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I like all of the dresses!

Please check out my clubs Hawaii Five-0 Fan Club and Spy Girls!! PLEASE!!!!!

by taylorswiftfan1236 on 5/17/2011 3:55:22 PM


I was going to wear some light makeup for an upcoming school event and my brother's graduation,will it damage my skin at all?

Hey girlie,

Nope, you should be fine! Girls wear makeup everyday and they're fine, so go for it Smile Make sure you wash it off at night before bed to avoid pimples/blackheads associated with clogged pores. 
Lauren C.

by MadMaddie911 on 5/16/2011 9:57:29 PM



by topchef88 on 5/16/2011 9:37:15 PM


I'm starting to notice that I'm losing more hair than usual. When I comb my fingers through my hair several strands fall out. I don't know what to think. I usually don't brush my hair. Is this normal? Or is my hair not healthy? I drink lots of water and eat fruits and veggies...

Hey girlie,

My hair falls out too sometimes - don't worry! Sometimes it could fall out more due to stress or anxiety, but more than likely it's just because you might need a haircut or need to treat your hair a little better. My hairdresser told me that once - your hair gets weaker as there are more split ends and stuff, but a haircut will make it stronger! And try not to use too many hair clips or hair ties (or straighteners/blow dryers), which are harsh and can cause breakage.
Lauren C.

by SelenaFan on 5/16/2011 9:15:16 PM


Hey You guys! Growing up? confused about boys? No worries! I have all the answers! Nothing is too personal. You can ask me anything from tampons to cookies to your major crush to school! I will reply ASAP(

by melaniegrace<3 on 5/16/2011 8:55:20 PM


Hey Ladies! Do you need advice? I would love to give you some! I will answer any questions, or just talk to you when you are sad. I can give you advice about friends, guys, family, food, sports, school,growing up, or even yourself! I would be absolutely happy to help! I will give you an honest answer ASAP, and hun, nothing is too personal so don't be afraid!Thank you(:

by gracieb123 on 5/16/2011 5:40:37 PM


Okay, today at school my best friend and I found out that another one of our friends cuts herself on purpose. (We've always suspected that but we had no proof to back it up)Of course we were concerned so we turned to our teacher for help, and he passed along the news until she got called down to the office to speak with our councilor. She'll probably assume that it was us because only two other people knew about it. We are worried that she will be upset, even mad at us for betraying her secret. We know that we did the right thing, regardless. What should we do if she is mad?


Hey girlie! You and your bestie def did the right thing -- your friend needs help and you made sure she will get some. If she gets mad, try calmly explaining that you were doing what was in her best interest because you love her and care about her. Good luck!

Katie B.

by PiegirlXoxo on 5/16/2011 4:38:01 PM

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