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The science of flirting

Think there's a science to flirting? You bet! Get the deets on how to nab your crush with Flirting 101.
163 Comments | Add Yours

will people stop talkin about romeo and juliet!!!! juliet is younger than me(12 years old) when she falls in love with romeo who's like 16!!! also romeo is in love with this other girl and then just drops her for juliet.... its just a horrible concept.......

by Prim on 3/11/2013 5:55:22 PM


Hi this guy in my class makes jokes about me(In a funny way)and we like to hang out like catch lizards and stuff and sometimes he sits with me at lunch But he also does it to this other girl in my class named Sophie And once nobody volunteered to be my geography partner. Until once his friend kept asking him to be hhis partner and he ignored it And then asked me! SO SWEET! But I dont know if he likes me, But I defenitly like him but were 10 so we cant really date! But I kinda want to get closser to him this shoolyear any tips?

by megacutie66 on 7/7/2012 9:39:11 PM


Mod mod! So awhile back I had a crush on a guy I don't know and have never talked to. My friend asked him out for me and he said no. Now I kinda like him again and I don't know how to approach him. Sometimes I think he looks at me like once he turned around in the middle of English for no reason. We are both really shy. Does he like me? What should I do?


Hey girl!

Talking to him and seeing if you two can be friends would be a good idea. And then you could try asking him out again; there's a chance he may say no, but at least you'll have made a friend. A lot of times people look at one another without it meaning they like someone, so I'd say go with what he actually says or does, like asking you out. Smile

Krupali D.

by ladyinlike on 4/23/2012 3:45:09 PM


ok so i have this HUGE crush on a guy at my school. my frends say we would be perfect together and always tell me to talk to him. i want to, but i'm so terrified of making a fool of myself that i usually just talk about school stuff. it's kind of awkward because he doesn't really know me much less that i like him. i was going to tell him that i liked him today but my fremd told me not to cuz it would freak him out. this is the first guy i've ever tried to communicate to the fact that i like him..i'm really scared to talk to him. any ideas on how to subtley flirt without outright telling him i like him? thanks!

Hey girl,

If he doesn't really know you, talking about school stuff and getting to know him is a great place to start! If you're getting along so far, just be yourself and don't worry about "making a fool of yourself" -- he might be as nervous as you are! If you want to wait to tell him you like him until you know each other better, there's no rush, but if you're ready to tell him, you never know what will happen! Good luck!

Meghan D.

by survivorsofar21 on 3/9/2012 8:58:12 PM


I've had a crush on a guy at my school for a while now, and something about him makes me happy. I can't help but to smile when I see him, and hugging him always sends butterflies racing through my stomach. I've been told by many a mutual friend that we're a lot alike, and lately I've been baking for him and talking more and more to him. We have some similar interests, and recently, he and I have been planning to go to lunch after school... I talk to him nearly every day over text... Most of my friends say it's "real," except for one. He's just what I've always wanted in a guy, with only a couple exceptions. xD He happens to be 3 inches shorter than me, but 3 years older than me... The height I can live with, just not quite sure if he'll be able to do the same... Not quite sure what to do here... And how to tell him I like him (Or "ask him out"), if he hasn't realized already... :/ Could I get some help on that? (Also how to use the comment/advice system... xD) Colleen K.

by Saketai on 1/30/2012 3:58:58 AM


I like this guy, who happens to be me best guy friend. He is really nice, funny, athletic, and cute. He always talks to me in the hallways, hugs me, and wraps his arm around me. But he does that to other girls too. He had a crush on my best friend awhile ago, but I think he is over her, because he isn't flirting w/ her. He also is really nice to me and he always touches me (not inappropriately, just like my head and arms and stuff). What should I do to make him like me or as me out? Thanks in advance!

Hey girlie,

Since it sounds like you're SUPER close already, try to work flirting/compliments/teasing into your normal convos. Drop subtle hints that you might be interested...that will totally put the thought in his mind! It has to be a gradual process, but it's worth trying to step it up from the "friend" level to something more Smile
Lauren C.

by cremecake on 12/1/2011 6:12:21 PM


There is this guy that I like from my church, and he flirts with me, a lot. But he has a girl friend. He calls me pretty, and tries to impress me, like this one time at youth group, we were playing spud and everyone had letters, but me. So they were all trying to get me out, and he had the ball and was right next to me, everyone was yelling at him to throw it at me! But he looked me in the eye (for a good, like, 5 seconds!) and then threw it at my friend. I am a gymnast, and we were bored so he had me do a handstand, and I was up for a minute, and he walked over and grabbed my legs, when I asked what he was doing, he said helping you stay up longer! He is really sweet, but he said he has a girlfriend, but he also flirts with me a lot! What should I do? grrr. why do boys have to be sooo confusing?

hey girl! even though it may seem like he is flirting with you, he may just be having fun. If he has a girlfriend you have to respect that and not become "that girl" who flirts with someone else's boyfriend. Keep things casual and stay as friends though. Who knows one day he may break up with his girlfriend which will give you plenty of room to make your move. 
Ana D.

by justagirl123 on 11/22/2011 11:42:44 AM


MOD MOD MOD I'm the girl that everyone comes to for advice if anyone has a problem they call me. I have gotten calls in the middle of the night from friends who needed advice. I give more advice that I recieve. I'm like the matchmaker/advice guru. It's kind of out of control now. I have problems of my own and no one to talk to because everyone thinks I give the best advice. They saw I am intuitive and see things and interpret things differently. So pretty much the only ppl I can talk to are my 2 BGF's have you ever tried talking to guys about guys not the most fun but pretty interesting... Anyways they can come to me for advice on their crushes but since one of my BGF's is my crush I can't talk to him about him. I have like 3 girls that I can talk to bout this stuff. And only 1 (not in that count) that tries to help me. But all she does is makes me laugh so I just end up shoving all my emotions down and staying bottled up. How should I deal? I can't turn ppl away. I want to help...


Hey chica, you can't always be available to give advice. These people have to give you a break sometime. So just let them know you'll like to help just not right now. Tell them you need some me time. They'll understand. Hope this helps! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Stormynow on 11/5/2011 8:17:16 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! Ya I guess but on Friday my other BGF walked by and saw them making out. I know being in a relationship might not intrest him rite now but he invited me to go see a movie today that he has already seen. And I told him last week that I wanted to go see it. He's a really sweet guy and I know he's prob not interested in me but..... I really want to make him happy. I love spending time with him and he def knows it. I saw him yesterday even tho we didn't have school and he looked so happy to see me. (we met up on accident same place at the same time) Then we talked for 30 minutes. He always makes faes and he knows I want him to be happy. What should I do to let him know that I'm there and I care?

Oh okay, well in that case maybe he is ready to start something new. I think you're doing a good job of letting him know you care for him. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Stormynow on 11/5/2011 7:52:35 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! MOD! So i have a crush on this guy. But he is like my one of my closest BGF so i dont know what to do. HE knows i like him and plus we spend alot of time together outside of skool. But im like "one of the guys". He does flirty things and show most of the signs of liking me and the other day told me that our friendship was something that he didnt want to screw around with because it was so important for him to have me as a best friend. HE is having issues with one of his ex-gf she kissed him 2 times. and i dont know what to do. He has told he like 5 times now that he is done playing her games but she doesnt get that she cant have him anymore. He keeps coming to me for advice. I put it all on the line. Everything i do i do for him. I like love him. And i dont want to say anything because it could wreck what we have. Please help. What should i do??


Hey girly, you just have to remember that he may not want a relationship. It seems like he wants you guys to stay friends, he even said your friendship was really important to him. And getting romantically involved with someone is probably the last thing on his mind right now. So just be there for him as a friend right now. Hope this helps!! Smile Smile 



Lynae P.

by Stormynow on 11/5/2011 6:22:16 PM

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