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Can I confide in a teacher?

I’m thinking about telling my health teacher something really big that has happened to me. It’s a terrible, awful secret. But would she have to tell someone...
21 Comments | Add Yours

If it's a potential abuse situation, DEFINITELY tell your teacher or another trusted adult. If you're depressed (whether or not you're suicidal), DEFINITELY tell a parent. If you were engaged in substance abuse, it might be fine to tell. At my school, if you confess to doing drugs, you sign a contract that says that you'll never do it again, and if you do, you'll be in big trouble. Apparently, students like this because it actually gives them a great way to say no to drugs, in terms of peer pressure. I think that, if it was a case of alcohol abuse, than she wouldn't have to tell. If you're tempted to engage in substance abuse, she could be very helpful and most likely wouldn't have to tell. If it's a bullying issue, definitely tell. If it's anything serious, consider telling a parent first. If you trust your teacher, it will probably be okay. Make sure to get help no matter what. Since you feel the desire ask for it, you DEFINITELY should. Don't keep it a secret.

by SkyGirl7 on 4/8/2011 1:18:35 PM


I know of at least two teachers that I could confide in if I ever needed to. It really depends on the relationship you have with your teacher. If this teacher needs to tell someone else, that means that they are being responsible and not trying to tattle on you.

by irishx3meg on 4/7/2011 11:16:50 PM


mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please help me!! this girl name stephanie is soooo annoying.
my friend J and K dont like her at all. Stephanie hangs out with us for some reason, so im the one who always has to be nice to her. THey dont like her because she gets so mad easily. For example, she gets so mad when i dont have a pencil for her. then she ignores you and sticks her tounge at you. and today she got mad at us when we were going down to the black top without her. we didnt even plan it. shes just so annoying. what do i do?

Hey girl, be polite to her but know that's all you're obligated to do. If she gets mad at you, you have to right at a certain point to ignore her and the way she's treating you. If she wants to be friends with you, she needs to be a friend to you too.

Alyssa B.

by sjz2016 on 4/7/2011 9:19:17 PM


i agree with nerdistewurd26. i have like 1 teachers that i would tell SOME things too. but yeahh...

by laxchik18 on 4/7/2011 8:05:23 PM


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by puppylover1152 on 4/7/2011 7:04:28 PM


Ok so i'm going to my bff's birthday party next weekend and it's a pool party she's only inviting like 5-10 people but the thing is that if i wear a swimsuit you can see where i cut myself on my thigh...there's like four of them and im sure its pretty obvious that they arent from "falling" or a "cat scratch"....what do i do???? thank u very much! btw two of them are from pretty recent..(like yesterday..)


Hey girl,


A short-term solution would be to cover them up with boy shorts or a skirt. It concerns me that you are cutting yourself in the first place. I think you should talk to someone: a friend, parents or counselor about why you are cutting yourself. Here are some other resources you can look into to get help:!2.aspx.


danielle D.

danielle D.

by jdizzle09 on 4/7/2011 5:12:49 PM


Teachers, I would never tell them anything secretive. I wouldn't tell anyone anything secretive unless I know there is no way for it to get back to the other person or people.

by i_luv_devin on 4/7/2011 4:13:29 PM


Ooooh if that ever happened to me, I would definitely not tell one of my teacher about that. But that's probably because I don't like my teachers Smile

by CupCakers3 on 4/7/2011 3:13:27 PM


I wanna know what the secret is why couldn't they have put what it was!

by nerdisthewurd26 on 4/7/2011 2:17:57 PM


hi! need advice? visit my profile. i get your detailed answer posted rrreeeaallly fast and no question is to weird or personal! =)

by ALR on 4/7/2011 10:46:30 AM

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