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Who's sweet and sour? The boys of Lemonade Mouth

Not only does Disney Channel’s Lemonade Mouth have an awesome storyline and kickin’ music, but it’s also loaded with an ah-dorable cast.
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my friends parents bug me soo mcuh. ok for example, one time my friend and i were going to the movies for the first time alone. and im the one who invited my friend. (like my mom was driving us there and picking us up) but then we saw her dad and little sister in the movie theater!! (they KNEW we were gonna b there) and then today we are going to help this easter thing at the church that I go to, not them, and her mom and sister are going. and my moms the one driving and bringing home my friend. it gets REALLY annoying after a while, especially since her sisters annoying. my parents also think its annoying (for my sake) what should i do it bugs the heck out of me

Hey girlie -- you could try asking you friend about it (in a nice way) to find out if she knows anything about it and to find out how she feels so that you guys can solve it from there.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by oceanlover69 on 4/23/2011 9:16:14 AM


Jesse McCartney will come out with a women's fragrance soon I can't wait to smell it, It's called Wanted By Jesse! OMG he is so sexy can't wait. It will be in Sephora Smile Kohls and Walmart!! WOW he will be so rich soon lol.

by Marsha27 on 4/14/2011 12:38:05 PM


I need a cute user name for word with friends and idk what to do! help btw my names ally I like hello kitty dogs horses turtles the color purple I'm a klutz and I'm funky and creative lol hope that helps some

What about just combining some of those words? HelloAlly (like hello kitty), Funkyklutz, etc. would all be cute. It's tough for me to come up with a username for ya, but just try combining different words you like or parts of your personality... you'll come up with something great! 
Lauren C.

by aally on 4/11/2011 11:31:21 PM


I like Blake Michael!!

by libby22 on 4/11/2011 10:16:55 PM



by zumba on 4/11/2011 6:57:55 PM


Smile hey, so my friend (who's also my crush) sits next to me in math. I have a 100 average in math (not to brag or anything) and this other guy, "Dave", does too, so my crush "Paul" always talks about how we're secretly bf/gf and that we're going to have genius children, in a joking way but also not at the same time, which is an issue because i like Paul not Dave. I'm not sure how to fix this...
also, one quick question. Paul doesn't do very well in math, so when i ask him how he did on the test, he's always kinda depressed and says "i failed." what's a good response to that? thanks Smile

Hey girlie. Here is a great opportunity for you. You can help him. Tell him that since you understand it, you'd like to tutor him. That will give you an excuse to hang with him. 
Marly Z.

by cchick on 4/11/2011 6:36:16 PM


I don't really think they're very hot...except Nick Roux

by sidneycrosby87 on 4/11/2011 7:27:35 AM


Hi! if you need advice on...
-eating right
-GERD/acid reflux
-weird situations
then come to my profile and post a comment/question. there are no judgments and i'll be more than happy to give you gals advice. p.s join the fashion designers club!

by Juli23 on 4/10/2011 7:08:34 PM


I think Adam Hicks is the cutest, but I like Chris Brochu's personality the most. Smile

by elkhorngirl97 on 4/10/2011 6:05:55 PM


I like Chris the best Smile <3

by rayrey on 4/10/2011 5:56:38 PM


I really don't think they're hot, especially Adam Hicks.

by emzey4 on 4/10/2011 5:01:26 PM


Hey come check my Advice queen!!!
I give great advice! (I have been told!!!!)

by fungirl123 on 4/10/2011 2:39:51 PM


Are you a Christian? If so, come join On Call 24/7. It is a club for all the Christian girls. We can help you get through hard times or you can post your favorite verse. We also do prayer requests. Come join On Call 24/7!

by amazingamy98 on 4/10/2011 2:08:59 PM


I acually think that they arent that hot.....

by lulusoxx on 4/10/2011 1:29:52 PM


Chris seems soooo sweet. Can I have him? Teehee Smile

by ladybuglover28 on 4/10/2011 1:27:21 PM

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