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Dear Carol: My BF won't kiss me!

My boyfriend loves me and I love him, but he won’t kiss me. All he’ll do is hug me. I really want him to kiss me...
35 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD!!!How do you become a MOD it seems like a super fun job and can I still give advice without being a MOD


Hey chica, it is a super fun job! Check this out! xx  

jess d.

by nia_luvs_makeup on 6/28/2013 3:37:22 AM


Mod mod mod! I am being bothered by something and I cannot stop thinking about it and it is almost making me depressed.... Anyway I have never kissed anyone before. I am in 7th grade going into 8th and I have never had a boyfriend nor do I want one, guys have asked me out before but I don't want a boyfriend..... Anyway my bestfriend that I have had since I was like 3 just had her first kiss with her bf and they did it like 5 times in one night! I'm honestly not jealous. I just realized I need to make a move on. So many people say that "don't rush your life" my grandpa always told me. Life is way to short to wait for things. And I completely agree. I can't wait any longer and I feel like EVERYBODY has had theirs but me! Any advice? Thanks! Smile


Hey girl,

You're definitely not alone. Plenty of girls go into high school without having had their first kiss just yet. You don't have to have a boyfriend to have a first kiss, but definitely don't rush yourself. It can be tough when it seems like all of your friends have been there and done that. Just focus on you!


Caroline C.

by marylofal16 on 6/24/2013 3:17:19 PM


Im dating a shy/awkward guy. We've kinda sorta talked about kissing but it took a lot of work to get that convo out of him. How can i get him to actually kiss me??


Hey girl! Good for you for sticking with him. He's probably just crazy nervous about the whole thing, so you might have to initiate your first kiss. At some point, if you're just watching TV and the show ends, or there's a lull in conversation, just go for it. He'll probably be grateful that you're taking the pressure off him a little bit. xx 

Hannah M

by YannaRox on 6/19/2013 10:42:14 AM


My mom has been nearly unbearable the last few weeks! She's completly over reacting about almost everything! I try to be nice but it seems I'm never good enough. If I try to tell her how I feel she thinks I'm making it up and being too sensitive. She was working out and I just got out of a really tough dance team practice and I forgot to get her the water she asked for and she yelled at me, took my phone away, and said that I proved to her that she can't count on me. I'm going into high school and I'v never fit in really well and theres a mother-daugter brunch and the girls said to wear a sundress but I don't have one and I asked my mom if she would buy me one and she started yelling at me about how she's tired of spending money on me. I don't want to look funny in front of the other girls who are all wearing dresses. This is my chance to fit it! How do I handle my mom right now? I don't even know what to do anymore...


Hey! wow I'm sorry that's really tough. I guess you just have to deal with her as best you can, Try to be patient, and find someone you can talk to about her who helps you relieve the stress you're feeling. You just have to keep trying to talk to her until she listens. good luck! 

Helen S.

by nutmeg2009 on 6/13/2013 5:27:54 PM


I love the advice the girlslife website gives me but I'm starting to get really annoyed. I ask questions to mods all the time and they give me great advice but if I forget to check for an answer for like a week or two I have tons of trouble finding the article I posted it in. I am so frustrated right now! Is there any way you guys could like make a section JUST for mod questions or an inbox kind of thing. I asked a question like 2 weeks ago about shaving in shaving articles and I've looked everywhere and I just can't find it. My question was: I am tired of shaving and I want to use hair removal cream. I tried asking my mom and she just told me that they don't work. I think everyone's skin is different so it might work for me and I just want to try it. What do I say/do?


Hey! well you could try just posting on profiles of mods, then you'd always know where the comment was. hope that helps! I think you should try the creams and see if they work for you, I mean there's no harm in trying right? good luck! 

Helen S.

by nutmeg2009 on 6/13/2013 5:23:04 PM


There's this guy I've liked forever. We're really good friends and I think he knows I like him, and he might even like me back. He's on a two week trip, and tomorrow, I'm leaving for a two week trip. But he said "we have to hang out when I get back" before he left. I won't see him for three weeks! I just... I won't know what to say if we do hang out one on one, because I feel like one of us (at this point) has to say they like the other one for our friendship to move to more. I wouldn't know how to say that.

Hey chica! Sounds like you've got a situation on your hands. Well for starters, don't stress out about not seeing him for three more weeks. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder. So just enjoy your trip and know that he'll be around when you come back. Also, if you like a guy and you're starting to suspect he likes you back-Go for it! Just prepare yourself for what might or might not happen. It's either he wants something more or he just wants to remain friends. Don't complicate things! Be confident and know that you're amazing either way! 
Jess D.

by Writtenbyme on 6/13/2013 12:36:07 PM


This guy i invited to my prom/really like asked me out to a house party with him next friday. I dont know but there is something telling me not to go but i really want to. Should i go to this house party i will only know him but i suppose i could make friends? :/ Also how should i ask my parents so they can let me go I'm 17 like? And one more q. What could i wear to this house party if i was to go? Smile Thank you xo

Hey girlie. Congrats on the prom date! Okay, so if you're having second doubts you should always listen to your instincts, that's what they are there for. Also, never go to a party alone. If you're going to go to the party bring a girlfriend or two with you to make sure you'll be comfortable and safe. If you decide not to go, then that's okay. If he really likes you then this won't be your only opportunity to hang out with him. Plus, house parties are usually really loud and aren't the best environment for getting to know guys on a personal level anyways. However, if you decide you do want to go, make sure you're honest with your parents and tell them exactly when and where the party is. And if you end up going to the house party, then make sure you're not too dressed up, but not in sweat pants either. I'd say wear a pair of shorts or a skirt with a cute top! Good luck. Be safe and have fun! xx  
Jess D.

by Dashdoll on 6/13/2013 6:56:20 AM


this makes sense. To be honest, I don't want my first kiss to be with just anyone. I want to wait a while into the relationship... how do you know if it's "love" or a crush at this age really? thats why I choose to wait for a while still to date.

by hahaha2005 on 6/12/2013 9:02:03 PM


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by Emilicious on 6/12/2013 1:54:52 AM



by myfatsquirrel on 6/12/2013 12:11:21 AM


okay so i have this really good guy friend who is on my swim team. He's really cute and sweet but i don't think i would say that i like him. but the weird part is that all of a sudden i decided that i want to kiss him.... is that bad? and like how would i do that? i've never kissed anyone, ever, but i REALLLY wanna kiss him. Should i? is that bad that i want to kiss him but don't really like him? i just don't know what to think/do! please help me! thanks.


Hey girly! Why do you want to kiss him? You say you don't like them, but you are definitely attracted to him if you want to kiss him. Maybe you want to kiss him to see if there is a spark between you two or to learn how to kiss better. It could be awkward however, to just walk up to him and kiss him or ask him to. If you are friends, maybe it would be ok to talk to him about it and see what he says first. 

Amalia E.

by bennylovesyou on 9/14/2011 8:16:24 AM


MOD I have a similar problem to this one. My boyfriend is telling my friends that he wants to kiss me, and we're alone together a lot and there have been a lot of oppourtunites, but he won't. I don't want to make the first move, what should I do?

Hey girly,

He probably is just a little shy and nervous. Try to make him feel more comfortable, by smiling and being relaxed about the whole thing.
Good Luck!

Catie C.

by pnea34 on 6/6/2011 3:45:05 PM


its okay just wait for the time to come,
it comes when it comes. Smile

by hladuke101 on 5/11/2011 7:48:41 PM


Mod Mod Mod Help!every time i try to high light something to print it out my whole surver (i think thats what you call it) concks out and i have to get back in. we use Internet Explorer so could that be the prob?

Hey! possibly. other browsers are better in my opinion. i like google chrome Smile 
Helen S.

by Ndadgirl on 5/6/2011 6:05:49 PM


I think thta love can come in all ages but true love is when you get married.

by silverjazz127 on 5/1/2011 5:46:31 PM


First, we are too young to know what love feels like! And if your guy doesnt want to kiss you, maybe hes shy or just thinks you guys are moving too fast. talk about it in person. maybe you should be the one to make a move! (Some guys like that) gOOD LUCKK!

by waggner on 5/1/2011 4:31:46 PM


My crush/friend likes me back and we really want to be together but other people,"friends" are kind of stopping us and we just want to be together and happy but it's hard when people are getting in our way and one of my friends likes me which just happens to be my crush's friend so now my crush is scared to ask me out,because he doesn't want to hurt his friend but he really likes me.I just don't know what to tell my crush to help him understand it's okay and that his friend gave us permission(which he did.Any Advice? =-/

by KayPop on 4/27/2011 10:46:57 PM


mod mod mod mod
Me and my boyfriend (my first boyfriend) have been going out for about a year now. He told me that he wants to kiss me when we were texting a few days ago. But I mean like open mouth kissing not just like a peck. Its not that I'm totally against doing that but I've never done it before and I dont know how. Im scared to say anything so I've been ignoring his texts. What should I do?

Hey girlie,

Well first off, you have to decide: do you want to? Try to ignore the fact that you're intimidated or nervous just because you've never done it, and seriously ask yourself: are you ready? Do you want your first kiss to be him? If so, no sweat... just RELAX and read our kissing guide. You'll be just fine babe! <3 
Lauren C.

by gleek97 on 4/26/2011 12:25:12 AM


ok so heres probably a new for you but maybe not but anyway ive been dating this guy for 5 months and we kiss and all but he sometimes rejects my kiss like he tucks his lips in and turns his head we do play with eachother alot so maybe thats what hes doin but still how do i deal with th rejection its embarrassing and its such a turn off

Hey girlie -- talk to him about how it makes you feel and why he does it.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by natalieb92095 on 4/23/2011 12:41:47 AM


My BF wouldn't even hold my hand much less kiss me...
He would only talk to me out side of our cell phones...
I knew he wanted to kiss me, he told me but our school rules don't let us, plus i never saw him outside of school, and his best friend is annoying and would flip if he knew we dated twice (he knew we dated once).After we broke up (b cuz his mom wouldn't let him have a GF, long story) We got back 2gether for like 4 days then i Broke I broke up w\ him b cuz he was embarassed that we got back together...

He was a weenie


(P.S. guys need space it took me 6 yrs. to say "I love you" to my ex BF)
(P.P.S never date a Weenie)

by tatertot.ketchup on 4/20/2011 11:03:04 PM


my boyfriend won't even hug me. someone tell me what to do, cause i'm going crazy. Frown

by maddy•rules•ur•mind on 4/18/2011 9:55:42 PM


Think about how much you like him. If he's mostly just something to 'have' and 'show off' and to kiss, don't waste his time unless he feels the same way. If he's falling deep and you don't feel too much (other than that he's hot), it'll break his heart.

If you like him enough, you'll continue dating him even though he won't kiss you. He's probably insecure, but there's also the chance he doesn't want to kiss you in particular. Most likely he just feels to nervous or embarrased or doesn't wanna have to lead 'cause he thinks you're more experienced or something.

There's nothing wwrong with dating a guy for fun, hotness, and making out, and you don't have to be exclusive with anyone, but make sure the guy knows exactly where ya stand ya know? Also make sure u won't be heartbroken when it fizzles out. Cause you can't marry someone who your only dating for his hotness, fun, etc.

by basketballchick98 on 4/18/2011 6:02:08 PM


how do i find the answers to questions i ask???


Hey girlie. Welcome to GL! Our responses will post under your question--so keep track of where you post it!

Elizabeth P.

by greekprincess98 on 4/18/2011 12:43:49 PM


not sure if you remember me but i just posted a comment. tou said to have a friend find out if the guy likes me. but would he tell them knowing that they might tell me? plus i kinda want to find out for myself i just don't know what to do. *confused brain*



Hey chica! That's very possible that he wouldn't tell them. I guess the only way to really find out is to talk to him about it yourself. Maybe write him an old-fashioned note or letter. Or, talk to him about it online, as opposed to in person (if it's easier). 


Becca G.

by clogger_girl on 4/17/2011 9:08:02 PM


I need some help.
So i had a dream about a guy and now i liekk him. my friends tell me that they think he likes me too, but i'm not sure cause to me it seems like he likes my best friend. i want to find out if he likes me but im not sure if i should tell him that i like him because i'm afraid it would make our friendship akward.
thanks so much for helping me. Smile



Hey girly! I've totally had this happen to me before. Maybe you could have a friend ask him how he feels about you?


Becca G.

by clogger_girl on 4/17/2011 8:56:53 PM


Theres this dude hes one my bgf hes pretty kool i like him of course i have a feelin he likes me but hes to shy to ask me out and im a bit old fashion anyway i can make it easyer for him to be able to ask me out ?
also he has a best friend thats a girl and shes one my friends im just afraid she will think that im taking him away from her



Hey chica!  I'd hang with him alone as much as you can, just the two of you. That way, if he does want to ask you out, he'll feel more comfortable doing so. 


Becca G.

by katzoutazebag on 4/17/2011 8:44:28 PM


I've liked this boy for about a year or less and now i feel like i'm drifting away. I know he doesnt like me and i was ok with tha but for awhile it bothered me. Now i feel like i dont like him anymore, but i want to like him. WHAT DO I DO???!!!


Hey! you should talk to him more, maybe the spark will come back. good luck!

Helen S.

by SuddenlyAlice on 4/16/2011 3:58:08 AM


I haven't kissed anyone on the lips yet.
Maybe I will soon, maybe I won't.
Time will tell. I might even make the first move (Kiss the guy first).

by i_luv_devin on 4/16/2011 12:16:02 AM


i tried to get 2 of my friends to go out, they both really liked eachother. I've known them both for a long time and really care about both of them. So after a couple times of just hanging out, i asked him if he would ask her out, and he said that he would only do it in person. i PROMISED him that she would say yes if he asked. he was going to do it when we hung out, but didnt when my other 2 friends randomly showed up and ruined it. So the next day i was talking to my friend and she said that she just didn't want to deal with a relationship and didn't want to be hurt. He really is the perfect guy. but, the problem, she refuses to tell him that she doesn't like him anymore. i tried to tell her that i can't break his heart for her, but she wont listen. but i PROMISED him that she would say yes. Now i really realize what a great caring person that he is, and im starting to like him, but im not sure if thats ok. he doesnt evn no tht she feels tht way. wat do i do?


Hey girlie -- you should explain to your guy friend how your friend feels, since you are the one that initiated everything and she refuses to talk to him (otherwise he's being let in the dark after a promise was made). As far as your feelings for him, don't stress too much, just wait it out and see how things go (regarding your feelings).


Brittany G.

Brittany G.

by ekcarter on 4/15/2011 10:28:35 PM


Hey girls! I just wanted to let you know that if you need advice about boys, friends, school, family, embarrassing moments or basically anything else NEVER hesitate to comment on my profile! I'll help you figure everything out Smile

by maggie183 on 4/15/2011 7:23:06 PM


Today during lunch this dude said I was ugly. I don't like him but when I got home started crying. Why did it hurt me so bad? Frown


Hey girlie. Because the was really rude of him to say you and it is hurtful. But the fact that he said that about you means he has his own issues. You are NOT ugly and anyone that thinks so is four kinds of crazy. I want you to look in the mirror tonight and find three things that you LOVE about your appearance. Then try on some fun outfits, turn on upbeat music, dance around your room and remember how awesome you are. As for the dude, he won't bring you down anymore. You keep your head up and walk with confidence. You're so much better than him...right?!

Elizabeth P.

by borninjune on 4/15/2011 4:12:58 PM


Some guys are just like that. My current bf is not forward at all and I am the one who has to get things going, and it was like that for our first kiss. I was saying in my head before we kissed, 'please please kiss me now'.

If he isnt going to do it you can lean over and blow in his ear and get really close and try to get lip to lip action but if he doesnt go along with it, he probably just isnt ready or knows what to do.

by luckykel on 4/15/2011 2:47:52 PM


I want a suprising kiss. One that I won't expect. (:

by I<3gurrls! on 4/15/2011 10:59:17 AM


aww that sucks, cuz my bf said he would kiss me even before we ever went out when we were still friends and he kissed me at the movies last month, try that Smile

by missykp on 4/15/2011 9:44:54 AM


hi! if you need advice on ANYTHING visit my profile =) i answer reaally fast and no question is to weird or prsonnal.

by ALR on 4/15/2011 7:13:52 AM

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