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3 ways to eat healthier on spring break

It happens to lotsa girls: The bell rings for vacay and your healthy habits go right out the window. Not anymore. We’ve got tricks to keep you on track, no matter how far you’re wandering this vacay.
25 Comments | Add Yours

Hey girls! Just wanted to inform you that I am now an advice queen and can answer all your fitness/food concerns and questions.

by charmedceleb on 5/21/2011 1:52:01 PM


Mod mod mod !! i've always been really short and skinny, but now its starting to get to me cuz i hear kids at my school saying "oh gosh look at her, she's totally anorexic" and that really hurts me!! i do not starve myself! i actually am underweight (but not dangerously) and would like to gain a bit of weight. help? thanks.


Hey chica!  I'm so sorry to hear those kids are making comments, but I'm glad to know that you aren't harming your body.  You can tell them it's offensive (don't get super-angry when you do it - try to stay calm).  Then just ignore them, and know that you are doing the best you can to be healthy.  As for gaining weight, if that's your goal, it's important to do it in a healthy way.  You need to check in with your doctor, who can give you personalized tips for how to do it the right way.  xoxo

Marie H.

by loveglitterystuff on 5/16/2011 5:43:07 PM


im lactuuse-intolarant so is lactouse free milk work the same?

by memechloe on 4/15/2011 7:58:08 PM


Mod mod mod mod mod!!!
One of my major fears is stupid I know but I am afraid of throwing up. I ate ice cream (resees peanut butter cup) for desert and I found out it was expired after I had almost ate the whole thing!! It expired on 1-31-11. It was really old and we just bought it yesterday! My parents say I'll be fine but I am afraid of puking b/c of it. Will I?????
Please reply soon!!!!! Thanx!



Hey girly girl! While it's not a good idea to eat expired foods, I think you'll be ok! Just don't make a habit out of it Smile


Becca G.

by gymnastqueen00 on 4/10/2011 7:22:24 PM


MOD!!!! Spring break i'm going to Mexico and I want to do some cute, QUICK hair in the mornings just so it looks cute before I jump into the ocean!!! Thanks for all your help previously!! Have an awesome spring break!! Smile



Hey girly girl! Braids are always adorable for the beach! Braid your wet hair back into one big braid, and then once it dries, you'll have nice beachy waves. Or, braid back your bangs for an equally cute look Smile


Becca G.

by treble_clef998 on 4/10/2011 7:17:27 PM


Mod! Mod!
1:Okay So I Want A Schedule Where I Have About An Hour Of Exercise But Its kind of hard. Im at school until 4 then i eat and start my homework. It usually 6 after that so i try to start exercise but i do it for 5 minutes and stop. I ccant seem to concentrate. Any help on motivation?
2: I Need Some exercises to do, I have like no arm muscles!?!



Hey girly girl! I'd try something fun, to keep you going. Maybe get a new DVD... like salsa dancing, or yoga. Once you find something you like, you'll look forward to exercising! Also, if you have a Wii, the boxing game on Wii sports is a great workout!


Becca G.

by melmo1998 on 4/10/2011 6:30:56 PM


i made this club like 6 hours ago and i am still waiting for it to be approved can you please help Frown



Hey girly girl! We're pretty busy over here today. I promise, I'll get to it soon. Just try to be patient. 


Becca G.

by sunshine96 on 4/10/2011 5:39:51 PM


Sweet tips

by aqua girl on 4/10/2011 12:30:40 PM


Mod mod
I have a few questions:
Do you have to try out for middle school cross country and middle school track/field?
Do you have to buy special shoes if you are going to do middle school track/field and cross country and volleyball?
Do you have to buy special shoes for those sports if you are only going to rotunda sports in middle school?

hey girlie,

It really depends on your school, but most school do have try outs for all their sports teams.  I would definitely try calling your school and directing all towards them!  If you can get a hold of the coaches, they can probably answer your questions about the shoes Smile Good luck, girl! 
Ruth S.

by SummerButterflies on 4/10/2011 12:46:17 AM


I have recently had a huge revelation in the way I think about my body. I've figured out that Thin is just a trend and that trends don't last forever. It's great that I can think that way now, as I used to be really hard on my self when it came to my body, and weight, But I still would still like to lose weight. Is that hypocritical of me?

hey girlie,

I know that society can put a lot of pressure on girls to be thin, and that's why it's so easy for us girls to be hard on ourselves.  However,  I truly believe that what's important is to treat your body well by eating fresh, healthy meals and engaging in regular physical activity.  When your doing what's best for your body, you won't need to worry about losing weight.  You will feel more confident knowing that you're giving your body what it needs...and your body will show it! So aim for healthy instead of thin, and stay dedicated to this lifestyle! Smile
Ruth S.

by sjtishrgnd on 4/10/2011 12:27:55 AM

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