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The dos and don'ts of flirtexting

True, there's nothing like flirting with your crush in person, but it's a pretty awesome feeling seeing his name pop up on your phone. Wanna take your cellular charm up a notch? Here's how...
160 Comments | Add Yours

Hey I'm kinda new here so I don't really know how to do this so I'm going to wing it Haha okay so me and my ex would text each other 24/7 I use to get annoyed but after awhile I started to like talking to him all the time Smile The only probblem now though is that he dosn't do that any more :/ He dosnt even really talk to me anymore unless I send the first message. I don't understand what happened he says he still loves me and that he is going to ask me out agian he is just waiting for the right moment but I think I did something wrong Frown any help?

Hey! it sounds to me like this guy is leading you on. you shouldn't wait around for him. I think you should try to move on. good luck! 
Helen S.

by <3EscapeTheFate<3 on 7/20/2011 6:37:04 PM


Did u guys c the ad on here and it says: Need Guy Help Like Now?

That Guy is Pretty Darn Cute

by 526love on 7/19/2011 9:15:35 PM


ok so i like this guy he likes me i used to call him bad boy n he would call me sexy girl until i..i got in trouble n i told him to stop i told himm he could call me beautiful n stuff he has called me that before but now he doesnt call me anything i want a dif nickname for him n im running out of things to say n ask him beside the usual hey whtya doin, how r u stuff like that so PLEASE ANY IDEAS

Hey girl,

If something funny or interesting happened to you during the day, you can tell that to him, and then laugh and ask if anything like that's happened to him, or if anything interested happened to him. That should start a bunch of conversations. x0x0
Casey L.

by warrior rose on 7/19/2011 2:48:24 PM


Thanks so much MOD! i guess I'm just scared because he's my first crush that i don't just think is cute, but i actually want to make a relationship. Any suggestions for convo starters? I mean how could i start talking to him online? i'm kind of shy. and i also got his number from a friend who got it from his friend. would that be creepy to text him? and if i did text him how could i start out? thanks so much you guys are the best! Smile

I think it'd be best if you chatted online a bit first, to break the ice and make it not-so-weird if you did text him later on. Just try starting off the convo with "Hey!" and let him respond. Then ask him what's up, how's his summer going so far, how he's handling the crazy hot weather we've been having lately, etc. Try light-hearted topics that'll let him talk about himself a lil bit and see how it goes Smile It's gonna be a little scary at first but just jump right in and go for it. And hey, if it gets awkward after a bit, you can always just say you gotta go, talk to you later, and sign off!
Lauren C.

by swimgrl911 on 7/19/2011 12:02:40 AM


sorry i'm kind of obsessing over this one guy. I really like him, but don't have the guts to tell him. and after he got a facebook he's been talking to other girls and commenting on things. Like one girl he said she was really nice and he had fun with her because she was so happy and so much energy she made any lame class fun! does he like her? i'm thinking I should give up on him, but i'm having trouble. him liking other girls makes me want him more! maybe i'm paranoid, but this guy is really sweet and i think other girls might like him because he's cute and stuff, and i don't know but i kind of want to be his girl friend. what do you think? should i forget him? and does he like her? thanks so much!!

Hey girl,

He could definitely like her, but he could just be flirting! It's totally normal to flirt with people, whether we're super-crushing on them or not, so try not to let that discourage you. Instead of just sitting by and watching this happen, try to chat with him! Online, in person, whichever. Be upbeat and positive in your convos with him and try to get to know him better (and let him get to know you as well). See how he responds. If he seems into your convos and responds back like he's interested, he either likes ya as a friend or as something more. Either way, at least you tried! You shouldn't run away just because he's chatting with other girls. Get in there and see how it goes before you throw in the towel Smile
Lauren C.

by swimgrl911 on 7/18/2011 11:50:55 PM


mod!! pleasee helpp! okayy, so first of all, i just wanted to let you know that i dont have a mother.. (she died when i was very little) i only have a dad. SO, i've been texting this one guy a lot lately and we have so much in common and hes always saying how he wants to hang out sometime, but the thing is, is that im not even allowed to go to friends' houses without my dad knowing their parents and their family background and stuff like that. so i'm a little afraid to ask my dad about hanging out with a GUY. and i dont have any women adults in my family that i can talk to, so thats why i am confiding in you on thankyouu so much for your advice, in advance. also, how would i go about starting the conversation about dating and stuff. and not to be vulgar or anything but i want to make sure my dad knows im not going to be doing anything inapropriate like having sex or anything until i am married.  pleasee help ASAP ;(

Hey babe! It's always tough transitioning from Daddy's Little Girl to Grow-Up, Individual Woman. And it makes it so much harder when you don't have a female influence around. I would suggest sitting your dad down one evening and asking him for his permission to date. You can offer the boy to come over and meet him if that's what he wants. Just be honest and assure your father that you have pure intentions and would really appreciate his approval with this step to move forward. Hopefully he'll appreciate your attempt to include him in your life and decision making process in a grown-up and responsible way. If he doesn't see it that way, then tell him that this is your intention. You want him to like this boy and you want him to appreciate the fact that you're growing up and need a little independence. Good luck! xoxo
Jess W.

by xginabeex on 7/18/2011 11:04:50 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!! I broke up with my X around a month ago becuase I was going through a rough time and didn't have the time for a boyfriend, but now I like him again, and I really miss him. He's said that he still likes me , but him and my cousin were going to go out , like , 2 weeks ago . What should I do ? Thanks !! P.s. He's really nice and treats me so nicely , but he's going to highscholl , and I'm not



Hey girly girl! I'd talk to him about how you feel and ask for a second chance. Your cuz should understand. After all, it was only last month!


Becca G.

by musicgrl98 on 7/17/2011 11:24:07 PM


ok so theres this guy i really, really like. we kinda flirt but im scared to ask him out or ask him if he likes me or tell him i like him.I am only 12 but i really wanna go out with him.he is like my dream guy.His brother asked me a couple times if i like his brother which i do, but ive said no. His brother said i act like i like his brother. So my crush texts me and calls me nd he wants to hang out sometimes. he just broke up with his girlfriend.Is he triing to tell me something? HELP ME.!!! thank you.. lovee ;] Jess W.

by knottyhair on 7/15/2011 2:01:09 AM


Thanks SOO much! It might be hard 'cuz he lives on my street, but anything is possible!

by Cra-Z-Brunette on 7/11/2011 3:48:21 PM


MOD MOD MOD! SO it was a few days before Christmas Break this year & our class had a "wear PJ's & watch movies & eat nachos" day. So I was sitting close to the back of the room with my friend. We were laughing about so many things, movie based or not. We stopped to watch part of the movie because we knew something funny was going to happen. Since I had already seen the movie I wasn't paying attention. The only people behind me were three guys. I heard them making eachother guess who they liked. So he said, "Her first name starts with a J and her last name starts with a C. She's in our class." I heard one of the guys say my name & then they moved on. Then he signed my Memory Book and it read, "youre a really great friend and a really nice person over all. have a great summer." and his name. He's been in my class every year since we both transferred to my school. He's one of those guys who think they're really cool. I can't help but like him, but I shouldn't. What should I do?

Hey girly,
If you don't want to like him, then the best thing to do is to distance yourself from him. Just try not to think about him and get involved with your girlfriends or other guys. If you feel that you shouldn't like this guy, then chances are that you will eventually loose interest in him as long as you keep him out of your mind as much as possible. Good Luck!

Catie C.

by Cra-Z-Brunette on 7/11/2011 3:12:26 PM

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