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10 ways to prep for your period

Keep Aunt Flo from totally ruining your day—or your favorite outfit—with our top tips.
115 Comments | Add Yours

I m 11 and i ain't got my period yet and the most annoying thing is that i got all the signs plus my stomach cramps up bad and i discharge a ton daily....
I m bored of not getting my period...

Hey Chica,

Even if you have the signs of your period, it could still be a while before you get it. As long as your prepared for it, just concentrate on being yourself and not worrying so much about when you'll get it.  
Rachel N.

by cassiepop on 1/31/2012 3:11:13 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!! I'm 11 and I wear a 36a and i have headaches and cramps.... I think i'm about to have my period.
But I'm really scared about it and NEVER want to use tampons...
Is your period really that bad? And do tampons hurt that much?


Your periods not that bad. Just a bit of a nuisance. If all us girls can survive it so can you Smile as for tampons theyre my favorite things EVER. Once you get used to applying them, they dont hurt at all. So dont stress. Youll be fine Smile xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by rollerqueen10 on 1/8/2012 6:57:16 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! Every time I have my period, I wear a pad (like normal), but I'm always feeling like I am bleeding through. I go to the restroom and check, but nothing is there. How can I stop this feeling!!


Hey girl, you are not alone in feeling comfortable on your period. Every girl feels that even if she were to wear 3 pads, she'd still feel like she was bleeding through all of them. Just be sure you have extra pads with you just in case. Hope this helps!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by SarahBelle12 on 12/14/2011 8:27:54 PM


Hey if you have any questions you could ask me, I wouldn't mind. I'm kind of new on this website, and I haven't gotten my period yet, but I expect it'll come soon. I've done quite a bit of research on it and I've read plenty of first period stories to get myself more comfortable with the subject.
And... I usually give pretty good advice. Well, according to yahoo answers, anyway.

by I am who I am on 11/30/2011 8:06:10 PM


Mod mod mod
okay today is my thirteenth bday (yay) and I just started getting cramps. Plus my discharge is really heavy. This has happened before and I've never gotten it yet but I have all the signs. And also we don't have any pads at home cuz my mom used tampons so what will my mom think I ask her for some pads and I don't get my period for like a year? Thnx 4 ur help!

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! ♥, Your Blog Patrol Babes 
Alyssa B.

by cuddlebug143 on 10/10/2011 6:42:41 PM


okay so this is kinda embarrassing & gross (to me at least)....okay so i recently started seeing brown in my underwear and when i wipe its red what does this mean?! and if its the start of my period the doctor said i wouldnt get it till im 12 and a half and im barely turning 11 this week. i just dont get it!! thanks anyway

Hey chica,

The doctor can give you an idea of when your period will come, but his word isn't certain on this one - he can't really predict it! This definitely sounds like the beginnings of your first period, so try to accept that your doc was a liiittle off in his prediction. And be sure you're prepared with pads since you know it's coming Smile
Lauren c.

by yoyoandhoops456 on 10/6/2011 8:14:56 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD! Ok so I've had my period 3 times and I play sports so I wanted to try a tampon. I'm kind of nervous to ask my mom because I can't find a time to ask her. Also, whats a good kind to try? Oh yeah and lastly (I know this is a stupid question but...) does the tampon go into the same place you um... pee? Please answer Smile

Hey babe,

Not stupid at all Smile The first thing you'll want to do is definitely go to the bathroom, shut the door, and grab a lil makeup mirror. Sit down on the toilet and just take a look "down there" - I know it sounds silly, but you gotta be familiar and comfortable with your own bod before you start! It'll make it SO much easier. So take a look - where you put the tampon is below the hole that you pee out of (the one you use to pee is super small, a tampon would never fit haha) and above where you have bowel movements (I know, super gross - sorry chica). Then, use our tips here: - while remembering to relax!
Lauren C.

by sunshinestar106 on 9/3/2011 10:18:44 PM


My period sometimes lasts for 4 days and is a new time every month(only had it for 6 months) and gets soo heavy and messy but I never get cramps..Why is that?

Hey there!

Early on, your period will be very irregular.  It's completely normal for it to last different lengths of time or come at different times of the month.  As far as cramps, they're different for each girl.  One girl may get very bad cramps while you barely even feel them.

If you're still unsure, take a look at this link for more information. 
Jordan S.

by kikihula on 8/31/2011 2:53:21 PM


I am worried about getting my period, but I don't have my Mom to talk to and I don't feel comfortable talking to my sister because we aren't very close and she's, well, ALWAYS snappy and grumpy. What should I do!!????


Hey girly,

Try to find someone older that you trust. Maybe an aunt or a friend who is a little older, or a teacher. They will be happy to talk to  you.

Catie C.

by wiseowl on 8/5/2011 3:09:05 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!!! Ok, this is urgent!!! OK so I am getting my blood drawn for the first time (I'm 12, btw) because high cholesterol runs in my family. I am really nervous that it's going to hurt and I am freaking out about if I have high cholesterol or not. And also I don't really exercise that much so I'm worried about that too. PLEASE HELP! It's tomorrow morning please answer soon! What can I do to not be as nervous??

Dont stress out! IF you keep freaking you wont get any less nervous. However if you breathe and just calm down a bit youll be fine. Just think that its not going to kill you and youll be in the safe hands of a doctor so youll be perfectly fine. Any pain will be temporary and will be over soon. Also as for your cholesterol, its not he end of the world if its high. You just need to fix things if it is. Youll be perfectly fine. Promise. xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by gl_readah on 8/3/2011 9:48:47 PM

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