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My friend picks her nose!

I don’t want people to just my bestie for her bad habit. How can I get her to stop?
46 Comments | Add Yours

Picking your nose is the same as touching all the dirtiest places. If she eats it then there's a serious problem.

by TravelCrazyChic2012 on 7/31/2013 7:05:28 AM


Wow that's weird and gross

by Lolz106 on 6/24/2013 10:50:55 PM


I just got my hair cut and my hair dresser took it into his own hands. He cut it about 4 inches shorter than i wanted it. Now my once medium hair that i loved is way above my shoulders and i hate it so much and its making me really upset. Everyone(my parents) think it looks "adorable" but its my opion that matters the most. Im really upset and i cant get any thing like extensions so thats out. I just hate it so much it makes me look like a five year old dork and im so upset:,( What should i do?

Hey girlie,

I'm sure it is better than you think, especially if you are getting a lot of compliments on it! Hairdressers are professionals, so he might have just been doing what he knew would look best on you! The great thing about hair is that it grows back, so try doing some new hairstyles you wouldn't have done with longer hair, and bask in the compliments that everyone's giving you! 

Meghan D.

by deckle on 6/13/2013 10:53:43 PM


Ok so today is my birthday and one of my good friend's birthday. She is new this year and I have never had to share my birthday with anyone before.
Now, I'm not one of those people who needs others to make a big deal out of my birthday. But now that she is here, she is making a HUGE deal out of her birthday and almost taking away from mine. Its really hard to describe this to anyone else...but I don't know what to do to stop feeling like this. I feel like it has turned into a competition or something. Any advice on how to stop feeling like this? Thanks!


Hey girlie! It's sort of silly to make a massive deal out of your birthday. It's childish. But I see where you're coming from. I would just try to see it as funny. Go up to her and say "I heard it's your birthday, it's my birthday too!" and see what she says. xx

Hannah M

by hawaiigirl624 on 6/6/2013 3:17:15 PM


I think my family is facing money problems. Yesterday, I was at the bank with my mum. the hole in the wall, and she was getting money out for my brothers birthday that day. she printed off a receipt and I saw a lot of money on it. I asked why, she had told me, more money is spent then comes in so my dad had to put in money from the savings. Then today my mum said to my brother the food cost a fortune. I'm worried. should I be? how can I approach my mum about this? thank you.


Hey girl,

Money can be a tough subject, especially when it concerns your family. It's always a good idea to let your mom know if something is worrying you, and its healthy to get stress off your chest. Just catch her when she has a free moment and let her know you'd love to talk. But just remember, your parents prob have things under control, and its nothing for you to worry about. Take a deep breath- everything will be OK!

Trish M.

by potterjay on 6/3/2013 2:36:26 AM



by myfatsquirrel on 6/2/2013 12:06:09 AM



by hinatagal on 6/1/2013 10:49:40 AM


I have a huge problem. My friend is being really mean to everyone lately. I was talking to my friend about it and he got really pissed about it and told her. NOw she is yelling at me and calling me a bad friend and I didn't do anything. All I did was tell the truth. She is sooo self centered and hurts my feelings all the time. Should I tell her to quit it or quit her? And what should I say?


Hey girl! Such a tough situation. I think the best thing to do is sit down and talk directly to her. Be honest about how you've been feeling and hear out her side, too. It usually always works to clear up misunderstandings. Good luck!


Taeler L.

by lizzierox on 6/1/2013 10:00:10 AM


Hahahaha the picture

by Jules1399 on 6/1/2013 9:21:19 AM


Um to all these people thats are saying that "everyone does it" just not in public....... I don't.......I thought most people grew out of that at like age 8 at the most

by Jules1399 on 6/1/2013 9:20:21 AM


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by puddinface7 on 5/31/2013 10:01:07 PM


Omg I really can't wait for a new feature article..this picture is so disgusting and I keep scrolling over it! I can imagine how gross it would be in person, sorry to whoever wrote this!

by maggie183 on 5/31/2013 9:37:57 PM


I feel bad for the model in the pic...EWW!!!:3p

by pinterest on 5/31/2013 7:21:34 PM


That is is disgusting!!!Kleenex was made for a reason!!!

by pinterest on 5/31/2013 7:20:14 PM


Tissues... they're wonderful things. Haha*
*Laughing at my own humor, not the girl.

by LittleUsagiTewi on 5/31/2013 6:39:48 PM



by snagmonkey on 6/30/2012 1:43:32 PM


mod mod modI dance 6 times a week and I'm entering middle school net year and i honestly don't know how I'm going to keep my homework hangout and dance schedule on track! HELP!!!!


hey! You should get a weekly planner and write out how much time everything will take. That way you can budget your time as you need to. good luck! 

Helen S.

by snagmonkey on 6/30/2012 1:40:15 PM


yea just sort of give her hints but nothing mean at all don't say anything that could make them gloomy. a kid does that at my school and i make a face whenever he does... he stopped now.

by devann8 on 10/5/2011 10:43:43 PM



by greekprincess98 on 5/30/2011 12:47:02 PM


I kind of have this friend who is ALWAYS mean to me and talking behind my back. She even calls me swear words along with this girl who bullies me. To make it worse she will get mad at me for no reason at all. I don't want to be friends again but she says she sorry but every time she says that she does it again! I have tried talking to her about it but she just rolled her eyes and said she's not. What should I do?

Dont be this girls friend. Shes obviously not worth your time. Shes not stopping the behavior and shes not goin to any time soon. If you make her miss you by just giving up on the friendship maybe she'll see the error of her ways, but i doubt it. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by emilee571 on 5/29/2011 2:33:25 PM


Hey girlie!! Ya I totally agree with Erin You should really talk to her about it and tell her that she shouldn't have done it and if she is really your friend she'll break up with him for you. But if she would rather have him as a boyfriend then you as a friend or she throws a fit about it then she isn't that great of a friend so you should ditch her.

by prettytaylore13 on 5/26/2011 10:49:42 PM


Sorry, I don't know what happened to that last comment or if it even sent, idk so I'll start over:
There's an extremely annoying and weird girl at my school, and no one really likes her, so I feel bad. But she acts like she's seven, instead of in seventh grade! She always says "that's weird" or "what the heck?" when it doesn't even make sense, and she even invited me and some other people to "playdates". She thinks I (and my bff and other friends, but mostly me) am her best friend! She will follow us around like a little puppy. We have tried dropping extremely obvious hints, like running the other way from her, but she is so naive and literally doesn't get it and thinks were having a race or something. She is starting to rule our lives; at dances we have to make sure she doesn't see us, because otherwise she will follow us the entire time, literally!
Sorry, that was so long, but I'm getting so fed up, it is the most annoying thing in the universe!!!

by squigglegiggle13 on 5/15/2011 12:48:52 AM


mod mod mod
My.. used to be best friend completely hates my boyfriend because he has depression! She's always screaming at him for no reason, and that makes him feel awful and hurt himself. I'm scared! She wont apologize to him, for anything. Any advice? I really need your help!

hey girlie,

Your used to be best friend should not be disrespecting your bf like that.  You need to sincerely talk to her and let her know that he is not in a good state right now, and he needs supportive people around him.  He feels vulnerable, and her hurtful words are not helping at all.  Just tell her that if she has nothing good to say, then just don't say anything.  I am glad you are concerned for your bf--he needs you right now. See if you can get any tips to help him out during this time by understanding more about depression and where to find help:

Remember: just being there for him is important! 
Ruth S.

by TheSilentBallet on 5/14/2011 1:43:56 PM


At school i sorta have a group at school that i always hand out with. We are all friends, but this girl always needs the attention. Like if i ever say a story she has to make it about her. Like one time i was talking about how bad of a bowler I am, then she butts in and says how good she is.(ALL THE TIME!!) Not only that but she always makes fun of me(my weight) she made me very self-couscous. I have to wear a jacket everyday to school(I LIVE IN FLORIDA!) She says stuff like "you are so fat, you need to lose weight and be a better eater like me" ALL the time.but im 5'2 and 108lbs. AND SHE IS SHORTER AND WAYYYY HEAVIER THAN ME..PLUS she starves herself at lunch. How do i tell her than it hurts me..cuz if i say it hurts me she will call me a baby and i already get bullied enough...... PLZZZZZZZZZ HELP (Sorry it is so long)

Hey girlie -- you need to sit her down, one-on-one and let her know that it hurts your feelings and explain to her that she wouldn't like it if someone did the same thing to her. If she calls you a baby, tell her that you are simply standing up for yourself and being the bigger person Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by kerib98 on 5/13/2011 9:50:02 PM


I need your help. This year I have gotten into the habit of lying because I am scared to tell the truth. I am scared to tell the truth because I fear that I will get in trouble, looked at weirdly, or will not be interesting enough. I have had depression for awhile and I just had a really tough break up with my boyfriend who originally was one of my best friends. Now, I feel like I just want people to pity me or care about me and what is going on in my life. I don’t feel I get that from my parents so I try to get it from my friends. I lie to my friends, and my family without really meaning to, it just comes out before I can stop it. Now, a lot of people are catching me in my lies and so they think of me as a liar and don’t trust most of what I say. I really want to stop lying but now it has become a habit and I don’t know how. How can I stop lying and get people to like me again? Please help me. I don’t know what to do.

Hey girl. I'm sorry you feel like you have to lie to everyone to please them. Truth is, people will love you just the way you are, and if they don't, you don't need to be around them. If you aren't being completely honest with your friends and family, you aren't being completely honest for yourself. Start being more honest and let go of the lying habit. If you have depression, you need to talk to somebody. Try a school counselor, a family member, or a friend. Once you start telling the truth, you will realize how good it feels.  
Erin G.

by hawaiigirl624 on 5/10/2011 12:58:32 AM


ok, so my friend knows i have a major crush on this guy, and on friday she texted me saying "hey um do u still like John?" and i said "yeah why?" and she texted back telling me that shes dating him and asked if i was mad at her. well yeah no kidding im mad at her, she knows that i really like john, how could she date him when she knew that? i didnt really say anything back, but im really mad about it. what do i do?

Hey girlie!! Sounds like you and your friend are in a tough situation. You should talk to her and let her know that it was totally uncool to date john behind your back knowing that you have a huge crush on him. If she doesn't seem to care, she probably isn't the best friend.  
Erin G.

by puppydogs101 on 5/9/2011 4:11:35 PM


My best friend Claire is in a deep depression. I can't take her to the counselor or anything because she doesn't go to my school. What can I do myself, such as little things to make her feel better?

Hey girl, I'd talk to your parents and make sure hers does. It's important she gets help because what she's going through is too heavy for her to carry herself. And if she won't tell someone, it's your job for her until she gets the help she needs.

Alyssa B.

by pinkzebra97 on 5/5/2011 10:58:07 PM


lol i <3 the picture....... LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by hailbop16 on 4/29/2011 8:03:25 PM


Mod Mod Mod! My bff has horrible table manners. I really want to help her, because other people r starting notice.......she's really sensitive, and I don't want to hurt her feelings by pointing it out........what do I do? Thanks



Hey girly! I'd definately try to talk to her about this. Maybe, mention to her that you've been reading up on etiquette and want to try out some of the things you've been learning. Of course, that would mean that you'd actually have to look it up! And, you could suggest having a fancy dinner party and critiquing each other on your etiquette. That would be fun!


Becca G.

by #1puppylover on 4/24/2011 6:09:43 PM


that's weird...

by katluver on 4/19/2011 5:00:33 PM


MOD MOD MOD! Please help!! I have two bffs and in the past few months they haven't been inviting me to things they go to, like to each other's house on the weekends or to church bonfires. But then they talk about how much fun they had around me. It's soo frustrating! I also had the biggest piano competition of the year yesterday (I told them about it) and they didn't wish me good luck or ask how it went. I feel like they don't care anymore! I cried last night because I felt so left out, be ause they are meeting up today and didn't care to ask me but talked about it around me. All they do around me now is text and say they are bored. What's up? Are we drifting? What do I do? Thanks Sooooooo much!!!


Hey! check this out:

Helen S.

by lucy408 on 4/16/2011 8:38:38 AM


mod mod mod
sometimes me and my friends "compete" to see who will see a movie first. we dont like plan it, it just happens, like a competition. right now, its soul surfer. im seeing it at 11:25 am. also sometimes she brags shes like"ya i saw the movie hanna it was amazing" and acts like shes sooo cool cuz she saw it im like "i really dont wanna see a stupid movie like that" then she thinks im jelous...


Hey chica! This sounds like it may not be the healthiest of friendships if you're competing over who sees a movie first. The best way to get out of this competition is to just not worry about it! If your friend sees that you don't care what movie she saw or when she saw it then she's likely to stop "bragging." I may be a little worried too about the way you seem pretty bothered by her and what she says. I think there is something going on here other than this small competition. I'd suggest talking to your friend about ways to improve your friendship better, that way you aren't annoyed by the little things. Hope this helps Smile

Caitlin F.

by oceanlover69 on 4/13/2011 11:22:04 AM


There's a kid in my class who still picks his nose. Whenever he pokes me, I flinch xD

by GoldenGirl113 on 4/13/2011 8:41:23 AM


Why is this even on here? Who cares if she picks her nose? This is not an important topic

by girlsliferocksss98 on 4/12/2011 8:42:12 PM


some things just have to be done in private, it doesn't matter how close you are just get a room.

by i_luv_devin on 4/12/2011 7:21:43 PM


hi! visit my profile. i give advice too!

by ALR on 4/12/2011 7:17:23 PM


okay really? who cares if she picks her nose? its not a huge deal, just don't judge her for doing something she can't probably control.

by Kristin95 on 4/12/2011 6:40:30 PM


hi! if you need advice on..
-self esteem
-parent probs
-weird situations
-GERD/acid reflux
-eating right
then come to my profile and post a comment/question. there are no judgments and i'll be more than happy to give u gals advice! p.s join the fashion designers club!

by Juli23 on 4/12/2011 6:34:57 PM



by nerdisthewurd26 on 4/12/2011 6:34:27 PM


I hav a friend who picks her nose. She wuz hiding in the corner of the bus and wuz picking her nose. It wuz disgusting but i didnt say anythin. She also thinks shes a "ware wolf." it is sooo weird. she told me she ate a wild rabbit. it wuz soo stupid. so evry time she gets on the bus i say how wuz ur rabbit then i laugh. their is a bunch of ppl who believe in tht crap. i just laugh and say r u sure ur not gettin all this from twilight. there r "ware wolfs" and "vampires!"they say if i tell they will get killed by their leaders hahahah.

by mrs.bieber1018 on 4/12/2011 6:15:43 PM


ewww! that is SO NASTY!! eww! you couldnt like share pencils w/ her or like call someone on her phone when yours is dead or anything...YIKES! bleckk. m sorry to the other comments, but...i don't pick my nose. not everyone

by paigedelainey on 4/12/2011 6:06:36 PM


I used to have a bad habit of picking my nose, but I quit when my mom showed me this article about a disease you could get from picking your nose. Like you could be perfectly fine in the morning and be dead by nightfall.

by bookeater20 on 4/12/2011 6:02:01 PM


I think everyone probably picks their nose, it's just one of those things you shouldn't do in public.

by Alle93 on 4/12/2011 5:18:20 PM


WHO CARES? Oh my gosh, like you've never picked your nose. It's not like she changes her tampon in front of everyone.

by healaura on 4/12/2011 1:01:56 PM


These are good choices. But you should judge someone just because they pick their nose.

by toadie101 on 4/12/2011 12:08:40 PM


eeeeew. i knoe a popular guy at school, he picks his nose. hahahaha. i feel bad 4 him sometimes.

by I<3gurrls! on 4/12/2011 10:26:55 AM

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