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The dos and don'ts of flirtexting

True, there's nothing like flirting with your crush in person, but it's a pretty awesome feeling seeing his name pop up on your phone. Wanna take your cellular charm up a notch? Here's how...
160 Comments | Add Yours

Ok so I live across the street from this really cute guy I like, and this would be really helpful except for one small problem.... i don't have his number! We'll be in the same school next year(I'll be the new girl)so I'll see him way more. Any tips on how I could get his number?

Hey girl,

You could tell him that since you guys live so close to each other, it would be great to exchange numbers in case one of you is sick and needs to get schoolwork from the other person. x0x0 
Casey L.

by tweety2238 on 8/2/2011 4:36:54 PM


ok so i like this guy he likes me and i like him nd he asked me out but i cant date but we super flirt all the time he i s so funny and he thinks im funny n sweet n gorgeous n nice ne he likes my voice n all of that but lats night we were playing truth or dare and he picked truth so i asked what do u think of me ? and he said the world n its super sweet but i know that he thinks the world of me but what does that actually mean ? so im asking what he mean when he says .he thinks the world of me ? thx so much Smile

Hey girl, he thinks a lot of you. It sounds like he may be crushing on you totes though. Let him know you like him too and see where it goes. Next time there's a truth, ask him if he has a crush on you too. (;

Alyssa B.

by warrior rose on 7/30/2011 10:59:16 AM


MOD so i like this guy who goes to another school but hes my neighbor. Im not sure if he likes me but i like him ALOT and we hang out and text alllll the timeee. My friend thinks he might possibly like me and he actually is texting me now and he said do u wanna talk abt tht embarrassing thing? (my friend told him i like him and i was embarrassed) what should i say to him and also any advice on the sitiation? ThankssSmile

Hey girl, why not ask him if he wants to talk about it and play it by ear. That way you're putting the ball in his court. His interest seems piqued.

Alyssa B.

by FigureSkater08 on 7/26/2011 10:48:21 PM


MOD i was just wondering how often Lauren C mods because i <3 her advice!! Thanks

Hey girl, you can catch Lauren 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. EST on Mondays or always leave a comment on her profile!

Alyssa B.

by FigureSkater08 on 7/26/2011 9:09:50 PM


MOD ok so wen i text the boy i like i usually text him at about 6ish but i dont text him like a lot just every once in awhile but he always replies aroung 11 or later for some reason. Is that a bad thing or is he just wierd or somethin guys do?? Thanks:o)

Hey girl,

He could be doing any number of things - he might not be that into texting, he might not be by his phone at that time, he might be waiting to answer so it doesn't seem like he's too eager, or he could not be in any hurry to text you back. The last one is kinda lousy, but it's hard to tell at this point which one it is! Wish I could help more but I really can't tell just based on this <3
Lauren C.

by SnowBoarder88 on 7/25/2011 10:59:31 PM


MOD MOD!!!!!!
i want to kiss a boy but i want to read a article on KISSING first
plz help!!!!! thanks Smile

Hey chica! Check out these links! 


Jess W.

by remyodensimon on 7/25/2011 9:59:10 AM


MOD MOD MOD I have been at a church camp for a week. There was this guy I liked (B). We got pretty close. We were on the sports field for about four hours one day and we were together the entire time. He would go get me drinks, take a sip, then hand it to me. I would drink some and he take it back and drink more. We were at a singing outside at a gazebo. Everyone stood up to sing and wrapped their arms around each other. I was standing next to B so he wrapped his arm around me and put his hand on my shoulder. I started with my hand on this shoulder but he is taller than me so my arm started hurting. I moved my arm to his waist and we got closer. We held hands during the prayer. He walked me back to my cabin. This morning everyone was going home. I hugged him a few times before I left. I have his email address, but I don't know when I should email him. He lives 3 hours from camp so he isn't home yet. Should I wait for him to email me or should I do it first?


Hey chica!  It's really up to you.  It sounds like you guys really clicked, so I don't think it really hurts to reach out to him first.  You could just send a quick line to tell him it was great to meet him and you hope he got home safely. Smile

Marie H.

by spunkygirl03 on 7/23/2011 10:47:14 AM


i want to break up with my bf but i dont want to hurt his feelings. i dont know if i liked him in the first place. we were firends before and im scared we wont be friends anymore if i dump him. plus he'll probably be in some of my classes for school.should i?

Hey babe! The best way to handle this would be to talk to him about your feelings, just be honest and tell him that you would rather be his friend. There's not much else you can do and hopefully he's a stand-up guy and is understanding about it.  Even tell him that you really hope you can still be friends because you want so badly for him to understand. Good luck! xoxo
Jess W.

by jblover257 on 7/22/2011 9:35:28 AM


flirtexting is how i first became close to my BGF. we had a class together a few years ago, but didn't talk much. then during the summer he asked for my number, and things only got better from there. before we knew it, we were super close, and not just in phone conversations - in person, too! we started hanging out more, and now what do you know? we just had our first kiss and he asked me out!

i won't say that flirtexting did all the work, but it definitely helped the whole BGF-turned-BF process along. Smile

by heathernotfeather on 7/21/2011 9:40:02 PM


I find myself being the one who usually starts the flirtexting with my bf. I dont have an issue with being the one who starts it but I started to feel weird about being the one who gets things going at times until I read where we flirtext and are into sexting more than guys. And I am not talking about sexting and sending pics which I think is wrong but since we are the ones who seem to be both flirtexting and sexting more do you think its normal to flirtext as much as we do?
My opinion on flirtexting is that it is really fun, especially when its with your bf but you have to be careful not to let things get to crazy.

I agree on your last statement. You can have fun with it. But dont go overboard. Do only what youre comfortable with. If you do that youll be fine. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by luckykel on 7/20/2011 11:46:38 PM

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