such a long flight, so you can watch them. Remember to take lots of pictures when you're there and have fun! 
Marly Z.

by eemmais on 3/14/2011 6:27:06 PM


TRUST ME. There is NOTHING to be afraid of. The worst thing about flying is that (for me) it takes FOrEveR to get where im supposed to go. SO just bring stuff to entertain yourself and you'll be perfectly fine!!!

by goldfish123 on 3/14/2011 12:45:59 AM


Hey, girls! Do you need advice? Well, I give advice on everything:
Dealing with mean girls
Money making ideas
Gift ideas
Serious issues
Body issues
Eating right
Tough stuff
And anything else you can think of! And if I can't answer your question, I'll try to point you to someone who can. So if you need help now, leave a comment on my profile. I promise to get back to you ASAP. And I come on GL usually at least once a day, so I'll get back to you pretty soon.

by supersingershannon on 3/13/2011 10:33:31 PM


When we went to Orlando,in November, it was hott. so i would pack for any kind of weather. sometimes it would be hot, other times cold. Have fun, especially at Universal Studios

by Prep4Life on 3/13/2011 5:54:30 PM


A couple years ago, my family and I flew to Europe. The flight felt like forever but I brought a bunch of stuff to entertain myself (2 books, i-pod, string for bracelets, etc). You'll be fine girly!

by pumpkinerin on 3/13/2011 1:19:57 PM


Sometimes I feel like such a social outcast. Like everyone else can have fun and socialize, but it's really hard for me. If I try to strike up a conversation, people usually neglect what I have to say. Like in school, I just find it hard to open up and say something because I always feel I'm going to be ignored. I also feel that it seems like it's okay for everyone else to do whatever they want, but if I act " out there" people are going to think I'm a bigger freak. I'm a junior in high school, but I really don't want this to continue on. I want to have a good time and actually enjoy going to school. It's annoying because I'm such a fun, spontaneous person at home, but when it comes to school, I shut down.

Hey girl,

School can be an intimidating place sometimes because it's unfamiliar, unlike home. Sometimes, it helps to give yourself daily challenges - tell yourself to speak up at the lunch table today, or ask your friends about that movie you heard about, etc. Each day you accomplish your goal, you'll feel more confident and you'll prove to yourself that it is TOTALLY ok to say what you think Smile 
Lauren C.

by orangeslice on 3/13/2011 1:11:04 PM


I feel unwanted in my family. My 5 year old sister Cianna is a pageant girl. I'm 12 and I want to be a pageant girl but my Mom says I'm to old. I feel unliked. What should I do? Please help!

Hey girlie,

You should find out what you're good at and invest time in that!  You don't have to be a pageant girl to get your parent's attention.  If you're good at sports or art (painting, singing, dancing...) then see how you can get involved in those areas and ask your parents to support you in your hobbies.  Just let your parents know how much you would appreciate it if they supported you and spent time with you too Smile

Ruth S.

by JBfan97 on 3/12/2011 10:39:56 PM


so my grandma died today and im pretty shook up by it. I really need someone to help me through it. if you have any ideas on books, movies, activities to keep my mind off of it that would mean alot to me. or if you have lost someone close you you recently maybe we could talk? thank you! comment on my profile! I get on GL at least 2 times a day!

by loveforever21 on 3/12/2011 8:29:09 PM


Plus, put your toiletries and stuff in a clear ziploc plastic bag. If it spills, you won't have a big mess to clean up.

by monkeygal22 on 3/12/2011 7:27:41 PM

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