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3 fresh braids to try this minute!

Start spring with a new ’do. We’ve found three fab new ways to wear cute braids—all straight from the stars!
36 Comments | Add Yours

Hey so I have this semi formal dance comming up and I need ideas for my hair, I have long straight hair and I'm wearing a dress that goes down to my knees if that helps :3 thank you for reading Smile

Hey Chica,

Here is a link to our hair style section: http://www.girlslife.com/category/hair-styles.aspx. I really love the bun that Shailene Woodley wore to the Oscars, it looks so pretty! Hope you'll find some inspiration here... 

alicia m. alicia m.

by raven.y on 3/20/2012 4:21:45 AM


@ cookiesontheloose-

Straighten your hair with a straightener, and do whatever you want with it. ;]

by ChattiMaddie14 on 8/13/2011 11:08:27 AM


hey mod!
i need some tips on what to do with my curly hair. im looking for easy hairdos to wear but i want it to look cute. an advice?
thanks in advance.

by cookiesontheloose on 8/12/2011 4:30:43 PM


THANKS BRITTANY! i never thought of thatSmile

by wishuponastar97 on 7/19/2011 9:17:34 PM


none of my family knows how to french braid, and i dont have any contact with my friends, but i really want to learn how to french braid! help please!

Try watching tutorials on YouTube

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by wishuponastar97 on 7/19/2011 8:59:10 PM


I really like the MESSY FRENCH BRAID but im not sure how to do it!! By the way is there someway to make my thicker without so much product? Thankxx!!!:]

by LoLsMILETYfACE328 on 7/19/2011 8:43:13 PM


i have sholder length hair and i would like to learn how to do a French Braid
thanks in advance,

Hey girl,

See if any of your friends know how to do it, and I'm sure they'd be willing to teach you! If none of them know, ask a hairdresser the next time you get a haircut. Good luck! x0x0 
Casey L.

by rememberme239 on 7/12/2011 1:16:10 PM


I like this guy and he likes me back but he wont go out with me because his friends dont like me. At dances he dances with strangers. He stares at me in this one class a lot. He does not text me any more and I wont see him this summer. If you were there you could see he likes me but he is putting an act on for his friends. What should I do? I could use anybody's help. Thank you sooooo much!!!!


 Hey babe! If he pretends not to like you just because his friends don't, are you sure he's the guy for you? If his friends have that much of an influence over him that he can't even be honest with them and tell them he likes you... he doesn't really sound like a good guy. You will come to realize that just because a guy likes you doesn't mean you should date him. Maybe you should use this summer as an opportunity to meet new guys, ones that aren't afraid to like you. I know it sucks, but he's obviously too immature to be a bf. Good luck girlie!

Jess W.

by hedwig38463 on 6/13/2011 9:04:37 AM


Mod- I already tried to write this, but I'll try again, I guess.
I can't get to sleep at night. I noticed this a few days ago... usually I can fall asleep by 9:30, but last night I didn't fall asleep until midnight! Do you know why this is happening or am I just crazy?

by emma23416 on 6/8/2011 8:12:03 PM


MOD- Why won't GL update my stuff? On my profile, if I click the "Update My Profile" button, it tells me it's updated, but I click on it and it's not! Can you guys try and do somrthing about this?
Catie C.

by emma23416 on 6/8/2011 1:24:53 PM

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