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The dos and don'ts of flirtexting

True, there's nothing like flirting with your crush in person, but it's a pretty awesome feeling seeing his name pop up on your phone. Wanna take your cellular charm up a notch? Here's how...
160 Comments | Add Yours

Okay so I really like thisguy right? And I know he likes me too and weve gone outa few times. And I'm ready to be over him but if we keep texting and talking it'll never happen. The only problem is I can't seem to leave him alone! Any other question I would be able to handle but Ive tried EVERYTHING! Please help me!

Hey chica,

Does this boy know you feel the same way about him?   If he likes you and knows you like him too, you two just need to hang out together more often until the pieces fall into place.  But, if he doesn't know that you like him, he's probably scared to make a move or worried that you'd turn him down. Next time you see him, try to get a little closer than usual by hugging, cuddling, or simply "accidentally" brushing by him and see how he reacts. If it seems like a good sign, tell him how you feel!

Good luck, lovely!

Jordan S. Jordan S.

by AlLiEwAzHuRr on 8/31/2011 12:58:37 PM


ok, so I am totally crushing on the new kid! Only, he's in the grade above me. I totally am dying for his attention. He's so cute! I am good friends with one of his friends! Anything i can do to get his attention?

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by LAXchick174 on 8/30/2011 6:39:55 PM


i've had a crush on this guy for a long time, but ive never told anyone
just last week, three of my close friends told me that he had a crush on me
they said our teacher even said it
what should I do?


Talk to him, girl! Try getting his AIM username or friending him on Facebook, then chatting a little. It doesn't have to be about anything super serious - just your classes/homework/recent tests, the upcoming football game at school, or the new smoothie store at the mall. Keep it light and use this as a chance to get to know him better. It'll totally make ya nervous, I'm sure, but that's part of the fun! And as you get to know him better, you can talk more about things you know he likes or even schedule some hangout/homework time together <3

Lauren C.

by orangeache on 8/29/2011 4:42:19 PM


I like a guy who is cute, funny, and talks tome a lot what do I do?

by Caila on 8/25/2011 11:17:24 PM


so lately this summer ive began to start getting noticed by guys. its basically the first time ever in my life, and it makes me feel really, really good. ive gained a lot of confidence and have learned a thing or two in flirting. well the thing is yesterday me and some of my friends kept crossing paths w/ these kids that were about our age. one of the guys was SUPER hot and he was totally smiling at me and checking me out/staring at me and saying stuff to make me laugh. even though we didnt even really talk it felt so good to be noticed by him. anyways im headed w/ one of my other bffs to a popular hang out spot for teen on fri. and i was wondering if u can give me and advice on talking to cute guys i c. like ice breaks, flirting, ect. and should i be bold, like if i c one staring and smiling at me say something smart, but flirty (NOT hurtful!) thnnx


Hey girl,

Yes! Be as bold as you feel comfy with (and don't be afraid to push your comfort zone a lil bit). Smile at a guy if you like him, then go back to your BFF and focus on having fun with her. Then later, try to casually move closer and closer to the cute guy and his friends. Pick something to start a convo with - "I love this song!" or "Your shirt is so great" or something along those lines - and chat him up! Go with the flow of the convo and don't forget to smile, be friendly, and don't be overly bubbly/flirty. You'll figure out the balance in time Smile The most important thing is to remember that confidence, babe!

Lauren C.

by iheartu? on 8/22/2011 11:41:00 PM


my friend told the guy I like someone likes him and he guessed me. Then, my friend asked the guy I like on fb if he liked me and he told her "... as a friend haha". He doesn't know for sure that I like him cause my friend never answered back. now what? does she answer him I like him? Do we deny it? please help. I'm kinda heart broken and don't know what to do. ):

Hey girl,

Just try to let it go - I think that would be best here. Next time she chats with him, have her chat about normal things and leave you out of the convo. He's made it clear how he feels, so focus on making yourself happy - clubs, hobbies, your besties. Keep them close and remember that there WILL be a guy who shares your feelings out there. It might not be this one, but don't let that get you down! We have lots of boys in our futures before we find the right one. <3
Lauren C.

by swimgrl911 on 8/22/2011 6:36:21 PM


MOD.MOD.MOD.MOD.MOD.MOD. HELP! I honestly LOVED this one guy. I have loved him for a year. We used to send texts like "i love you<333" and he would say it back. then one day my best friend told me that she liked him. and the next day they were going out. previously the guy i liked said that he loved me and that he has loved me for so long and he wouldn't go out with any girl before me. i believed him and took him for his word. i don't know what to do, am i supposed to fight for him? or move on? i think i still love him...


Hey girl, tell your friend and your crush that you are confused. Maybe they will explain to you what is going on. It's okay to still like the boy, but don't limit yourself to him, there are tons of other great guys out there!


xoxo Tory

Tory N.

by i<3suz on 8/22/2011 2:16:09 PM


I am offering up all of my clubs to other people, because I am not in a position to keep them running. Instead of deleting them, I would like to transfer ownership. Here are the ones that are up for grabs:

Helping Out Club
Girl 2 Girl Talk
Performing Arts Club
The Trauma/Drama of Middle School

by basketballcutie11 on 8/21/2011 9:15:44 PM


I have just recently started liking this guy. I don't text him very much and in 6th grade I had first period with him. We talked but not that much. My friends and I had just gotten our schedules for school and I have 3rd period with him this year! Also my gym class (1st hour) has two teachers and he has one and I have the other so we kinda have gym together. Finally my friend is having a party and we both we both are invited so I can't wait! Any tips on how to make a move at the party? THANKS SO MUCH!!

Hey girly!

Try checking out these posts for some tips! Good luck and have fun at your party!

Katelyn L.

by birdgirly11 on 8/18/2011 2:35:28 PM


mod mod mod
Theres this guy I like. The thing is, when we're alone I don't know what to talk about. We've known eachother since we were like 4 so I can't ask him what he likes to do and things like that...Also, its kind of hard to get in touch with him because he rarely answers his texts (not just mine everyones) and hes never on facebook...He only answers if you call him and its kinda awkward to call him for no reason...Do you have any ideas on what to say to him (well, when he does answer)

Hey girly!

Since you already know what he likes, try striking up a conversation about something you know he loves, but you love too! He'll see that you have something in common. You can also check out these articles for some ideas on what to say, both in person, and over text! Good luck!

Katelyn L.

by gleek97 on 8/18/2011 1:04:32 AM

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