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6 seriously cute ways to decorate your Easter eggs

Sick ‘n’ tired of the same old dip-‘n’-dye Easter eggs? This spring, we're turning to our fave bloggers for some egg-cellent inspiration.
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Hey Girlie!!!
You might want to try eating a range of 800 - 1000 calories a day, but please do not get bullima or similar diseases. I think you could exersise more then 30 minutes a day because I don't know about you but my gym class is longer then 30 minutes. I think that swimming is a great way to lose weight and slim up, or maybe track? I have done some research, and unless you are willing to exersise about 50000 minutes a day and eat, like, 50 calories you probably won't be able to lose a pound a day. I would suggest you talk to your doctor, or at least your parents or the school nurse, about a healthy diet if you really want to lose weight. I am running out of room but I'll contuine this on another ''Add a Comment'' thingy.

by Sarah510 on 4/7/2012 6:09:38 PM


if I eat 1000 calories a day and excersize for 30 minutes a day will I loose weight? And if yes how much will I loose? Is it possible to loose a pound a day?

by txtingirl on 4/7/2012 5:01:21 PM


Aww! So cuteSmile The down under one is my favorite... Definitely going to have to try thes tonight.
**Hey girlies! Check out my new club When you wish upon a star! I just made it so it make take a day or two to go through. Its basically about talking about your favorite fairytales, and your dreams for the futureSmile Check it out XD!

by smileyface20 on 4/7/2012 4:55:00 PM


Wow these are so cool! I love them!! Defs outdo my simple dyed eggs! Lol!

Hey you!! Yes you! The one looking at a computer screen!! Come join my club Queens of Hearts <3 for awesome advice! I post a Tip of the Day almost every day plus tons of advice on anything and everything! From boys, friendships, and bullys to fashion, hair, and makeup to fitness and health! I don't see any reason to NOT join, so just do it! You won't regret it!! Plus we need a few more officers! Luvv your girl honeycakes !!

by honeycakes on 4/7/2012 3:50:58 PM


Hey BiannaM911, yeah a boy/girl party would be fun. You could get a group of friend together and go skating, bowling or to an arcade. Even having a get together at your house with movies, music, snacks and drink would be fun. Hope this helps! Xoxo

MOD! I know this is totally off topic but I'm 9 (turning 10) and I kinda wanna do a boy/girl b-day party. And I'm kinda shy. So should I do a boy/girl b-day party? Lynae P.

by BriannaM911 on 4/7/2012 3:47:57 PM


I love glitter and rhinestones and sparkles, so for my Easter eggs I dyed them, painted glitter on the eggs, stuck rhinestones on them and dumped sparkles on them. PLEASE answer my question - I'm only nine - is the Easter bunny real?

by Sarah510 on 4/7/2012 3:22:04 PM



by dance/musicluver316 on 4/7/2012 3:17:33 PM


I'm so doing those. I'm gonna do one for each alice in wonderland character.

by angelicjade on 4/7/2012 3:15:10 PM


Adorable! I would like to try and make a cheshire cat egg. Tong

by Catlover4723 on 4/7/2012 2:48:10 PM


i like all of them especially Off with her head ~n~ The claw!

by Ariadna on 6/16/2011 9:27:39 PM

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