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Redo your room: Craft a cool lampshade!

Sick of your boring bedside lamp? Brighten things up with a pretty floral glow.
8 Comments | Add Yours

I want to re-do my room into a teen room! But my room is almost as small as a box! What can I do?

Hey girlie,

Totally NBD! You can still do a lot with your space. Get permission to paint all the walls (or paint just one wall in a bright color, as an "accent" wall). Refresh the room with a patterned rug or new bedspread. Put a new mirror on the wall, or organize a cluster of antique-store picture frames. Even just taping up some photos of you, your fam, and your friends will totally mix things up! 
Lauren C.

by MTSphotography on 1/21/2012 10:25:56 PM


I did this with that colored duct tape they sell at Target. It looks awesome and it only took $3 and 20 minutes.

by Ej410 on 6/28/2011 5:08:31 PM


im switching rooms with my brother and want to redo everything. im looking for a cute comforter, do you have any ideas? any color except pink works! thanks

Hey girl!

     Solid or printed quilts are really cute, or try a white comforter with a bright quilt or blanket on top. Hope that helps! x0x0
Casey L.

by lmg1997 on 6/9/2011 10:57:01 AM


mod mod mod
Ok so this summer I'm moving (closer in the town i live by/go to school) and I'm really excited.....except for packing. The last time I moved I was 6 or 7 so I've never had to pack for myself. You have any tips on easy ways to pack?? And I'm also gonna have to decorate my new room of course! My current room is pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple and I love those colors but I dont think I want as much in my new room so do you have any tips on colors?


Hey girlie! Packing is definitely a long process that isn't exactly easy. Start with the smaller things like picture frames, lamps, etc, and then clothes, and then the bigger things like furniture. For a fun decorating idea try something like this fun, easy lampshade: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2011/05/13/Redo-your-room-Craft-a-cool-lampshade.aspx. Good luck! 

Erin G.

by nhcamp on 5/17/2011 4:28:14 PM


mod mod mod
hey! i got my cold on saturday, and well you know how colds have their worst day? mine was DEFINETLY yesterday. so my mom said that today i'll probably feel how i did on sunday, and tomorrow i'll feel how i did on saturday, and then on thursday i will probably feel fine. is that true? also my head hurts so should i just take an advil and go to school? (it doesnt hurt that bad)

Hey chica! the best way to get over a cold is to REST REST REST! Make sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and stay away from doing too much activity. This is big allergy and cold season so don't feel like you're the only one battling the spring season! 
Chelsea B.

by oceanlover69 on 5/17/2011 9:40:22 AM


Hey You guys! Growing up? confused about boys? No worries! I have all the answers! Nothing is too personal. You can ask me anything from tampons to cookies to your major crush to school! I will reply ASAP(

by melaniegrace<3 on 5/16/2011 8:55:51 PM


this sounds so cool! I'm redoing my room soon and I'm definately going to try this!

by katie10marie96 on 5/16/2011 8:17:46 PM


Hey Ladies! Do you need advice? I would love to give you some! I will answer any questions, or just talk to you when you are sad. I can give you advice about friends, guys, family, food, sports, school,growing up, or even yourself! I would be absolutely happy to help! I will give you an honest answer ASAP, and hun, nothing is too personal so don't be afraid!Thank you(:

by gracieb123 on 5/16/2011 5:41:21 PM

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