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4 easy moves for amazing arms

The days are getting longer and warmer and tank-top season is right around the corner. Check out this rockin’ workout to tone up those arms and have you lookin’ fab in your end-of-year snaps.
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Oh wow oh wow oh wow! thank you tip of the day!!!!!!!! "Who has moolah to buy weights of all sizes? Fill up old water bottles and use them as weights." GENIUS!

by bunnehz on 8/1/2011 3:11:48 PM


mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod
i have a pear shape body and i hate it! i have a lot of muscle on my legs but its covered by fat! how do i get smaller thighs? thanks Smile

Hey chickie,

Toning exercises (not muscle-building) like yoga and pilates will really help target certain areas and tone the muscles in your legs. Also, a balanced and healthy diet will help ya slim down in any "problem" areas. But remember, too, that muscle is a great thing: it's a mark of hard work and dedication, so you should be proud!
Lauren C.

by sparkles333 on 5/2/2011 9:37:00 PM


My waist is really wide and it doesnt look good. can u tell how to get a skinnier waist and less fat around my chest by june??? thanx

Hey girlie! The best way to lose weight is to increase your intake of fruits and veggies and decrease you intake of unhealthy foods. Also increase your water intake and add exercise to your regime. Make sure that before you go on any type of diet, that you first speak with a doctor.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by soccerlover97_n on 4/23/2011 7:30:08 AM


MOD! How many times a week should I do this? Is it alright to do it every day?

Hey girlie. Start out with 2-3 times a week. Then, increase the amount of times as it gets easier. 
Marly Z.

by rocketqueenxo on 4/18/2011 4:36:54 PM


Okay so my hair is medium length and curly/wavy, I need a good volumizer, not body, mousse! Do you have anything to recommend to me? Thanks so much! Smile


Hey, girlie! When I want extra body and volume in my hair, I go for either Pantene Pro-V volume boosting shampoo or the Herbal Essences volumizing shampoo! Both work great!

Bridget R.

by Gigilove321 on 4/13/2011 9:48:37 AM


hmmm.... we do similar things in dance class

by jewels96 on 4/9/2011 11:52:32 AM


what are some good lower ab workouts (not pushups/situps)Thanks

Hey girlie! Try Googling "Lower Ab Workouts" That way you can find an abundance of workouts that suit your needs Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by emmalouhoo2 on 4/9/2011 9:34:38 AM


Looking for Advice? Stop! I'll give you great advice, chock full of info. Nothing to weird, too personal, or too long. IF YOUR PROFILE ISN't PUBLICLY VISIBLE, I'LL IGNORE YOUR POST UNLESS YOU TELL ME TO POST IT ON MY PROFILE.

by peacelovejesus on 4/8/2011 11:50:06 PM


Hey Chica!

That's awesome that you are so motivated to do a triathlon! It will be extremely challenging too. I would suggest researching to see if there are any triathlon clubs that are near where you live that can offer training guides. You could also look to see if there is a local chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society whose Team In Training program you participate in. If you know what race you want to do, look on its website to see if they have training guides available. Also, be sure to check at your local gym or YMCA to see if there are any programs that help you train. Finally, you can always research online any training guides. Don't forget to go to a running and biking store to make sure you have all the right equipment too! Good Luck!


danielle D.


ok i really want to do a triathlon in june. the problem is i hav never done one before. how do i train and get ready for it? thanks in advance!
danielle D.

by dancer2998 on 4/8/2011 9:58:12 AM


I need help for my thighs(& butt). I exercise everyday for my soccer (at least 90 min) and yet my thighs feel big. How can I make my legs a little smaller?

Hey girl, chances are your thighs are fine. You just have muscle from playing soccer. Embrace it and know you're exercising and keeping your bod healthy. Take care of it.

Alyssa B.

by jello4eve on 4/8/2011 1:00:45 AM

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I should weigh myself frequently so I can manage my diet accordingly.

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