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Secrets to land a gorgeous faux glow

Here are a few secrets to getting a believable fake tan, without leaving your house.
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Mod Mod Mod!
I have a tan and blonde hair and my arms are very hairy and they show up so much because the hair on my arms is light blonde and sticks out in different directions! Help me

Hey girlie -- I'm not sure there is much you can do : \ 

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by fifigirl25 on 4/22/2011 8:31:57 PM


ASK AWAY! I won't deny any question and i will give it my best shot no matter what! Or if your just wanna talk, im here! Just comment on my profile and I will gladly answer it and then i will post you answer on your own profile, if its private IL post it on mine, but i rather it be on yours!!****

by x8beth8x on 3/29/2011 2:26:00 PM


I was experimenting with make up the other day and I found out if you don't want to use a bronzer just find an eyeshadow or powder foundation one shade darker that yours and mix it on the back of your hand with a light lotion it works just as well and is cheaper Smile

by coolgirl25 on 3/24/2011 2:37:24 PM


MOD MOD MOD Im super fair with tons and tons of freckles. I dont tan but my legs are splotchy and sometimes look blue from my veins. What products do u suggest that won't make it obvious that my tan is fake.



Hey chickadee! You could always use tinted Jergens lotion for fair skin... it'll give you a natural tan that will develop over a few days. And, it won't be drastic Smile


Becca G.

by kenna_luvs_soccer on 3/20/2011 7:15:36 PM


this is a cool article but my skin color is already that tan lol.

by Dancing Queen 14 on 3/20/2011 7:05:55 PM


Hey gals! Need advice, in a bad mood and need some serious pick-me ups? Stop by Color, Smile, Happiness! A club made for girls by girls! Smile Make new friends, be yourself, and most of all have fun! Every week there will be a new topic to talk about so it never gets boring! Trust me Im a member. We give advice on ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING! lol glad to help you out. So go to the club page and look for the colorful piano Smile

by twilightfan4ever0303 on 3/20/2011 5:06:10 PM


But what if idont like golf? My whole family, cousins, and friends play sport. My dad basically said I'm a failure if I don't play a sport! What if I suck at golf?? What if I never et better? What if I don't make the team?

Hey love -- first things first, relax! If you don't like golf you can explain to your parents that you have at least given it a try, but it doesn't interest you. They have had to try sports that they didn't like -- use that as an example. Tell your dad that while you don't like golf, you'd like to try something else that accommodates your injury. Go in with a level and positive head -- I never said I was good at golf, I just like smacking the ball around  And practice makes perfect -- you just have to believe you'll have a good time -- trust me, the mind is a powerful thing  Stop worrying girlie!

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by Ivorykey96 on 3/19/2011 9:38:33 AM


I'm a 14 year old freshman. I don't really like all. I'm fit because I work out. Also, I'm involved in a lot of non sport stuff. Also I had foot surgery which means I can't put pressure on my foot a lot. My parents insist I play a sport though!!! They want me to do golf! Blech (my opinion). I'm starting private lessons soon (btw I suck at golf) because they want me to play fall if sophomore year. That only give me 4-5 months till Tryouts!!!! Advice???

Hey love! Golf actually isn't pretty bad -- I thought the idea was absurd when my Aunt suggested it and took my sister and I to the driving range. We ended up having so much fun seeing who had the better stroke, we stayed longer than intended  Nonetheless, you should give the driving range a try, to see if it'll peak your interest. That way you can improve your game and find out if it's something you actually like.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by Ivorykey96 on 3/19/2011 9:01:59 AM


i luv smashbox's products !

by vannies<3 on 3/19/2011 1:17:44 AM


personally, i just use Neutrogena Micromist Self Tanner. it looks so real! and only takes like 10 minutes to dry.
Come check out my club!!! it's called Be Unique!Smile i am looking for a VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Guy consultant, and Beauty Consultant. Leave a comment on my profile if u wanna apply. just tell me your username and age, why you want the position, and any experience you might have as an advice giver.
K, Thx sooo much!!! Smile ILY, oboeguardgirl Brittany G.

by oboeguardgirl on 3/18/2011 9:16:45 PM

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