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Have fun, you two! 5 great spring dates

Warmer days equal more ways to have fun with the fella in your life.
69 Comments | Add Yours

One of the mods said dating at 13 is okay and nothing serious until you are 16. The hard part is that once you get a bf its only natural to have things get serious sometimes sooner. Thats the way it is with me and has been with some of my friends.

by luckykel on 4/17/2011 3:01:35 PM


MODMODMOMODMODMODMOD ok so i feel like i need a bf... i dont think im pretty and i think im fat and i just dont like myself.... and i act like myself but i dont think any one likes me and its killing me.....should i try to get a bf or risk waiting it out for a long time??!?!?!?!


Hey girlie! No matter what you add to your life, it all will come back to you and how you feel about you -- because in the end, you are all you will have. I'd rather you build your self-esteem, instead of bringing someone else in the picture. Check out this article on getting out of a funk:  


Brittany G.

by cowbellkell on 4/15/2011 8:49:38 PM


I just got my first boyfriend. I'm 16 & he's a year older. We've only been dating for a week, but I feel like our connection is a 6 on a scale of 1-10. He tried to kiss me yesterday, & I told him I wasn't ready. He said it was fine, but he's probably going to try it again another time. The problem is, I feel like I don't want him to be my first kiss. He's great & all & I want to kiss him, just not as my first. I feel like I'm just settling for a 6 because I've never had a boyfriend before. Don't get me wrong, he can be really cute & stuff, but I just always hoped my first kiss would be with someone I had a 10 connection with. Is that realistic? The sad part is that I considered breaking up with him (yes, after a week) & after thinking of what to say so I felt like I had an out & I wasn't trapped...I didn't feel bad. I mean I felt a little bad, because I know he likes me & all, but I felt more bad for my family & friends, because they seemed so happy for me. What do I do?

Hey! give the guy a little longer and if your connection doesn't improve, then dump him. you shouldn't settle. good luck! 
Helen S.

by TwilightLuva8 on 4/2/2011 4:37:31 PM


Thanks for helping me! Also one more question what is the right age to start dating or what is too young?

hey! I'd say 13 is the right age, but nothing too serious until you're 16 at the earliest 
Helen S.

by MakeItOrBreakIt:)) on 4/1/2011 3:18:10 PM


i totally want to go on a bike ride with my boyfriend. i dont know why i hadn't thought of that before. thanks for the advice. Smile

by girlivinginclouds on 3/30/2011 1:06:38 PM


i need some help with guys... whenever i like a guy and he likes me, i get really shy and have no idea what to say. i've already chased away some guys by shyness Frown anyways, this guy likes me and when we were just friends i could talk to him easily, but now i feel awkward and have no idea what to say. he asked me out the other day, but i couldnt go. i don't want him to give up on me though.

Hey girlie. If you are having trouble thinking of things to talk about, check out this post:

Marly Z.

by lovin*da*sunshine on 3/28/2011 5:14:38 PM


Okay so I was spending the night at my good freinds house adn we were talking to our good guy freinds Jake*, Max*, and George*. And we called them several times to talk and they called us and we chatted and just talked with them for a while. But at the same time I was also txting Jake* and he txted me basically askin me if i wanted to pull and all nighter and I said no, but he said i had said yes over the phone when I hadn't. So I told him i wouldn't stay up that late so he said he would go to bed, so it seemed like he wouldn't stay up if I wouldn't either so I don't know if he likes me or not. An also i accidentally sent him 4 blank txts somehow and i txted him it was an accident and now its been a day or 2 and he hasn't responded so I don't know what to think! Please help!
(* names have been changed)

Well he might like you. But im not sure. I think you should keep trying to talk to im and get to know him. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by dance_party!_:) on 3/27/2011 4:30:11 PM


MOD MOD MOD srry this might be kinda long. theres this guy i really like and all my firends think he likes me back. he always jokes around with me, gave me a nickname tht only we would understand, and he would sit next to me in french. one of my friends asked if he liked me and he said no. he stopped talking to me for 2 days and doesnt sit next to me in french anymore. everythng has gone back to normal and my friends think he was lieing about not liking me. at our school dance, i was gonna ask him to dance but he was dancing with this girl all night and they were holding hands. He would always dance near my group of friends and walked past us a couple times. i thought i kept seeing him look over at me but im not sure. then when i was leaving he was walking out and i looked back at him. our eyes met and i feel like he looked sorry or like he wanted to talk. I just looked away and walked. Do u think he likes me and was trying to make me jealous or should i just try to get over him?



Hey girly girl! It's definately possible that he was lying to your friends, however for now, I'd play it cool with him. In case he actually doesn't like you, I'd act off of that. Talk to him and laugh with him, but I'd just think of him as a friend for now...


Becca G.

by brimarie96 on 3/26/2011 6:29:12 PM


MOD Ok so I've been together with this dude for almost 4months now. Just need advice? I guess. It's spring break and we gotta hang out, right ?! His mom usually doesn't let him hang out unless its more of a party...or so he says. But finally a week before spring break started, he called me up and said that me, him and his best friend have to all hang out together over break. I was super excited! But then one day when we were texting, he told me that his best friend is in Utah...for the whole spring break. I told him 'aw! wait so that means we can't hang out, the 3 of us !' sent that to him, thinking he was going to tell me something 'well then that leaves it just us two' ...I was wrong.Don't know what I was thinking there haha. All he said was 'yup. maybe next break haha.' ! NExt break ??! He knows that the next break we have, I'll be gone for 2 years! Oh, and his 'best friend' is a I'm guessing he just wanted to chill with her? ugh... :/



Hey chica! I'd definately talk to your bf and let him know how you feel. Ask him why it seems like he doesn't want to hang with you...


Becca G.

by decemberbear1296 on 3/26/2011 5:14:01 PM


Ok so Ive liked one of my really good guy friends for awhile. I started liking him when everyone started mentioning what a great couple we make when my crush and i are both there which is kinda awkward. People have been saying that for a long time but now one of his good friends mentions it every single time we talk. We talk ALOT and he makes me laugh a ton too! I catch him looking at me alot too. I could go on and on but one time in art we were talking and this guy says:Harry(names have been changed)stop trying to impress Lily! And everyone said yeah! And then this other guy said Ya we all know you like her! Once again everyone said yeah! I really like him but when I flirt with gim he does nothing and he says no to every single girl (I asked him out last year but werent as close)! I dont think hes into girls yet though! Can you help me figure if he likes me or not!?

Hey girlie -- check out this article: Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by pinktiger on 3/26/2011 12:12:37 PM

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