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How can I kill a cough?

I’ve started coughing so hard in some of my classes that my eyes tear up. What can I do to make it stop?
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I feel so sick. I've got a stuffy nose, and I've been standing in front of a humidifier for 30 minutes and its still not helping. I took the medicine my doctor gave me and it helped a little bit but I still feel horrible! What should I do?

Hey girl,

I would talk to your parents since they can see your symptoms and will know what to do! If you have finished your medicine and are still sick, you might have to go back to the doctor again. Feel better!

Meghan D.

by Sarah_12 on 12/22/2012 11:55:50 PM


i have super short super fine lashes and my mom wont let me wear make up! we did make a compromise that i could use a lash growth serum to help my lashes grow. what affordable options are out there? thanks Smile!!!

Hey girl, I'm fairly certain most make-up brands (Covergirl, Arell, etc.) have their own lash growth serum that isn't too expensive. I'd check one of those out for sure!

Alyssa B.

by the band geek on 5/19/2011 9:11:47 PM




Hey chica, It's not for me to say since I'm not a doctor or professional, but it sounds like your worries have gone beyone what's normal - and you deserve to feel better.  I encourage you to reach out to an adult you trust - like a parent, teacher, aunt, or counselor - who can help you get the support and help you need.  Hang in there, girlie, things can get better.  xoxo

Marie H.

by emscool1234 on 5/16/2011 8:40:12 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD! so I don't have a lot of friends in my class, not because I don't want to but they just don't talk a lot with me when we were in the 5-th grade we had some coflicts when I say we I mean me and my bf. When we go out for school break the girls don't stay with us and when I try to go and talk with them they just don't talk to me they act like I'm not there and this is really emabrrising. i don't really have a problem but when my friend is mising I have nobody to talk to. I don't want neather to be the kind of girl who stays with those just for a number .. We had a school trip and we were going to stay for 2 days I wasn't sure if I should go or not ,, but the one of the sead you should come at least we want you just for number because if there werent many students the trip might be cancelled I don't know what to do tell me anything except saying to them how I really feel cause i would just fool of myself help me pleaseee!!!!Frown


Hey girlie! If these girls in your class are still holding grudges from fifth grade and are just overall being mean or ignoring you, it sounds like these are not the people you and your BFF should try to become friends with. If you two want to go on the field trip, go for it! Don't let a couple mean girls keep you from having fun. Good luck!

Katie B.

by ornela on 5/16/2011 2:20:42 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD !!!!!!!!!!
So I was talking to this dude online, then he said this guy (who is my "bgf") likes my looks but hates me. BUT HE SAYS DIFFERENT THINGS TO MY FACE!!!!! so does he just want me for my looks  or does he actually like me...? he doesnt seem like he hates me...but this dude says he does!! i am so mad and sad and did i mention i love this dude!?!?!?! HELP I AM GONNA CRY!!!! Frown

Hey girlie!! This "dude" might just be messing with your head. If you are best friends with this guy, you probably know him a ton better than the guy you were talking to online! I wouldn't stress about what he said, but maybe you should clear it up with your bgf and tell him it hurt your feelings and you wanted to make sure it wasn't true. Good luck! 
Erin G.

by justadream11 on 5/16/2011 1:07:53 AM


MOD MOD MOD Sorry for all the annoying questions but how can I make my hair grow faster?



Hey chica! I promise, you're not annoying at all Smile

Hair grows when it's healthy. So, it's important to keep your hair in top shape. Make sure to get regular trims, to get rid of split ends and damage. And most importantly, eat a balanced and healthy diet. That'll keep not only your hair healthy, but your skin and rest of your bod as well!


Becca G.

by loveforever21 on 5/15/2011 10:33:22 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!! I have been getting (lately) hair in the middle of my eyebrows,and it's so embarrassing!! I'm only 11 so I don't know if my mom would agree,so should I ask her or no??? Thanks a ton!!!



Hey chica! You can always use tweezers to pluck them out. I'd ask your mom to help Smile


Becca G.

by iluvmusic♥ on 5/15/2011 9:44:36 PM


mod mod mod ok so sometimes my friend can be sorta rude like yesterday at the mall we were standing next to the garbage can and a guy said "excuse me, ladies" cuz we were in his way. i just said "o sorry" and i moved. my friends moved, but gave me a weird look like "what the heck" like i just ignored her and kept drinking my soda. she does things like that like where they cant see her but she thinks theyre weird. i've never said anything to her about it, but i usually ignore her and just change the subject. maybe im just overreacting because im really nice like last year in one of my classes i was voted nicest in the class (not the type of nice where people take advantage of me, but just nice) so what should i do?? keep ignoring her?? one time a guy did see her roll her eyes, and even tho i didnt do anything and didnt say anything but i felt bad since i was with her!! help!!



Hey girly! I'd ignore her, unless it gets the point where you think you need to say something. Like, if she's starting to say rude things to people, if other people are starting to notice how rude she is, or if it's embarrassing you/making you uncomfortable. And, keep being nice to everyone, because it'll get you way farther than being rude will Smile


Becca G.

by oceanlover69 on 5/15/2011 8:27:16 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!! ugh last night i woke up with a HUGE, MASSIVE HEADACHE!!! and so i took some medicine, and it helped a little. i have slept ALL DAY 2day...and now my stomache is upset and i fell like throwing up(and i have ate today), my head still hurts, and my nose is stuffed up!!! what do u think it is??? there is no medicine 4 a headahce, stuffy nose,and feeling like ur throwing what should i take??? thanks~ ~ Aly p.s. PLEASE REPLY SOON!!!!



Hey girly! I'd definitely make an appointment with the doctor, if you're not feeling better soon. It's tough to say what it is, but rest is usually the best solution to feel better Smile


Becca G.

by Alykat18 on 5/15/2011 6:48:58 PM


Hey Ladies! Do you need advice? I would love to give you some! I will answer any questions, or just talk to you when you are sad. I can give you advice about friends, guys, family, food, sports, school,growing up, or even yourself! I would be absolutely happy to help! I will give you an honest answer ASAP, and hun, nothing is too personal so don't be afraid!Thank you(:

by gracieb123 on 5/15/2011 6:44:38 PM


MOD!!! MOD!!! MODD!!!! MODD!!! I have bad acne (not on my face) so it kind of limits me to what kind of shirts I can wear. I just got proactiv to help it and I was wondering if it really worked? I really want everything gone for the summertime. So does proactiv really work? Thanks so much!



Hey chickadee! I've never used it, but I've heard that proactiv works well! If all else fails, I'd make an appointment with a dermatologist in your area.


Becca G.

by Maeve01 on 5/15/2011 6:39:37 PM


I def deal with coughing lately lol. The pollen count is so high!!!! My allergies are terrible!

by Maeve01 on 5/15/2011 6:37:57 PM


MOD MOD MOD I posted something on the club writers. And it's super long, I was wondering if you can *delete*. Remember it's super long, so you'll know which one it is.



Hey chica! I'm working on deleting this. For some reason, it's giving me trouble.


Becca G.

by 1092chocolatelover on 5/15/2011 5:30:32 PM


This probably sounds pretty clueless but what in the world does mod mean?

by demigod7 on 5/15/2011 4:46:54 PM


MOD MOD MOD OK so I liked this guy since the first grade. And he is sortof nerdy. We used to talk a lot but last year he met some more ''nerdy'' friends. And I had some weird dreams of him. Like once he had blue justin beiber hair. And once we were at a carnival. And once he asked me out. People say that if you have dreams of someone that they were thinking of you. Is that true


The science about dreams is pretty limited, so I don't think there's really evidence to say that's true.  The truth of it is, however, he is definitely on your mind - even when you can't consciously control it!  If you're into him, why not try to talk to him more or hang out?  It's worth a shot! Smile

Marie H.

by borninjune on 5/15/2011 2:01:54 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! MOD! MOD! The neighborhood pool opens on Memorial Day and my neighbor/ best friend have been planning to go together forever. I brought it up when I was talking to my BF and I asked him if he wanted to go with us. Do you think my best friend would mind?


Hey chica!  She probably wouldn't mind, but you should check with her.  Just send a text or call and say, "Hey, would you mind if my BF came with us?"  Hopefully she will be cool with it!  Smile

Marie H.

by jamieonarainyday on 5/15/2011 1:12:27 PM

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