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The 2011 KCAs: Did you watch?

Did you get slimed with surprises this past Saturday? The Kids’ Choice Awards 2011 was happening on Nickelodeon—and it was a night of entertainment galore!
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Justin Beaver?????? How did HE win something????? Yea, sure, some girls think he's awesome. He makes me want to puke and he doesn't deserve that award. ESPECIALLY because "Baby" makes him sound like a squeaky baby!

by caseysister2001 on 4/5/2011 7:25:05 PM


Hey LuvYaBunches that's kinda mean to say cause u don't even know him (I myself don't luv him) but ur just being a bully and put yourself in his shoes and see if u would like a million people make fun of u:-(anyways I thought the awards were funny and I'm sad jack black didt win on his own show:-(

by carina25 on 4/5/2011 12:09:12 PM


all the fave song nominees r great!

by muenessa678 on 4/5/2011 8:09:30 AM


WHAT?!?! Justin Bieber is just...ew *pukes* BLEHHHH! ANYWAY Taylor Swift should have won for Fave Song and Fave Female Singer. WTH?!?! I am SO mad. Justin Bieber is the WORST! And she was in the wrong category. She should have been in "Fave Female Singer" not "Fave Male Singer"!!! Did anyone else catch that? Justin Bieber in the MALE category instead of the female category. Thats just sad. ;)

-Anti-JustinBieber 4 ever&ever&ever&ever

by LuvYaBunches on 4/5/2011 8:04:20 AM


Justin Bieber's song didn't win fav song. California Girls by Katy Perry did. Btw Miley Cyrus didn't deserve to win fav movie actress. She is becoming a bad romodel for all of us.
Emma Watson or Ashley Judd deserved to win. No offense to Miley but she is a bad actor.

by nerdisthewurd26 on 4/5/2011 7:24:09 AM


So glad Justin Bieber won something! He deserves it

by Apple cake on 4/5/2011 1:46:46 AM


i hated the kcas this year kristen stewart should have won stupid miley cyrus the druggie!!!!

by tabbycat627 on 4/4/2011 11:33:58 PM


for tv show i agree
I also agree for tv actor/actress/sidekick
the movie that shoulda won was alice in wonderland i luv harry potter but i refused to see it separated
i agree with movie actor but emma watson shoulda won actress
yay katy perry won Smile
but Bruno Mars and hey soul sister by train should won the music

by ellybelle98 on 4/4/2011 9:57:59 PM


I really need your help. Tennis starts tomorrow and i'm not ready. First off, physically I didn't prepare. Second, I live far away from school so i would have to plan out my rides in advanced BUT my friends are getting their licenses in these coming weeks, therefore they can no longer drive me. Last, we have to practice w the boys team and i'll do something really embarrassing, i just know it!
But I don't want to feel like a loser for not playing and i'm not sure if skipping a year will look bad for colleges. I feel like i'm failing everybody by not playing (friends family), but mostly I feel like I'm failing myself. I want a challenge...but i'm not sure if I can even play. I just need another opinion. thanks

Hey babe,

CALM DOWN! You're just nervous because it's your first day, so you're thinking of all the bad things instead of all the good. Just because you don't feel physically ready now doesn't mean you'll fail - that's what tennis practice is for! You'll get better and more on your game as the season goes on. Driving is just a matter of reaching out - to friends, to your parents, etc. Call around and ask if someone can take you today, then make sure you don't procrastinate finding a regular ride after tomorrow is over! Lastly, just try to relax at practice and during your games. Your extracurriculars should be fun and it is wonderful that you're trying something new! It's ok if you end up not liking it and want to quit (it's a personal decision and not for anyone else to decide), but it's worth a try Smile 
Lauren C.

by whitecoconut on 4/4/2011 9:41:30 PM


hey everyone! come join my clubs: book chatty, where girls can discuss books, anything they have read or written themselves!
and my other club is animal luvers, where u can talk about any animals of any kind!
join my clubs! they r awesome! selecting officers May 1st!

by koolkat21 on 4/4/2011 9:00:16 PM

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