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How do I get the cutie upperclassmen's attention?

He doesn't even know I exist. Help!
35 Comments | Add Yours

I used to like an older guy, but then my friend in his grade told be that he hung out with a bunch of stoners- I immediately stopped liking him!!!

by JBgal33♥ on 9/2/2012 5:45:54 PM


there's this REALLY cute junior that i like. Since i'm a freshman i don't see this guy around school very much because when i have a class on the right side of the school, he has a class on the left side of the school... -sigh-. he has my lunch && i've tried giving him "the look" to let him know i'm there. i wanna meet this boy but i don't know how to... he's into weighlifting and leadership! the other day i noticed that his 6th period class is right in front of mine and his locker is kind of close to mine. i'm scared that if i'll go up to him and talk to him, he'll get creeped or think i'm desperate. that's what happened with my old crush...he thought i was obsessed just because i talked to him on facebook every other day. WHAT SHOULD I DO?? he looks so worth it. but i keep thinking that i could never get a guy like him to like me because he's the kind of guy that has everything (looks, brains, personality, sportiness and style.) he could ANY girl.

Hey Chica,

If you think this guy's cute, it's totally cool to talk to him at his locker. Just say hey, or "accidentally" bump into him. If you're scared he'll think you're desperate or obsessed, don't come off as desperate! Just start a regular convo like you would have with anyone else and just be a little flirty. Guys don't always know how to make a first move, so sometimes it's up to you. Give it a chance, girlie, you never know how things will turn out!
Rachel N.

by danistyle on 11/11/2011 2:53:52 AM


I have a big crush on this guy that goes to another school. The problem is my bestie likes him too and goes to the same school as him and sees him all the time. How can I get him to notice me if I see him sometimes at bball games?

Hey girly! If your best friend likes him to it may not be worth fighting over him to risk your friendship. let her know you like him too though and maybe she will back off herself and help you get him.  
Ana D.

by caligirl99 on 11/3/2011 11:22:31 AM


Ok so I went to our first football game of the season just Friday. There was this hottie that was selling programs at the front gate, so I chatted him up about the programs. My friend and I decided not to get one so I looked at him and smiled and said "Maybe we'll get one later" and he looked up at me and our eyes met. Later during the game, I flirted with him again. I think I kinda like him... he's a sophomore and I'm a freshman... he's really nice, I don't really know him but I've seen him around before. What should I do to get to know him so that maybe we could go to homecoming or formal together?
THANKS!! <3 Smile
P.S. I can be kinda shy when it comes to guys so nothing too out there! Thanks! <3


Hey girly girl! Do you have any mutual friends? If so, they could formally introduce you. Otherwise, I'd say hi when you see him in the hallways or at school. Eventually, you can start talking more... ask him how his weekend was, if he did anything fun, etc.! Or, maybe you could ask him about volunteering or working at the football games, how you can help out too!


Becca G.

by inluvwithboyz on 9/11/2011 5:59:14 PM


@username#1 - My ex boyfriend was 2 years older than me, and he didn't think I was "lame" and neither did his friends.

by Jeennnny on 6/17/2011 12:49:47 PM


hope it works...iv been crushin awn dis oldr guy fer week...! haaha..... any othr advise...??

by Amber_On_Fire on 6/8/2011 9:55:09 AM


Mod...... there is this guy and I likeand he said he used to like me and and now he's going out with this other girl even though he knows I like him? What should I do just get over him. He even put in my yearbook next year dontbe so mean smile face!

Hey girly,
The best thing to do is keep yourself busy. Try getting a job this summer or going to camp. Getting away from him will help you stop thinking about him. A get together with your besties can do wonders too!

Catie C.

by cheerleadergirl on 6/6/2011 11:32:16 AM


i'm 15, and a freshman, yet older guys (like seniors) always flirt with me and talk to me and have even heart-to-heart conversations with me. why is this? and why don't they think i'm lame? if i were to talk to like a 6th grader.. i don't think i'd act the way they do, so why do they?
and also, do most guys think younger girls are lame?

Hey girlie--it sounds like they think you're a great person Smile And no, I have never heard guys say younger girls are lame.

Brittany G.
Brittany G.

by username#1 on 6/3/2011 5:36:54 PM


i'm 15... how old is like the maximum you think i should date? be honest, please.
and also.. when you text a guy and they don't reply (a guy that's really busy) what should i do? wait until he texts me? (idk how long i'd be waiting). text him? (don't wanna seem creeperish)... i mean, please help!!!

Hey girlie--it all depends on you and your parents Smile If a guy doesn't reply wait till he texts you back or text him back a few hours later Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by username#1 on 6/3/2011 5:31:22 PM


MODMODMOD! I need your help ive like this guy for about a year now and i want to become buddies with him or maybe go out with him . the thing is im getting mixed signals one time i was holding the door and he asked me did i get all a's on my report card he said he did and started ouging and saying 'yeah'. next i was at a party / sleepover and my friends were on the phone with him he said 6 out of 8 girls was cute or he would go out with he said 5 but he didnt metion who the last two were and he didnt say my name in the five. finallly my friend went swimming with him and randomly asked did he like me he said no,but im still confused. plus my friend is total buddies with him. i really want to be close friends with him at least please HELP!


 Hey girlie! Just try talking to him in a casual way. You don't need to say anything crazy just ask him how his day's going or how he did on the last test. By just showing your interest, he'll take notice.

Chelsea B.

by lelebunny12 on 6/1/2011 7:21:32 PM

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