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Are you gaga for gadgets?

A recent study found that students experienced withdrawal symptoms when forced to give up the Internet, music, TV and their cell phones.
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im addicted the the comp. so BADLY. BTW, i hav that same fone from the pic.!!!!!!! Smile

by I<3gurrls! on 4/11/2011 10:15:24 PM


I'm addicted to SOME of my devices. Like my phone, or my ipod and the internet. I can't go anywhere without my phone, or I'll feel kinda unsafe. my ipod I could probably live without, but I'd really need some source of music or backround noise or I'll freak out. But I can proudly say that before today I havn't been on the internet for a week. But I'd NEVER get addicted to tv, I love my books<3
Like my favorite teacher says, "On a cold winter day, you can't cuddle up with a nice hot cup of cocoa and a tv or an ereader. Well, you probably could but it wouldn't be half as comfortable."

by katie10marie96 on 4/11/2011 9:56:49 PM


Hi! I'm going on spring vacay soon but I was wondering: when you shave your bikini line, you're supposed to put on cream afterwards right? Well..what kind? Like any old body lotion or...? Thanks! Also, I want to pack some jewelry and stuff to bring but how can I pack it without getting too tangled? (Necklaces mostly) Thank you so much! Smile

Body lotion is good. You can also use after shave to cut down on burning/itching, but lotion works best. The best way I've learned to pack necklaces is to loop them all together, then use a twist-tie (like the kind you put on produce bags at the grocery store) at the top and bottom. It usually helps to keep them from getting too tangled. Or you can try packing each necklace separately in a different small zip-loc bag! 
Lauren C.

by BeatlesROK101 on 4/11/2011 9:14:10 PM


I am addicted to my phone, but I don't mind curling up on the couch with a book either.

by nerdisthewurd26 on 4/11/2011 8:52:44 PM


Im okay with not goin on it its just the feeling that i cant go on it is wat bugs me

by jennaebean on 4/11/2011 8:33:37 PM


I'm totally addicted to my laptop

by CursaLeStrange on 4/11/2011 8:29:19 PM


I'm addicted 2 days without some type of a gadget, I would feel like a hobo

by borninjune on 4/11/2011 8:28:31 PM


Define ADDICTED? Haha, i dont text THAT much. Or watching Tv THAT much... BUt the internet.. Kinda a lot. And my ipod? Too much probably... Oh well... I just definatly dont need rehab, lets just put it that way..

by goldfish123 on 4/11/2011 7:55:00 PM


kinda. define addicted. i don/t have a fone, but looove my iPod and laptop.

by soccerlover99 on 4/11/2011 7:33:43 PM


If I don't have access to the internet for more than two days I get all jittery and jumpy

by brooklin175 on 4/11/2011 7:08:15 PM

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