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Help a runner with bouncy boobs!

My breasts are big and jiggle when they run. People are starting to stare…
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support support support!!!!! now i knoe that everyone says this, but its really the only thing to do! (p.s., if you run really fast past them and blow them out of the water, they'll start respecting you...thats what I did!)

by figureskater806 on 5/17/2011 9:55:07 PM


wear 3 sports bras, they give you lots of support!
hope this helped girl!

by lovlylexa on 5/7/2011 3:04:04 PM


hello hello why isnt my comment showingf up????

by anntheangel on 5/7/2011 1:14:01 PM


mother's day is co ming up
its tomorrow
my mom got angry at my whole family
she wont talk to any of us
shes giving us the silent treatment
i dont know what to do please help
and when she does this i get very angry with nher please help!!

Hey! well do something nice for her for mothers day. maybe that will bring her around 
Helen S.

by anntheangel on 5/7/2011 1:12:25 PM


Okay,riding the bus from school today, My crush said i stuck up my you- know - what Finger! Everyone was yelling at me.
People KEEP calling me and screaming at me, " WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?"
Help!, I can't talk to anyone I know, ONLY YOU!
Did I mention I needed a respone- A.S.A.P.!



Hey girlie! I'm sure you didn't stick up that finger on purpose, so I think the best thing to do would be the next time someone says something about it, explain that it was a complete accident and you didn't mean any harm. I'm sure your friends will realize it was just a mistake and that would you never make that mean gesture to them! Good luck!

Katie B.

by Donni on 5/6/2011 3:25:08 PM


I'm 12 and my boobs are little. But I've got a friend who is smaller (in body size) but her boobs are huge! I'm also older than her, but she started her period when we were in like 3rd grade. Will I catch up or is something wrong. I don't think so, but I just wanted someone's opinion. Thanks in advanceSmile



Hey girly girl! Every chica is different, and a lot of it has to do with genetics. There's nothing wrong with you! Some girls just get their periods later. Enjoy not having it while you can Smile


Becca G.

by Molly&Sally:) on 4/10/2011 7:13:12 PM


Alot of people have told me that when you have hiccups it means your growing.
Is it true?


Nope -- it's a myth Smile


Brittany G.

Brittany G.

by meelyx3 on 4/2/2011 12:04:18 PM


The 'Talk' and class Videos:
Getting "the Talk" from your mom isnt that bad, if its just from your mom. My mom had it with me and still does and it isnt as bad as you think.
We had the video thing but, in our class it was STD thing where we saw actual pictures. Talk about embarrassing and worse it was pictures only of guys showing their entire 'down there'. We all looked at each other thinking she just didnt show us close up pictures of 10 different guys 'Down There' areas but she did. So you will get through it just like we did. And some people will make fun of what you just saw just like we did in our class. Brittany G.

by luckykel on 4/2/2011 11:57:38 AM


At school, A always get called a 'bra stuffer.' When I really don't stuff my bra. Any tips?


The next time you get teased, just be like, "And you think about this, why?"

Helen S.

by Charlene4444 on 4/1/2011 7:41:37 PM


I wish I had that problem, meaning I wish I had a bigger chest. But I know it can be a problem just from talking with friends who have the same problem.

You just have to wear a more supportive sports bra. Guys have to wear jock straps to keep their stuff from bouncing all over the place when they run,- Dont you remember the scene in JUNO when the guys were running.... so some of us just need to wear a better type bra.

by luckykel on 3/27/2011 1:04:20 PM

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