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Take your sitting job outside

We’ve got 5 fun ways to keep the kids having a blast…and soaking up that fab spring sunshine.
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I absolutly LOVE being out doors also when i am with little kids! I actully was outside in the park today with my little cousins who are 5, 3, and 2! This is my favorite advice page i have read yet!

by godgirl31100 on 5/8/2011 8:02:36 PM


what age do you think people can start babysitting

Bonjour chicky! I personally didn't start babysitting till I was 13.

Jessica W.

by sweetsiena on 4/21/2011 8:36:00 AM


Mod mod mod. hey mod, I need some ideas for what to do to entertain a 6 year old boy that I'll be babysitting tomorrow night. He pretty much likes everything, but he really likes to do crafts and he's obsessed with video games and star wars, but I don't plan on playing xbox and watching starwars, so do you have any ideas for what we could do and what I can do to keep him away from the TV? And idk if going outside will be an option because it's supposed to storm where I live. Thanks so much in advance! Your guys advice always really helps! Thanks!!


Hey girlie! Try doing crafts with him, since everything else seems out of the question. That way, he's kept from the TV and there's no need to go outside if it storms. You could also try playing games with him that you think he'd be interested n (that don't involve the TV or video games) Smile


Brittany G.

Brittany G.

by Purple chika on 4/15/2011 10:43:05 PM


Hello! I'm Delaney a.k.a. DrummerChick513. If you need advice I'm your girl! I give GREAT advice on anything you need advice on, whether it's guys, fashion, friends, school, family, makeup, health, fun stuff to do, ANYTHING! Also: Check out my Club! Rocker Chicks, it's a great club for girls who ROCK!

by DrummerChick513 on 4/11/2011 1:12:12 PM


How are you?
How old should you be to be a babysitter?
How do you get the word out?
Have a good dayy (=

Hey girly girl! I'm great, and I hope you are too Smile

I don't think there's a set age for being a babysitter, however, I'd say whenever you feel comfortable, and whenever the kids' parents feel comfortable hiring you Smile


Becca G.

by xXxErinMariexXx on 4/10/2011 9:47:16 PM



by TeamAlice33 on 4/10/2011 5:56:50 PM


Im gonna make this simple. I need a life. Its saturday and im sitting here on the computer. My friends can never do anything. Im an outgoing person and love to go do things, but I always end up sitting at home. I also need ideas for things to keep me busy this summer and possibly make me money. P.S i'm 13

Helen S.

by bff61 on 4/9/2011 1:27:04 PM


Do you love fashion and want to share your love of fashion with others? Then join Fashion Blogs where we share fashion and beauty tips and tricks, have contests, share sales at our fave stores, share our outfit of the day, and take fun quizzes and polls! Please join today!

by dancer2998 on 4/9/2011 12:17:12 PM


Looking for Advice? Stop! I'll give you great advice, chock full of info. Nothing to weird, too personal, or too long. IF YOUR PROFILE ISN't PUBLICLY VISIBLE, I'LL IGNORE YOUR POST UNLESS YOU TELL ME TO POST IT ON MY PROFILE.

by peacelovejesus on 4/8/2011 11:46:44 PM


This is gonna sound stupid but i have NO IDEA how to play 4 square! lol XD

by ellybelle98 on 4/8/2011 9:34:09 PM

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