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Does the toothpaste trick really work?

I put toothpaste on a pimple overnight and when I woke up, my skin was cracked and the pimple was still there…
29 Comments | Add Yours

I did this once. I reccomend NEVER doing it. It gave me some kind of rash that made the pimple even MORE noticable then it ever was before, and the rash was a purpley red colour and really dry, plus it hurt.

NOW, I use ClearSkin Blemish Cearing Spot Treatment. Honestly - this is the real miracle worker!it stings and makes you cringe for the first 2 seconds, but thats only because its working!


by starry~55 on 12/2/2011 5:36:41 PM


I thought you used toothpaste to prevent scratching on bug bites. The best way to get rid of zits--the healthy way--is to visit a dermatologist. This should only be done for moderate acne though. If you just leave a single zit alone and wash your face frequently it should eventually go away.

by Writer Selbe on 8/1/2011 11:34:39 PM


When I'm shaving my underarms, would it make it easier to use colder or hotter water? Just wondering Smile Thanks!

Hey girl,

 The water temperature doesn't really matter when shaving. Just be sure to change your blade often to get the closest shave possible and prevent razor burn. x0x0
Casey L.

by DUCKYSHORTS on 6/30/2011 2:14:48 PM


this is my first comment but for the toothpaste i put elmers white glue and smear it in my blackheads let it dry and peel it off and it gets rid of them. TRUST ME IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!

by lynzlu on 4/15/2011 7:00:46 PM


Hey Ladies!
Do you need advice? On something that has been on your mind a lot lately? Well, come on over to my advice club! You can ask questions on the posts that say:

Dear Daisy...

So go to my profile (<3luvlife<3) and click on the Dear Daisy heart!(:

**We also have a club on Babysitting Tips! So go over there for any questions on babysitting you have, also we will surprise you with some tips every now and then.


by <3luvlife<3 on 3/29/2011 11:18:03 AM


I really want to get in shape for soccer tryouts by running around my neighborhood. The problem is that I want to find a way to know how many miles I run. Is there something that I can attach to me that will tell me how many miles I run. Thanks!!!!
ps. not a pedometer because that only shows how many steps you take

Hey girlie. I know there's a certain type of watch you can buy that can record that if you wear it. I'm not sure about details though. Try googling it to see if you can find one. Good luck! 
Marly Z.

by bee12 on 3/28/2011 5:47:01 PM


Help! My skin is pretty smooth, except my nose!! I have tons of blackheads all around my nose and its so gross!! When I try to pick at them and get them to go away, they just bleed and get red. I tried this blackhead cleanser from Neutrogena and it just dried my skin. HELP!!

Hey girlie. That's a good thing that your cleanser dried your skin because that's what it's supposed to do. Keep using it and if you don't see any results in a few weeks, switch to a different brand. If nothing seems to work, you can always talk to your mom about talking to a dermatologist. Or, research information about blackheads to see what other solutions you can find. 
Marly Z.

by strawberryChic on 3/28/2011 3:08:29 PM


ok, so i sweat under my arms a lot during the day, especially at school. no deoderants seem to work very well. do you have any advice? thanks!


Hey! check this out:

Helen S.

by starbaby on 3/26/2011 1:06:30 PM


I've been losing weight and I don't know why! I was originally 98 pounds but I got on a scale and it said 89.5!
I'm not even trying to lose weight. HELP?!?1

hey! talk to a doctor about a diet and exercise plan that will help you maintain a healthy weight Smile 
Helen S.

by borninjune on 3/25/2011 5:31:33 PM


1.cover your mouth with ur hand
2.whisper a wish in ur hand this to 10 other comments
4.look at ur hand

by beko on 3/24/2011 1:43:09 PM

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