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What's up with the hair on my bod?

The hair on my ankles grows faster than the hair on the rest of my leg. What's going on?
16 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD My mom got me a razor with soap like stuff around it, I've been to afraid to try it without actual soap in addition to whats around the razor. Just wondering, do you think it's OK to skip soaping up with that type of razor?



Hey girly girl! I love those razers... they make your legs super smooth! And, it's totally ok to skip soap, as the soap on the razer works to serve that purpose Smile


Becca G.

by cilla on 5/15/2011 10:26:23 PM



by hippiegirlsmile on 4/25/2011 4:03:14 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!! Okay so I have these little red dots on my armpits and they look really bad. They are like tiny zits. They are really gross and embarrasing. i am not sure if shaving or putting on deodorant is causing it or not. Pleaase tell me how to get rid of them!!! Thanks!!



Hey chica! It sounds like you have razer burn, from shaving. Totally normal! Just make sure to use a moisturizing shave cream with water, and shave in long, downward strokes. And, if you look in the shaving aisle, you can find other products to reduce them as well... like lotions and astringents.   


Becca G.

by ChocoChica on 4/23/2011 6:17:47 PM


this is about the hair on my head... well im worried that i lose alot of my hair!! i dont want to go bald!! how do i know if im losing more hair than average and how can i stop it or help it stay on my head!!! btw i right now have alot of thick hair but i lose so much a day that i REALLY worries me!!! also is it possible for me to start having GRAY hairs at this age of 13?? thanks soooo much and sorry for making it really long!Smile

Hey! I think the best way for you to get answers about this would be to talk to your doctor. good luck! 
Helen S.

by athena1006 on 4/22/2011 5:29:32 PM


this is prob the MOST embarrasing question you have EVER answerd lol but the "hair down there" is makeing me uncomfortable it's kinda long and annoying what should I do and if so how to get rid of it? lol sorry



Hey girly girl! Not weird at all! Lots of girls shave down there, with a regular razor and shaving cream. 


Becca G.

by aally on 4/17/2011 11:43:08 PM


I have this problem, and sometimes I get so frustrated that I just give up on shaving for a while. Then I see how gross my legs look in my PE shorts and I force myself to shave again. I always knick myself on my ankles and knees, too.

by mangoagogo on 4/17/2011 6:54:24 PM


I get my face waxed and wanna do my bod but it really hurts. My question is there any way to reduce the pain?



Hey girly girl! One thing I've read is to avoid caffeine before you get waxed, as it can make your skin more sensitive Smile


Becca G.

by Sailor moon on 4/17/2011 5:08:24 PM


Wow. With shaving, I always get small little black stubs on my knees and I hate it! But I <3 having soft, smooth beautiful legs. It makes me feel awesome!

by Purplelicous- on 4/14/2011 11:42:47 PM


I've been asking my mom to let me shave for like 2 years now, but she wouldn't let me! I'm 12, and she only lets me use Nair. I stopped asking her for a while, but i think i want to ask again. Any advice? Nair's just such a hassle!Help! I don't want rejection. Smile

Hey girl, just be honest with your mom. Tell her that you really want to try shaving and that she could help you pick out the razor and cream. Explain to her why you don't like Nair and why you really want to give shaving a shot and see if you can compromise.

Alyssa B.

by cookookay on 4/14/2011 9:41:49 PM


hey girls please join my club fashion,friends and fitness

by quinn1218 on 4/14/2011 7:17:51 PM

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